[SFM Saxxy 2016] Heavy Hold 'Em
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"A Spin-off of a Rip-off.

Directed by: SamSpielberg
Animation: SamSpielberg, Hex
Lighting: SamSpielberg, Hex
Score: the_chrismo

Playing Cards: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=573133274

2fort Night: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=238044717"
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52 kommenttia
seizure salad dressing 14.11.2017 kello 14.33 
poker night at the two fort
tyduncanson 18.11.2016 kello 21.53 
This should have won short.
NaKu 18.11.2016 kello 10.25 
First, I was think there is only one Heavy who change his wears
Ignition[FR] 18.11.2016 kello 9.59 
So i 'am correct:*the 2nd Heavy wears the Dead of Night
*the 3rd Heavy wears the Weight Room Warmer, the Security Shades and the Brotherhood of arms

I know that the 1st Heavy wears the Dealer cap but i don't know what cosmetic he is wearing...
Could someone pls answer me ?
Eauxps I. Fourgott 17.11.2016 kello 19.51 
Yeah, saw this in a previous Saxxy, if a different game.
[BC²]TheFever 16.11.2016 kello 19.15 
Honey, he called me with Jack 3 off. These are the worst poker players ever? Who let them in here?
Mimikyu Freeman 16.11.2016 kello 13.38 
2 Heavies are DED! Not big suprise
Professorhunter25 16.11.2016 kello 13.20 
Nice stuff !
GuyGallant [TMF] 16.11.2016 kello 6.29 
Jeb "The Captain" Bush 15.11.2016 kello 16.37 
Does a good job of making you forget that he's jumping back and forth and that the gunshots didn't happen at the same time