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Pook H-13 / Bell 47 Heli Pack
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Data Type: Mod
Mod Type: Helicopter
DLC: Apex
122.453 MB
12. feb kl. 11:58
1. okt kl. 16:22
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Pook H-13 / Bell 47 Heli Pack

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This pack adds the H-13 (Bell 47) helicopter along with several variations based on historical information: MH-13 Medevac (the M*A*S*H helicopter), the UH-13 transport w/ M60 door gunner, the OH-13 Amphibious CSAR chopper, and the AH-13 Light Attack Heli with dual-mounted M-60 guns. Default and Civ factions are now represented. The CUP requirement has been changed; the CUP version will now be hosted in a separate addon, which will be added in the near future.

NOTE: If you have installed a previous version (version 2) in the @POOK folder, please note that I have changed the mod to be in its own standalone "@POOK_H13" folder, for better mod download management (such as WithSix) and to facilitate better hosting for MP server. Therefore, please delete any PBO's from previous versions to avoid conflicts!

This mod is signed and my bikey is included.
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9. maj kl. 20:20
hellis not working?
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10 kommentarer
the Cheshire 17. nov kl. 17:10 
you should add a 4077 M*A*S*H paintjob!
NarkøIsLatvian 26. okt kl. 20:41 
@Mooseman Love that show.
Mooseman 26. okt kl. 11:30 
M*A*S*H* anyone?
~ HetNe$$ ~ 22. okt kl. 16:13 
What is that? xD Some kind of MH9 with water-landing capabilities?
hcpookie  [ophavsmand] 14. okt kl. 10:08 
As stated before, this was never built around AFM so I cannot guarantee it will work as expected with AFM. It works *perfectly* with Standard Flight Model. Since AFM is a "black box" for editing (no one has a good idea how to go about editing it) that will not be adjusted until more information about AFM is made available.
Lucky 13. okt kl. 15:14 
I have the same issue of not having enough lift to hover, only in advanced flight model though, it'll fly in standard flight model; however, I'd really like to fly the Bell 47 in advanced flight model as an accurate sim.

I set the game to Standard flight model, took the Bell 47 to around 300 meters and around 200 kph air speed, then switched to Advanced flight model hoping it would fly due to translational lift, but it went straight to the ground.
dougmiasdad 2. okt kl. 11:07 
Ideal for those "bush" missions
Eisenhorn 25. apr kl. 11:27 
Needs some octane booster.
Sir waffles 28. mar kl. 12:23 
Im getting the same problem im putting full revs on the heils engines and its not taking off
EJRONAN 18. feb kl. 23:29 
hey i have a issue that when i go to take off the hellis dont have enough power to take off can you look into it?