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Drohtin - Tales of an old Kingdom
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, German
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22 nov. 2014 à 1h03
16 avr. 2015 à 12h48
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Gameplayvideo v0.4.0
Still Alive
  • Save / Load Game
  • New Shader (influence on construction of building, transparent objects, terrain
  • New Ingame Interface (Top Menu, Build Menu, Unit Menu)

So stay tuned and keep voting!
Thx for your support!

Drohtin – Tales of an old Kingdom is a medieval real time strategy game. Building up a successful economy is the foundation of a thriving culture, advanced technology and a powerful army. Force alliances, trade resources and destroy your enemy.

In your medieval village are many different buildings to cover all the needs of your citizens. Each building provides one or more production cycles to produce goods. You can optimize the production cycles to get the best results. So one building can produce different goods depending on the needs of your citizens. The population grows depending on the fulfillment of their needs.

Culture and Technology
The technology advance is the corner stone of the development from the small settlement to a powerful city. The technology progress empowers you to build better and more complex buildings which produce high valuable goods.

The random generated landscape appears authentic with mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes. Wildlife acts naturally.
The landscape is structured in regions. Each region is individual, which means it has different pros and cons like size, available resources, shape and profile. A village is bound to a region and cannot grow over its borders. It is not possible to found a village at a neighboring region. The selection of the region is an important aspect in the further development of the village, because the village has only access to the resources in the region or the neighboring regions.

The military helps you to defend your village or conquer new ones.

Game modes
Endless game (Singleplayer / Multiplayer)
You can set up all world parameters to generate the world or use self-created maps from the editor.

Campaign (Singleplayer)
Follow a predesigned story.

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109 commentaires
Desperado 25 avr. à 6h13 
Is this game still in development or is it dead?
Slimebeast 5 janv. à 12h28 
Game dead?
danyderi 3 janv. à 10h02 
has this game dies !!!!
Leonard 23 sept. 2016 à 8h21 
How are you guys doing? It been a while since the last update
Vynxar 1 mars 2016 à 2h32 
@drohtin Hello there, i would be interested in covering Drohtin. Check my channel at and see if i'm the kind of YT guy you are looking for.
drohtin  [créateur] 26 févr. 2016 à 5h39 
Sorry, at the moment we do not have an english Youtuber...but we try to find one. If there is someone interested and also experienced in "Let´s Play" videos...please contact us :)
EvilNecroid 26 févr. 2016 à 1h15 
@drohtin is there an english version of that video?
drohtin  [créateur] 25 févr. 2016 à 10h36 
Hi @all. A new gameplay video of the new version 0.4 is available. It shows our tutorial.
Pre Industrialized Nation 23 févr. 2016 à 18h24 
Is this game still alive
EvilNecroid 10 févr. 2016 à 5h00 
i want this game now plz