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Long War Alien Pack
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Long War Alien Pack

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By Pavonis Interactive

This mod adds a series of new enemies to XCOM 2. It is an update to the Muton Centurion pack and replaces it entirely. It includes:

* Muton Centurion, a Muton leader with the ability to inspire its allies
* Muton Elite, a powerful Muton who can dominate in battle
* ADVENT Drone, a small, nimble crowd-control robot that hunts for hidden enemies
* Naja, an alien sharpshooter related to the Viper
* Sidewinder, a speedy alien skirmisher related to the Viper
* Sectoid Commander, a stronger sectoid with area-of-effect abilities
* ADVENT MEC Archer, a mechanized unit built to bombard at long ranges
* Chryssalid Soldier, a larger, strong Chryssalid
* Hive Queen, a monstrously large Chryssalid
* ADVENT Sentry, a soldier specializing in overwatch abilities
* ADVENT Grenadier, a soldier with a grenade launcher
* ADVENT Rocketeer, a soldier with a rocket launcher
* ADVENT Gunner, a suppression specialist
* Many of these have upgraded versions that appear later in the campaign, and the mod includes upgraded Vipers and Archons as well.

If you prefer just to use the old Muton Centurion mod, it's available as v1 of the Alien Pack on the Nexus ( http://www.nexusmods.com/xcom2/mods/5/?). v2 and later is the full Alien Pack, the same as this mod. You should unsubscribe from this mod to get it working properly.

------------------- CREDITS --------------------

Concept Artists
Dana Henderson (http://www.danaillustration.com/)
James "JCLewis" Karlson

Modeling and textures
Muton Centurion, ADVENT Drone, Naja, Sidewinder, Sectoid Commander, MEC Archer: James "JCLewis" Karlson
Muton Elite, Hive Queen: Chris "CapnBubs" Mansell (Twitter: @capnbubs)

Additional Artwork / Technical Artistry
Alexander "XMarksTheSpot" Behne
Dana Henderson

Technical Lead
Rachel "Amineri" Norman

Design Lead
John Lumpkin

Tim "Bilfdoffle" Evans
Lance D. Allen
Xavier Wynns
Matt Price


Free for noncommercial use: Modders are free to incorporate any code or other assets from this mod in their own, provided credit is given to Long War Studios in the appropriate places in mod releases.

--------------- COMPATIBILITY ----------------

This mod swaps the vanilla class X2Action_WallClimb.

----------- TROUBLESHOOTING ------------

NOTE: IF after the update you are getting floating ADVENT heads or other issues, you should exit the game and REGENERATE YOUR INI files by deleting all files in \Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\Config. These will be recreated on your next game start. (Additional tip: You can preserve your options settings by NOT deleting XComEngine.ini in this directory.)

XCOM2 Mod Troubleshooting Guide

NOTE 2: The Alternative Mod Launcher tends to give bad information about our mods. They don't conflict with each other.

DO NOT LOAD THIS MOD WITH LONG WAR 2. Its features are already incorporated.
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756 comentário(s)
PizzaSHARK! 👻 16 de jan às 19:28 
You can just look at the config files if you're curious Zevvion, but the descriptions above are already pretty accurate. Sentries get abilities like Ready for Anything and Covering Fire to make them more effective at overwatching. Gunners can use Suppression and use a much stronger cannon. Grenadiers can launch flashbangs, Rocketeers can fire off rockets. MEC Archers tend to run away and use their grenade launcher from long range, Naja tend to stick to cover and snipe at people, Sidewinders tend to use their mobility to run forward to flank or grab.

If you've already played with the aliens, there shouldn't be anything you don't already know. If you're curious, just look at the config files.
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus 16 de jan às 14:14 
Silly question, because I cannot seem to find it if it exists: Is there a long war "game mode" for Xcom 2?
Zevvion 16 de jan às 14:02 
So... can we get like an actual description on the enemies it adds and what they can do? I appreciate you being intentionally vague so I can discover myself, but after many campaigns I still have no idea what some enemy types can actually do.
Master Roshi ._. 15 de jan às 10:47 
Idk why but every time i start a new game i get half way or semi through the first few my game crashes like crazy. Some mods work, some dont. Like I want more enemies to fight against along with the dlc/weapons/ rulers but i never have any luck with any of the mods working together or with out the game crashing. Also I love to play with LW mods they're amazing but I wanna know what im doing wrong and what double enemies i should use to make sure the dlc work.
Vortex-Pixalation 14 de jan às 14:47 
It works with the Dlcs
st030 14 de jan às 9:07 
Is it working or not with DLC's ?
Dragon32 11 de jan às 10:27 
@Derp King ._.
Worked fine for me last campaign with all of the Firaxis DLC (and about 280 other mods).
Master Roshi ._. 11 de jan às 6:54 
Too bad this doesnt work with the alien ruller dlc or the other one, id like to play an updated on of this before long war 2 comes out.
Vortex-Pixalation 7 de jan às 12:52 
@Oathed just edit them out mid play through via force level what is the issue ?
skullbuster JK 7 de jan às 10:35 
ill try this on second playthrough