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Children of Apollo
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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
19.5.2017 kello 9.26
9.11.2017 kello 9.59

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Production Update: Illustrations
Julkaisupäivä: 2017
After the Apollo missions humans send an expedition to explore Mars but things go terribly wrong.
You are the heroine sent to save the imprisoned humans from their Martian captors.

Key features:
  • Five challenging levels.
  • Classic twin-stick gun play.
  • Permadeath. You die, you start over.
  • A variety of unique enemies to challenge your arcade shooter skills.
  • Simple controls. Just move and shoot. The challenge is in the gameplay, not the interface.
  • Retro styled graphics, sound, and music.
  • No random maps. Every tile is hand placed.
  • Full gamepad support.
  • Also plays well with WASD/mouse.
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15 kommenttia
Cargo Cult Gaming  [tekijä] 6.6.2017 kello 15.17 
@Pepperono Yes, still trying for Steam release first. We just need to wait for their Greenlight replacement system to kick off. After that I'll look at other outlets, including mobile. I built in support for gamepad, mouse/keyboard, and touch very early on so I hope to make it as widely available as possible.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 6.6.2017 kello 12.36 
Will the game be released elsewhere or will it be released via steam?
Cargo Cult Gaming  [tekijä] 6.6.2017 kello 11.30 
Thanks to everyone who supported us while Greenlight was active!
Badnik96 24.5.2017 kello 22.06 
it would appeal to me more if the player character wasn't a white box. also seems a bit short for a game, even if you're only selling it for like 2 dollars. not bad at all, just needs some more effort before i would consider voting it up.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 21.5.2017 kello 18.52 
Nice to know. It looks like an interesting game with an interesting sountrack aligning with the setting of the game. Thanks for replying so quickly If I don't comment when it comes out please alert me!
Cargo Cult Gaming  [tekijä] 21.5.2017 kello 18.02 
Pepperono, I haven't set a price yet but since it is only five levels long I'm thinking it will be very inexpensive. The pacing and difficulty are tuned to five levels. If I add more it might go from a solid challenge to horribly frustrating since everything from level three and on are very difficult. If it gets enough interest I'd like to make it into a trilogy since I've got the story planned out for two more games of the same length. Thanks for your interest, let me know if you have any more questions.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 21.5.2017 kello 11.45 
How much will it cost
Cargo Cult Gaming  [tekijä] 20.5.2017 kello 23.44 
Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone :D
IGRO GURU 20.5.2017 kello 23.15 
pabagames 20.5.2017 kello 21.40 
looks fun :D