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Steel Assault
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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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19/jan/2015 às 9:09
4/mar/2015 às 10:34
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Less than 72 hours left on our Kickstarter!
  • share our project page on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, forums, or whichever mediums you think might be the most effective
  • if you've been considering pledging, or upgrading your pledge, then now would be an ideal time to do it
  • if you're a Let's Player or a game journalist, you can contact us and we'll be happy to supply you with a pre-alpha build of the game

Again, thanks to everyone who's supported Steel Assault!

Years after the U.S. falls, the world is on the brink of war once again. Steel Assault is a 2D action platformer for PC, in the style of a late NES game.

If you like Steel Assault, please consider backing our Kickstarter or sharing it with others (e.g. by reblogging our Twitter announcement)!

Steel Assault is a 2D side-scrolling action game for PC, set in the year 2040 after revolts and fascist uprising have shocked the United States. The game mainly focuses on close combat, but the player is also equipped with a variety of different weapons. Its aesthetic is inspired by late 8-bit games on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), such as Shatterhand and Batman. These games utilized heavy dithering and details in negative space to create a dark atmosphere within the system's limitations.

As technological advances continued into the 2030s, the United States's economic foundations caved in. Peaceful protests devolved into riots and all-out civil war, as people starved in the streets. One man rose to power out of the rubble: General Magnus Pierce, a cruel and ruthless tyrant with delusions of restoring America's former grandeur. You play as a resistance soldier equipped with a powerful robotic suit (one of the last of its kind), dropped into a long-abandoned enemy-occupied Washington, D.C.

  • An arcade-style game. What that means is: tight length, tight design, and high difficulty.
  • Multiple difficulty modes, from Expert (the hardest mode, which the game will be initially designed around) down to Novice mode (which most people will be able to easily beat).
  • You have one life (on the hardest difficulty), and there are no levels per se. Instead, a playthrough of the game will be one unbroken "shot" from start to finish, beginning when the player is dropped off in the first level (or last checkpoint, on lower difficulties) and ending when he/she either dies or defeats the last boss. (Remember how Sonic 3 & Knuckles had Act 1 and Act 2 levels seamlessly connected? Now extend that to an entire game.)

  • More than 10 distinct areas. The game will start out in more realistic locations like the D.C. metro or the National Harbor, then eventually branch into weirder areas like a forest temple or an underwater cavern full of giant eels.
  • A faithful retro style. Steel Assault has an extremely detailed internal style guide with tons of info on NES restrictions, which is displayed in the gallery reel above. As you can see from reading it, we aren't following these restrictions to the letter, but our art isn't very far off from the NES's theoretical best capabilities at all either.
  • An atmospheric chiptune soundtrack. Steel Assault's soundtrack is composed in Famitracker, meaning all of it can run on an actual NES! The songs heavily abuse the NES's low-quality DPCM channel, sampling everything from rap artists to obscure post-rock bands. Check out our SoundCloud[] to hear some of the finished tracks!

Fundamentally, we believe that retro styles should be an invitation for developers to push the limitations, not an excuse to fall back on them. We don't have any nostalgic pretenses or axes to grind with modern videogames, and we're not trying to sell you some tired rhetoric about "the good old days of gaming". We just want to make a kickass 2D action game.

And we need your help to do it.

We're currently a team of 2 people working on this game:

Sri Kankanahalli[] - programming, design, music
Daniel Garcia[] - art

Is there going to be a Mac/Linux version of Steel Assault?
Mac and Linux ports of Steel Assault are currently set as a stretch goal on our Kickstarter,. More updates coming soon as the campaign progresses!

Why is the projected release date so far into the future?
The projected release date is a current overestimate of when the game will be completed. Sri is currently a full-time undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, and May 2016 is his graduation date.


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wingzero5555 2 de fev às 17:34 
@JimTheKoreanBlackAmerican thanks I just wish he would update more. This is one of those projects I was really looking foward to and can't stand the fact it isn't out yet even though the developer looks like he is doing a great job. I mean its been 3 months.
JimTheKoreanBlackAmerican 17 de jan às 10:16 
@wingzero5555 @insert coin games

No it's not dead, it's 16 bit now. Look at the developers tumblr page. Looking better then ever!
wingzero5555 23/dez/2016 às 4:14 
Too bad I was really looking foward to this
Insert Coin Games 22/out/2016 às 19:34 
This dead? :(
wingzero5555 23/jun/2016 às 13:22 
So I know it says in your FAQ that this was supposed to be in May but have we got any updates
Mr. Kartoffel 12/mar/2016 às 18:50 
so hyped for this!!
wingzero5555 6/dez/2015 às 5:58 
any release date>
rusty-double-oh-seven 28/set/2015 às 15:37 
Is there some fresh info about current state ?
Please finish this game... pleeeease. It looks and sounds so good.
You can make it, devs ! :)
wingzero5555 12/set/2015 às 15:56 
I would love to see this released
Mhmmm 9/ago/2015 às 22:42 
Would it run on NES? is NES version planned at all?