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Zed Manager (ex. Custom Monster Balance, ScrnMonstersMut)
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Sep 25, 2012 @ 1:15am
Oct 17 @ 3:45am
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Replacement mutator for ScrnMonstersMut (a.k.a. Custom Monsters Balance)
Version 4.20
  • Adds new specimens: Tesla Husk and Ghost
  • Balances community-made monsters (Brute, Shiver, Jason, HardPat) for better fitting in the game.
  • Fully supports Female Fleshpound.
  • Allows adding any custom zed you wish.
  • Allows replacing any stock zed with custom one (or another stock zeds). You can replace Stalkers with Ghosts, Bloats with Sicks, Husks with Hellfires or even Clots with Gorefasts!
  • Allows setting any end game boss you wish.
  • Has the following built-in custom monster profiles (spawning rules): Brute, Jason, Shiver, FemaleFP, Tesla Husk, Sick, Shafter, Goreshank, Fatale.
  • You can replace default custom monster with any other zed the same way as replacing stock zeds. For example, you can replace Tesla Husk with Fatale.
  • Now you can you Balanced (SE - Scrn Edition) or Original versions of Brute, Jason and Shiver.
  • Each custom zed can be voted on or off via MUTATE VOTE ZED console command.
  • Mutator isn't linked to any monster packages and can be used without any of them.
  • Uses ScrnVotingHandlerV4 (included & required).

Sandbox name: ScrnMonsters.ZombieGhost
Ghost is a Stalker with enhanced stealth field. Ghosts are much harder to see (almost invisible at distance), and Commandos can see them only from 12 meters (Stalkers - 16m).
Ghost can continuously run'n'hit as Super Stalker (thanks to Scary Ghost for the code), but she doesn't cause bleeding.
Unlike Staker, Ghost always stays cloaked, even when she is hitting the player or dying.

Sandbox name: ScrnMonsters.TeslaHusk
A robot (Circus Husk modification) with a lighting gun. Shoots electrical beams that can chain other targets nearby.
  • Head (CPU) health raised twice comparing to original Husk. Body health raised x1.5.
  • Faster movement speed.
  • Removed easy stun with sniper weapons. At least 534 damage required to stun it.
  • Doesn't have fire resistance, but doesn't burn either.
  • Destroying CPU (i.e. "decapitating") initiates self-destruct sequence. If Tesla Husk isn't killed yet, it detonates EMP charge in 3 seconds.
  • Chain reaction. Shooting an enemy, electical beam continues to all targets around it (both players and zeds).

Sandbox name: ScrnWPCBrute.ZombieBruteSE
  • Fixed spawns. Brutes start spawning from wave 4.
  • Body health raised a bit (makes killing with Hunting Shotgun/AA12 more difficult)
  • Head health lowered almost twice, allowing variety of headshooting techniques, including LAR, M14, SCAR or even Axe (very tough to master), not only Crossbow.
  • Movement speed while burning slowed down from 15% to 30% (now Firebug can really help the team to defeat the Brute).
  • Removed blocking resistance from any weapons, which don't damage the head (flames and explosives).
  • Melee damage resistance raised twice (25% -> 50%), but it is applied only when Brute is blocking (no matter where the melee hit is landed). This allows Berserker to kill Brute with precise Axe secondary hits to the head, but this is quite hard to master.
  • Head made 50% resistant to shotgun damage to compensate head's nerf and high shotgun pellets' headshot multiplier (x1.65).

Sandbox name: ScrnWPCShiver.ZombieShiverSE
  • Fixed spawns. Shivers start spawning from wave 1.
  • Shiver can't teleport while burning. Otherwise firebug was totally useless perk in games with Shiver.
  • Body health now is scaled through player numbers. Shiver had constant 650hp. Now his base health is 300 with 20% addition per player. Makes Shivers able to kill in solo mode or in small-team games.
  • Assault rifles have addition decapitation bonus, so Shivers now are Commando's #1 target.

Sandbox name: ScrnWPCJason.ZombieJasonSE
  • Fixed spawns. Jasons start spawning from wave 6.
  • Fixed a bug, when first attack reset damage multiplier to normal. Before this Jason, starting with 2nd hit, made the same damage on all difficulties as on Normal.
  • Fixed raged behavior. Now if Jason was raged, he won't stop until he's dead or team gets wiped. No more slow-mo after burning.
  • [HoE] Jason is immediately unstunned from bodyshots made by sniper weapons.
  • Fixed stun animation bug

Female FleshPound
No changes made. Added here to support ScrN voting.

Sandbox name: ScrnMonsters.HardPat
Hard Mode Patriarch, made by Marco, is included in this mutator. Made compatible with new KF squad system and players are able to vote it on/off via MUTATE VOTE console command.

Requires ScrnVotingHandlerV4 (included).
(Optional) ScrnMonsters (Tesla Husk, Ghost, HardPat) included.
(Optional) You need an to subscribe to Brute, Shiver, Jason and/or Female Fleshpound workshop items to add them to the game.
ScrnMonstersMut is obsoleted. You can delete it from your \KillingFloor\System\ folder.
DO NOT MESS UP new ScrnMonsters package, which contains new monsters' code, with obsoleted ScrnMonstersMut!

Mutator isn't whitelisted. I suggest using it along with ServerPerks and ScrN Balance mutators.

1) Subscribe to Custom Monsters and ScrN Balance Bundle collection.
2) When starting a solo game or listening the server, add Zed Manager.
2a)DO NOT ADD ORIGINAL MUTATORS that came together with monster packages like Add Brutes.
3) Enjoy! ;)

Tesla Husk is made by PooSH and The Janitor.
Ghost is made by PooSH. Thanks to Scary Ghost for some code fragments.
Brute, Shiver and Jason were made by WolfPackClan [WPC] members (Hemi, Benjamin, Braindead).
Female FP by Hipnox, Whisky and PooSH.
HardPat made by Marco.
Refer their workshop items for the details.
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^t[ScrN]^pPooSH  [author] Oct 17 @ 3:46am 
Updated to v4.20. Now it is compatible with KF 1062.
Raijin Asura Oct 16 @ 7:28pm 
update broke zed manager
^t[ScrN]^pPooSH  [author] Oct 10 @ 6:06am 
Jason updated again
^t[ScrN]^pPooSH  [author] Oct 9 @ 10:10am 
Updated Brute and Jason
^t[ScrN]^pPooSH  [author] Sep 29 @ 4:22am 
You can subscribe to these forums to stay tuned with the latest updates and get links for manual downloads:
TaintedHex Sep 29 @ 4:15am 
Thank you very much, I have a few friends that love this mod (and they recommended it to me) but they couldn't download it (same problem as me) recently so this will be great news indeed. Thank you so much.
TaintedHex Sep 29 @ 3:58am 
I would love to be able to get this but it just does not want to download once i subscribe. I've tried over a dozen times, oh well. Maybe i'll check back later to see if it wants to work. I really love your other mods and this would be amazing to get.
Ramsoos Sep 5 @ 1:30pm 
Ah, okay, thanks.
^t[ScrN]^pPooSH  [author] Sep 4 @ 9:49pm 
This is the latest version. Unfortunately there is no GUI settings. If you want to configure custom zeds you have to edit Zeds.ini file.