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POLICE 10-13
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22. dub. 2014 v 22.33
1. led. 2016 v 19.37
V 1 kolekci od uživatele MATRIX
1 položka
Datum vydání: 2018 / 2019 Alpha (Release date may change)
POLICE 10-13

Police 1013 is currently in development through Wingman Games. Police10-13 is an open world game being developed on Unreal 4. If you think you've ever played a simulator like this before then you'd be wrong. Matt Norman, is an international award winning filmmaker. His current film Salute is signed with Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures, and it is this edge from a filmmakers perspective that will give Police1013 an incredible cinematic feel and mass appeal to a HUGE demographic.

Below is the wishlist of items we hope to introduce into the game. The list is growing and will continue to grow with input from gaming fans at www.police1013.com where it's forum is buzzing with excitement.

Thanks to all your votes, we are now working toward our RELEASE on STEAM! thanks to Steam Greenlight!!!

* Unreal 4.
* Spike Strips
* Road blocks
* Drink Driving Roadside testing
* Police Helicopters (Including winch system for Police Rescue)
* Numbers on Police Car roof tops (for Identification from air or 3d dispatch)
* Dispatch (Game inside a game)
* Clan Badge and uniform Patch changing mod.
* Modable characters, weapons and vehicles.
* Fully interactive Multiplayer Dispatch system.
* Fully interactive AI Single player dispatch system.
* Crime Scene tape.
* Coroner.
* Swat support.
* Open World
* Single player. Fully interactive. World ongoing events.
* Homicide investigation Unit
* Crime Scene Investigation Unit.
* Dog Squad (K9 Unit) - With roaming K9 police dogs.
* Multicultural Officers.
* Police Ranking system.
* Tasers, batons, pepperspray.
* Multiplayer in future release and AI Ambulance and Fire Department vehicles (Same Dispatch). Later Module you can pick to play in these roles.
* Water Police
* License Plate readers in all police Vehicles.
* Police Undercover!
* Narcotics Division.

Other ideas we're working on include:

* Police Dash Camera - Record the events that happen.

This will give you as the player the ability to play it back to your friends through your on board video player or put a car chase on YouTube. We encourage proper police procedure while on duty. :)

More to come........

Police 1013, already has some of the worlds best known modellers carefully detailing the human and vehicle content. Programmers and Creatives from USA, Australia, Germany, Canada, Sweden and Columbia are also charged with the responsibility of bringing this game to life. This will all be carefully packaged together using the insane graphic and gaming engine Unreal 4.

Matt Norman has already started testing the models in the Unreal 4 environment and the team are excited at what this game will bring to police simulator fans.

We are currently in heavy development and are going full steam ahead. The most important thing for the Police 1013 team is the fact that this game will be the first of its kind to really make you feel like your part of the force. A unique and polished game that will bring Justice to a whole new level.

We hope you will support us as we develop the game to its best potential. Keep updated on police1013.com

Thank you for taking the time to check us out.


Unreal 4 users
3dsmax/Maya Modellers
Lead Technical Artist
C++ Programmer
Lead Scale Former
Lead AI / Flow Grapher
Animators / Skinners


Do you have modeling skills? Programming skills? Do you want to be part of our community dev team. Please apply at www.police1013.com

Get in contact for further information - mattnorman@wingmangames.com
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PwNz_Noobinator 10. říj. v 1.43 
if this game will be as good as i hope it will I'm so exited i have been looking for a simulator to finally satisfy my cravings it looks to have everything i have been looking for and more i cannot wait
Reptile Larry 7. říj. v 23.44 
Police 1013 does not currently have a release date. Feel free to read through the main website for more information. http://police1013.com/
MRMOJO 7. říj. v 10.00 
when will it be out I can't wait??!
TwoStepsFromHell 1. říj. v 19.12 
Looks great! Can't wait to get my hands on it.
DimebagDarrell 21. zář. v 18.18 
I've never been hyped for a game that's in its alpha stage. I've always wanted a police game, LA Noire was good but it was more of a detective game. My only question is what happens if you die? Do you respawn at the hospital or police station?
TQ5.Kazimb3z 10. zář. v 9.47 
if this game will be good then i will cry a river
Elite911 4. zář. v 16.06 
Vakonof, that's for donation bonuses, the price for the full game isn't actually decided yet. Closer to the release it will be.
|BE| Vakonof 4. zář. v 12.00 
$50 for Alpha and Beta access as well as a copy of the final release.
[HOG]Hawkeye 4. zář. v 10.50 
ZapeIMC, considering that they are going to be a revolutionary game for the field, my guess is that the game could range anywhere from $40 to $60 USD. The Alpha might even cost more (or will only be availble to those who donated). There are not many police simulators that have the level of detail described here, so anyone really interested in a full simulator will be atracted. With the size of the dev team, and the amount of work needed for the game, $60 would be reasonable. Just as long as those lucky enough to get Alpha access give promising reviews of course.
Elite911 31. srp. v 9.26 
It won't be free. At the moment the game is still in development so no price is mentioned.