Pro Cycling Manager 2016

Pro Cycling Manager 2016

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WorldDB 2017 v1.1 - Attributes Update incl. Bahrain & ...
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WorldDB 2017 v1.1 - Attributes Update incl. Bahrain & ...

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WorldDB Pack (Incl. 2016 & 2017 DB)
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Thanks for using the database. Full version coming soon. Installation tutorial:
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26. apr kl. 3:07
Bugs: Other
25. maj kl. 9:33
FASTGJORT: Suggestions: What should we add first?
13. jun kl. 1:29
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601 kommentarer
claude.vullers 22. jun kl. 12:29 
i can't download it
Mala1041 20. jun kl. 4:20 
i think richie porte need to be as good as chris froome on mountain
dalbandian 9. jun kl. 8:49 
i updated the DB but impossible to find it when i start the me please :)
adriaan_timmerman16 8. jun kl. 7:01 
Anthony Perez from Cofidis is missing he won a etappe last weekend and became 3rd in GC
mrayertje 5. jun kl. 3:33 
Manu same problem here with the 2. season.
BENJI NAESEN  [ophavsmand] 5. jun kl. 1:47 
Guys, everybody who wants can join a PCM-based Discord group here:
Perongeluk 30. maj kl. 10:27 
Dear author,

Thank you for your work and i'm looking forward to seeing it in the upcoming PCM!

All the love,

lwjbartlett 30. maj kl. 9:39 
Hey Benji. Will there be a final update for the Giro, as Dumoulin needs to be getting that 99 TT and Quintana needs 1. And Geschke (probably spelt that wrong) needs a boost as he was Dumoulin's saviour.
Thanks a bunch, this is like the omly DB I use now.
Manu 27. maj kl. 3:43 
the game of the db version?
BENJI NAESEN  [ophavsmand] 27. maj kl. 2:20 
Guys. PCM 17 is almost out. I probably won't have time to change anything in the db at the moment. So I think this is the end. :) Happy to see most of you enjoyed the experience.

To manu/dani, season 2 is working fine, are you sure you're playing on the newest version?