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The Construct
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Genre: Action, Adventure
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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27/jun/2016 às 2:47
12/set/2016 às 4:30

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The Game is being released soon!
A short standalone demo is now avliable!
Data de lançamento: 2016 Q4
“The construct” is a classical top-down view adventure indie game. The gameplay mixes retro-like gameplay mechanics with modern features and a spectacular atmosphere and mysterious storyline. The gameplay is based on completing levels and collecting “keys” that unlock boss battles. Winning boss battles unlocks new sections with new levels that leads to another boss battle and so on. While progressing the player will be presented with new and new pieces of information, using which he can slowly put together the events that are behind the happenings in the game and form a complex and unique storyline.

Hidden contents in the form of secret items unlocking achievements, revealing expanded story elements and even unlocking secret levels are added to increase the variety of the game and provide more gameplay hours for those who are fond of 100% competition of a game.

Depending on the player’s abilities the game features a mind blowing short story of 3-4 hours with a constant variety in level design, gameplay elements and several twists in the main plot that are guaranteed to keep you in your chair until you complete the game. After the final boss battle, there are still another 3-4 hours of gameplay awaiting those who are fond of finding all little secrets and collectables needed for 100% game completition and those who bare to try to finish the game in hardcore mode, an increased difficulty mode that unlock after the first completition of the game designed to pose and even more challenging gameplay for the most skilled and determined. This game is by default made for those who are willing to take on a challenge, so expect hard levels that require figuring out puzzles and perfectly timed and planned movements just like back in the old times, so do not search for any gun n’ run gameplay.

Later possible planned features include global rankings based on time, achievements and survival and competitive levels. In the later future depending on the success of the game, a 2 player competitive mode or a multiplayer competitive mode may also be considered developing. Depending on the success of the PC platform version we will be considering releasing a console version of the game as well with more features added focusing on two player co-op and competitive gameplay as well as mobile and other versions.

The game is developed by the newly formed small independent game developer studio “Cannibal Panda Studios”, which is based in the capital city “Budapest” of the European Union member state country Hungary. After being successfully greenlit, the game is set to be release 2016 Q4.

You can contact us using using one of the methods below



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Cannibal Panda Studios  [autor(a)] 10/set/2016 às 11:10 
Thank you everyone who has votes for us on Greenlight and made this possible! We are finally releasing the game in 2-3 weeks on Steam. You can access it from here anytime to drop a follow until it is released :)
[Team BananY] Vyal"ый 18/ago/2016 às 8:59 
Wolf Grimm 19/jul/2016 às 5:29 
Nice Game Can't Wait For It To Come Out!
SimpleLogic (Pasta Man) 7/jul/2016 às 7:40 
give the man some room to breathe!
Ahab 6/jul/2016 às 16:01 
looks cool
Game Development Championship 6/jul/2016 às 6:35 
This looks great! However, why are there four different videos here? Most players will not watch them. It'd be better to have just one, dead awesome trailer.

We are running the Game Development World Championship and would like to see you participate. It's good for your visibility and won't cost you a penny.

You can check it out at .

Good luck with the development!
IKON CLAM SANDWICH minichibis 4/jul/2016 às 12:50 
Spaceship meat boy.
Azrrue 3/jul/2016 às 14:59 
Looks addicting
Keep it up and thanks for your support!
NewfangledArts 3/jul/2016 às 10:01 
Cool game, voted for you.
Check out our game and vote if you like.
DuskinFess 3/jul/2016 às 9:02 
This project is reminiscent of the good old games, but in a new form. It's fun!