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The Naked Game
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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
29.7.2016 kello 8.36
15.12.2017 kello 11.30

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The Naked Game is coming out!
Hello our first fans,
After a long wait, we are finally going to release The Naked Game on Steam in a few moments.
From beyond Greenlights grave, we salute you!

This is the first game our fledgling studio has ever been able to sell and it is thanks to your initial support, for which we are really thankful!

But, if you want to do a bit more than you have already done, you can buy us a beer sometimes, when you come to Prague!

Oh, and by the way, you can also buy the game. Available on Steam today for PCs for 15€.

And in the first week of release, with a 15% sale!

And what can you expect in the future? Localizations into various languages (no promises yet) and a VR version as well!

Have a great holiday with The Naked Game!

Tomáš Barsweik, Franz Ferdinand, Martin "Iluzon" Váňa

SiCzech Arts

August The 1th UPDATE
Thank you all so much...

we have been overwhelmed with the amazing support over the past few days,
it is just incredible!

We have got a couple of announcements:
  1. We're finishing a new option that allows you to switch on/off the Aiming Point.

    If you want to be more precise when interacting with objects, now you can!
    Also you can turn it off at any given moment.

  2. We're remastering the Skin Shader. We believe the skin of our heroine is going to look even more realistic in the final version of the game (coming soon...)

  3. Make sure you check out our new gallery on Imgur:


Julkaisupäivä: Summer 2016

Mia has a mysterious past that she has been trying to forget.

One day she wakes up in a place where everything is driven by silence.

Great Conspiracy starts to surround her.

From now on, she’s naked!


The Naked Game is a real first-person psychological thriller / puzzle / exploration game based on real events connected by a strong immersive story of a young Eurasian girl who goes on a trip from Japan, her home country, to France.

One day she wakes up at an unknown, yet familiar place…


♀ solving puzzles which stem from the story and eleborate to the environment

♂ discovering all elements of our universe, including pop culture trends, brands and also conspiracy theories

♀ experiencing events from the past of the heroine

♂ highly interactive and transformable environment

♀ inspired by real history, such as the Fukushima accident and the German expeditions to the Far East

♂ art style of the game reflecting worldviews of the kidnapper

♀ dynamic Post-Processing changes based on the players movement

The game is built using Unreal Engine 4.
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1.8.2016 kello 5.30
This game is making Adolf Hitler really mad (video)
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S.H. FN78 14.8.2016 kello 4.54 
Sound interesting, looks good
JHHDesign 7.8.2016 kello 12.39 
Very interesting premise! Upvoted. :)
räv 5.8.2016 kello 10.30 
Looks promising! Upvote
cSf.Kefik 1.8.2016 kello 3.33 
I would really like to see how this is going to end up; I hope that the underlying story will turn out to be a clever one!
Haevar 1.8.2016 kello 2.31 
Looks great! Love the atmosphere in the gameplay video
DangDut is TheMusic of MyCountry 1.8.2016 kello 2.13 
The Naked Game? Upvoted
malik 31.7.2016 kello 21.33 
Actually clicked on this thinking it would be some Unity game with a naked girl ragdoll just running around the desert.
FatcatGamesDev 31.7.2016 kello 19.16 
Love it! Upvoted.
MeowMeow Ozapell 31.7.2016 kello 17.31 
I like the mystery concept, voted yes
C_A_McGregor 31.7.2016 kello 14.57 
I was promised nudity. Where is it?