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Matchmaking Server Picker [EN]
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Who created it?

this software is created by "maddada" you can follow him on, Click --> CSGO matchmaking picker Download. [] <---


      What is this, a hack a cheat or a good program?
      Nope is not a hack or cheat, is only a software for disable and block some official servers on csgo matchmaking that you dont like, example.EXAMPLE:Im from Poland and im connected and forced in play only to the russian official servers, with this software you can Block russians servers and enable the West or East Europe servers, you will play in only that both servers but not russia.its dedicated to russians for connect only in Russia ( if they doesnt speak english), Europe East and West, Australia for play in Asia, Southamericans wants play on USA becuse they hates hear the portuguesse language and non-english speaking, or Dubai with many hackers.
    • Can i get vac ban???

      Of course not, you cant be banned, Valve should add it to an official option on the game settings.

    • How to use it???

      Click ---> Read the instructions. [] <----

      How to use:
      1- Hit the "Refresh" Button.
      2- Select only the servers you want to play on, and keep the servers you don't want to play on Unselected.
      3- Hit "Apply".
      4- Close the program, it doesn't need to stay running,
      5- that's it, now all the servers that aren't selected have been blocked and matchmaking won't put you on them anymore.

    • IT doesnt work HELP HELP HELP!

      1- Works On: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Vista.
      2- Make sure to disable Kaspersky's firewall and Enable the Windows Firewall.
      3- There's a small problem with Swedish language Windows 7 which makes the pings all wrong, open data folder and use "cmd pinger.bat" to see your pings..
      4- If you are having problems watching gotv games then just click reset to disable all the blocks.
      5- If even 1 person in the lobby has some servers blocked, then you will NOT connect to those servers. (doesn't have to be leader)

    • I got vac banned?

      Please dont lie and admit it was your Wallhack, this program i promice wont ban you ( I PROMICE).

    • My ping is so high?

      Obviously if you live away from the server did you selected your ping will be high.

    • Bad ping in Close servers? How to reduce it!!! [SOLUTION]

      Example, if you live in Slovakia, and you cant play in Austria Server are hosted in EU East becuase you have 300 ping there, there's a solution, it also helps to people who lives in Chile, Uruguay, China, Australia, Southafrica close countries, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Israel, Arabian countries, South Korea and countries in Caribean like Venezuela with Aruba and in North Africa Countries

      This program reduce alot your ping, it just works for people with issues about his bad conection to other servers because their Internet is not working directly to the server that is hosted close.

      you might select the Wtfast server with less ping for play in that Game server with less ping:

      If you live example away from A server hosted in America, and you want play there, (IF you from) SouthAmerica or Asia, you should select American servers for reduce ping.

      if you dont have this problem just ignore this:

      it also works for good networks users it improves 50% (50% in case your network is good) or 100% (100% in case your network is really slow and poor).

    • Tutorial

      Click ---> How to use the Matchmaking Server Picker <----

      THANK YOU madda da with this software finally im playing out from Brazil and with only english on USA or europe.

      I recomend this program for people with errors or to the russians i hope it works and have fun!.

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© madda da

Updates on this forum:

I removed the alternative download, it makes it looks like a phishing website link.

So Download it from the Official website

IMPORTANT: Use this command on your CSGO Console or autoexec.cfg folder

net_client_steamdatagram_enable_override -1
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Imouto 11. Nov. um 11:54 Uhr 
i would like to ask about the app you mentioned, i think its removed, please send us the goddamn link
Anoemalii 30. Okt. um 12:33 Uhr 
The only reason for this is to avoid playing with russians and polish people
♕kyt3 ︻芫═── 30. Okt. um 11:29 Uhr 
♕kyt3 ︻芫═── 30. Okt. um 11:29 Uhr 
is ban me de server tn
Green Mile 30. Sep. um 13:02 Uhr 
Buy a windows machine
BestNoob 19. Sep. um 9:45 Uhr 
Serverpicker 4.73 is out ! But i think it is no longer needed since the last few upates CSGO automaticly check the best servers you can see this procedure inside the Console
NG 18. Sep. um 11:29 Uhr 
I can't download Mac Book pro. could you please tell me
Dan Avidan 12. Sep. um 9:42 Uhr 
Not working on Windows 10... I'm sick of turkish and Russian people
TheKusy 8. Juli um 17:50 Uhr 
cyka and kebab is everywhere
2013 22. Juni um 14:19 Uhr 
Just pick the EU West server. You'll get avoid both from cyka and kebab.