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A comunidade demonstrou interesse neste jogo. A Valve entrou em contato com este desenvolvedor para começarmos a preparar o lançamento no Steam.

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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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27/jul/2016 às 9:52
17 de mai às 7:42
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Exodemon 0.4 and Patreon releases.
Kept you waiting, huh? - Exodemon Weekly (monthly?) Update - January
Data de lançamento: Early 2017
Exodemon is a fast paced first person shooter with an old-school feel. You have been possessed by an alien entity - slash and tear your enemies with your monstrous claws, find the last escape pod before you lose what's left of your humanity!

Highly inspired by classics like Doom, Hexen, Quake and Heretic, Exodemon brings the good old shooter spirit with a fresh new approach.

These games were always fast, bloody, explosive and, above all, respected your intelligence as the player, never holding your hand and showing the way in a childish manner.
I am using those characteristics as the guideline for the development of Exodemon, in order to capture the feel that made these games so special.

Until this point I'm developing this game alone, everything from programming, art, music, sound effects to the game design and level design. From now on Kaol Porfirio will join the development and in the near future one more person will added to the team to create the sound effects and music.

Using 3D graphics mixed with 2D sprites as in the glorious days of the best FPS games.
Each level can be explored in different ways, the most ambitious players are rewarded by finding new weapons and upgrades.

Exodemon has various obstacles to challenge you and your demonic hands!
Each section of the game is filled with treacherous enemies and colossal bosses.

  • Fast Paced First Person Shooter
  • Old School Feel
  • Low Poly/Low Res Retro Graphics
  • Awesome Hands From Hell
  • Exciting Boss Battles
  • Lots of exploration and secrets
  • Extra modes such as endless arena and time trial
  • Full controller support
  • Classic input mode (like Doom and Quake)

Play for free at




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Exodemon was originally developed under the name "Devil's Hand" during the jam LudumDare 35 in 72 hours by one person (Roni Silva).
Due to positive feedback from the community, I decided to continue to improve and extend the game.
The latest demo, in the link above, includes the main features and the first section of the game, containing 7 levels, 4 weapons, 2 enemies and 1 boss.

The community has been a pivotal part of the Exodemon's development, helping to shape the game since it's first version a few months ago.
Today I want to engage the awesome and huge steam community in order to continue to grow and improve Exodemon.

Exodemon was featured twice on Game Jolt and recently was selected as finalist to participate in one of the most traditional Brazilian game development events, the SBGames.

Exodemon reached more than 22.7k download at Game Jolt and so far, has an average score of 4.4 out of 5 and counts with several Let's Play videos on youtube.

What expect for the final version of the game:

  • Between 5 and 10 hours of gameplay
  • More game modes such as arena and time trial
  • A lot of different areas, such as sewers, open areas on the planet surface, hangars, residential areas, etc
  • More graphical variety

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King Oxy
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King Oxy 5 de jul às 15:09 
some times i wish i could send my men to help this game but i need more men to
King Oxy 5 de jul às 15:07 
king oxy declares this to be awsome
Saimi Tomenos Mauserrio Cr2O7 3 de jul às 12:21 
I played it and it's <3
serious TOM 29 de jun às 13:13 
hej fajne!!
Coolthulhu 17 de mar às 20:57 
LionHead 10 de mar às 23:47 
Выглядит забавно! Жду :)
Kuupu  [autor(a)] 2 de mar às 14:03 
Thank you! :D
Flame Runner 2 de mar às 11:35 
I have played the demo many times and it never gets boring ♥♥♥♥♥
KRLY1029 18 de fev às 15:19 
hey i have the demo is this gonna cost money or something because im broke and i already have the demo. p.s THIS GAME IS AWSOME i loved it so much i loved the style the fast pace and the boss.
DreaDooM 18 de fev às 8:47 
What a great project, I played the demo and really enjoyed it.