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Bow of Shadows
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Sep 24, 2012 @ 3:18pm
Sep 28, 2012 @ 12:30pm
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This mod allows you to craft a powerful, permanent and temperable version of the Bound Bow. At the forge you will find the recipe under the Dragon Armor category. It uses whatever arrows you have equiped and functions just like any other normal bow.

Base Damage: 28

Crafting requirements include:
-Perk: Dragon Armor
-1 Fire Salts
-3 Ebony Ingots
-1 Black Soul Gem (filled)
-1 Daedra Heart

* Does not require Dawnguard *

To install the mod click the "Subscribe" button and it will automatically download and install when you start the game.


Revision 1-5: Made some minor tweaks.
Revision 6: Removed Soul Trap enchantment.
Revision 7-9: Changed Smithing category to Dragon Armor so light armor smithies could make it too.
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JulianMVazquez Oct 9 @ 3:25pm 
If it is that difficult to get the ID, just use advskill smithing #, the # being the amount of EXPERIENCE you want towards smithing, if you put 100 it will not put your smithing at 100, it will give you 100xp towards smithing.
Seira Hoshi Sep 26 @ 1:32pm 
For people asking what the ID is, just type: help "bow of shadows". It's that simple.
princepyrocian Sep 21 @ 11:44am 
it would be awesome if you made a permanent bound sword and dagger too:) others have tried but they can't pull it off you can't upgrade or enchant thiers awesome bow tho i love it
wash.hasted Aug 31 @ 7:02am 
o m g
pedotto Jul 11 @ 12:45am 
can you please add the console codes so i can test to see it runs well with my other mods
Low smithing :( haha I want to add them to my armory because the look awesome
ϟ antleft GR ϟ Jun 28 @ 2:09pm 
only the photo make this bow awsome
mgrande175 Jun 14 @ 3:52am 
Does stronger bound weapons and soul trap on strike perks affect this ?
Wassup¿# May 22 @ 9:52am 
What is ID item??
Landshark May 17 @ 2:01pm 
the bow should be OP
aesp51 Apr 6 @ 2:11pm 
is it enchantable?