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Zombie Office Politics
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
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22 juin 2014 à 10h34
26 janv. 2016 à 19h42

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Zombie Office Politics now available on Steam Early Access
New trailer available and Steam Early Release still looking good for next month.
An old school top down 2D RPG set in an office where the staff are mysteriously being turned into zombies.

The player's epic journey will take him through many different departments; Accounts, Marketing, the Canteen etc on your quest to halt the zombie infection.

The game features a rich, immersive story where you as a new employee/intern have to discover why the staff are turning into zombies and stop the infection spreading further.

You’re not alone in this quest as you’ll have the help of your faithful project manager who’ll be there to get you out of a tight spot and to keep asking you how long things will take.

There’s lots of Easter eggs and choices with consequences. Various types of ammo which will allow for different strategies when battling the zombie horde.

There are many pickups including: coffee - if the player drinks coffee they get a burst of speed 30 seconds or a minute (until the caffeine wears off). There’s also going to be a skateboard pickup which the player can ride. Similarly, with herbal tea it increases the players composure for a time - reducing the amount of stress they receive from zombie attacks. There’s no health stat in this game - just stress - if the stress becomes too much it’s game over.

All the game functionality is there now. I’m in the process of polishing everything, adding in levels and props, fixing bugs and filling out the storyline. Eta is about 3-4 months. Will also be available in Spanish and possibly other languages depending on feedback.

Any feedback greatly appreciated :)
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