How to add friends on Steam without buying a game 100% Guarantee it will work!
"Alienware gives away steam games, betas, demos, and all sorts of other stuff every month. So today I will be will teaching you how to get a free serial key to add friends on Steam.

This is a serial key to a demo for the game Transcripted. This is a demo, so dont get to excited :D. This serial will help you add friends on steam and do much more.

Remainig keys: 1326

1) Go here: If they run out of serials (Im not sure they will run out quick because its just a serial to a demo) make sure to check out the events page at the official alienware site for more giveaways.
Go here if they run out of keys:
2) Click ''GET KEY'' on the far right.
3) Sign up and it will automatically direct you to the giveaway page where the key is.
4) Redeem your key code on steam and start adding friends :)))
5) Add me on Steam :) Steam ID: Hardcorewoody

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-=R=- amar1327 Oct 2, 2012 @ 9:08am 
Looks like you did the same thing i did