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Garry's Mod

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ippi's prop hunt
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Créée par -[]-[]-/\-[]-[]-
This zombie themed PropHunt map features 3 levels with many rooms! The main floor is mostly wide open with 2 large rooms. The upstairs features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. the basement has 2 small rooms and one large room with plenty of props large and sma...
Mad Doctor's House
Créée par Max
This is a little map for Prop Hunt Gamemode. With a little bit horror-themed map, it should be fun playing this map with some friends.

Thanks to Wolvindra for helping me to improve the map :D

This map require CS:S...
Créée par Nooze
*UPDATE* Major bug fixes + some changes.

This map uses only assets from Half Life 2 and a few custom ones that come with the map.

This is a small "propful" map I made to compensate all the large empty bland ones and ones that are ported from other ga...
A prop hunt map set in a desert chasm
this map is probably played best with a small amount of people due to its size but can be played with 16 people

-No css or episode textures needed

-16 spawns

-if you have suggestions leave them in the comment...
Hey guys!

Here it is, my Prop Hunt map but this time, it has been slightly revamped!

The hotel has been bit by a lightening storm and the electrics are messed up, so there will be a few lights flashing! You have been warned! But they aren't too bad!...
Créée par EHOT
Game mode: prop hunt

Small map - presentation room, before the liquidation of the company.
32(16/16) players.

All content included in bsp file.

Add some hiding place, now you can sit on metal shelves(screenshot with red cup)

You can also do...
Créée par SargeDude
CS:S is NOT needed for this map.

Check out this very simple Prop Hunt map to play on with friends, or your server! A lot of props are available, and there's plenty of room on the map. Complete with front entrance (spawn), three dining areas, two bathroo...
Office (ph_office)
Créée par Akumu
Office-like map for Garry's Mod
Its specially made for Prop Hunt

Hope you like it, its my first map. :-)

Please Rate if you like it, thank you

Prophunt Prop Hunt
Prophunt Warehouse
Créée par Max Power
Here is a map i made specifically for use with the gmod prop hunt gamemode, this map is medium size but is littered with props in almost every location.

Requires Counter strike: source to function fully.

The map is called ph_warehousev2, it's under p...
Prop ink
Créée par Nanotek
Map name: ph_Prop_ink

Made fore gamemode Prop hunt
A little company called prop ink whit many props and bla bla bla...

___________--Change log--___________

Change map name to ph_prop_ink. So it can be used in Prop hunt.

Fixed so yo...
Créée par UtharQ
ph_Comancher is an edited version of map ttt_comancher_censored. It's westerned themed map with some custom props and textures. As the title says it is made for prop hunt. Contains some unique mechanics like catapults. Thanks for downloads and likes.

Créée par Kung Fu Jesus
This map is inspired by gas stations. Putrid, filthy places where only the most desperate or the most depraved dare take a dump. Are hot dogs supposed to be this shiny and wrinkly? Is it safe to eat a can of corn that expired during the Carter administ...
Créée par EHOT
Game mode: prop hunt

Small cornfield with lots of barrels
32 players (16/16)

Please vote ;)

You can also download map here:
Créée par ^9 ๖ۣۜJames
As played by Minx (TheRPGMinx), Lizzie (LDShadowLady), Entoan, Ohm, and Dlive! Also played by Joel (SmallishBeans) and friends!

Map made by the amazing Mr. Frost ( Thanks to him for making it!
Map used on 'Prop Hu...
Pirateship map for prophunt.

Does not require any games to work. Uses only Half-Life 2 props.
Jumping into water will kill you or teleport you back to ship depending on gamemode....
A small prop hunt map with a few escape routes for props....
Créée par UtharQ
It's slightly edited version of ttt_Whitehouse with few prop fixes. As the title says it is made for prop hunt.

Requires CS:S installed to work & look properly!

Credits: 90% to original creator(Jackal Warwick), 10% to me for editing.
ph_podcastoffice / ttt_podcastoffice
Créée par Lemmmy
Inspired by the classic map 'ph_no1office', the Podcast Office is a small office with a high security policy and quite expensive equipment. There are many places to hide but also some little tricks for both the hunters and the props to play around with.
PropHunt (Hide'n'Seek) - Original
Créée par Kowalski7cc
Official Git page:
Your answer could be there ;)

PropHunt plays much like a Hide and Seek. Players on the RED team,...
Créée par Fy-e
SprayMon allows players to see authors of sprays.

Don't just press "subscribe", it won't work. This addon is for servers. See instructions at the bottom.

"spraymon" console command will show you sprays of all players on server.

Change "spraymon_no...
PROP HUNT: Wolvin's Fancy Sub-Urban House (ph_fancyhouse)
Créée par Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
If you want to port to other games or want to modify my map, please consider to ask me first.

Help me to make a better future map progress by Supporting it!
You may make a donation by [url=
PROP HUNT: Wolvin's The S.T.A.RShip (+SFM)
Créée par Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
SFM Version support - version 1.1 Update
Source Film Maker support is now Available. To obtain the map, you can download the map and t...
Kakariko Prop Hunt Map
Créée par MrJBeetle
CURRENT VERSION (updated: 07/24/2014): ph_lttp_kakariko_b2

- changed name to ph_lttp_kakariko_*.bsp so it won't be confused with other kakarikos
- updated player spawns to a total of 32 (16 per team)
- fixed missing texture for water on some computers...
Créée par Lord Trilobite
Ph Firefly

A faithful recreation of the spaceship Serenity from the series Firefly. Werever possible I based the shape and details on the ship from the series. However, here and there were some inconsistancies. So ...
Créée par LemonMeister
A remake of one of my favorite Prop Hunt maps. Supports up to 32 players. Original map can be found here:

Thanks to Seananners, GassyMexican, CaptainSparklez, and Markiplier for playing this map and up...
Créée par ムyce

Here is "The alley" a great map for prophunt that i made.

tell me what you think in the comment or with a thumbs up!

found a bug or anything else please report it in the comments!
ph_abandoned_office (Prop Hunt/Murder/Hide&Seek)
Créée par SneveCT
Prop hunt map set in an abandoned office during sunset.

The building consists of two floors + security office.

This map only requires HL2 to play.

Over 30+ spawns

This map was designed for the gamemodes Prop Hunt, Murder, and Hide and Seek.

Créée par Ethosaur
Hey! Im back with yet another map, but this time it's for a new gamemode! Prophunt! This also happens to be my first ever prop hunt map too, I hope it plays well though! This was a mini-project done in about 3-4 hours work.

Enjoy and have fun!

As alw...
Créée par EHOT
railway bridge near the sea

players: 32 (16/16)...
Créée par Ethosaur
Im back with a new prophunt map! Enjoy :)

This map has been designed to also support zombie survival.

As always, My maps don't require CS:S to play, simply launch and play!

-HDR & Cubemaps built
-Npc nodes if you wish to use n...
Créée par ムyce

found a map i made a long time ago... i thought hmm.. why not make this useful, and then i made a prophunt map out of it! hope you guys like it! if you do please rate and if you find any bugs or anything p...
Créée par Ray Dumesnil
Original Map: PH_House
Updated Map: PH_House_v2
Spawns: 32+
Gamemode: Prop-Hunt

Added an updated version of the house just walk into the front door and you will be teleported into the updated version. Thanks and enjoy.

Any Questions/Sugges...
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