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A Very Wilful Boy
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Genre: Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
14. kvě. v 9.08
8. čvn. v 12.39
A Very Wilful Boy is a game about being chased through a series of hedge mazes by a crazy old man with an axe.

One day, in the middle of winter, you are out playing with your ball when you accidentally kick it through the window of old Mr Deathlever's house. Second later, old Mr Deathlever bursts of the front door with an axe in his hand. You run into the park and straight into the hedge maze, but he follows you in.

The heavy snow and his poor eyesight mean he can't see more than a few feet in front of him, but he can see your footprints, and he's following them straight to you. There's only one way out, and you have to get past him to get to it.

  • Create multiple trails to trick old Mr Deathlever
  • Avoid the pigmen
  • Hide behind doors or use them to trap enemies
  • Get the snowshoes and mask your footprints
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Počet komentářů: 13
Kickem 22. kvě. v 13.28 
this is basically pacman. not gonna get.
Trapfly 17. kvě. v 23.01 
Even the Freddy the Fish maze game was better than this.
Flyme*图图 15. kvě. v 3.11 
Marvin- 15. kvě. v 2.57 
DavideGendo 15. kvě. v 0.20 
Too simplistic. Even years ago there were freeware games much better than this.
The Hotdog Wizard 14. kvě. v 20.09 
SatanGoose 14. kvě. v 19.20 
Interesting concept. I look foward to playing it
fireboytroy 14. kvě. v 19.14 
Remember that free ski game that came with windows 3.0 / 3.1 for free. You know, SkiFree? This looks considerably worse than that. This looks considerably worse than the first game ever made for Windows. Think about that.
│Hades ◑ 14. kvě. v 18.40 
DippedCone10 14. kvě. v 14.06 
This seems like an okay game. I can't see myself buying this if it's more than $2, though.