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The Shiver
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Sep 23, 2012 @ 5:10am
Aug 14, 2013 @ 10:53am
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Teleporting Zed by Benjamin and Hemi. No this is not just a Stalker variant. This Zed will actually teleport from the end of the corridor to right up to your face...or even worse...behind you!

When Horzine created the Stalker, they soon found out that it was too easy to be spotted in combat. Some veteran commandos, with their eagle eyes, claimed they spotted her from miles away. Horzine needed a new variant in this genetic pool, and so the Shiver was born.

One of the scientists called Benjamin Whirton, a nervous little man, volunteered as a testing subject. He was a weird little man, twitching his head back and forth...roaming the corridors of the underground lab. Kevin grew weary of him, and he was more then happy to break open his skull and apply the changes to his genetic material.

This zed will spawn together with the crawlers.

Sandbox name : Shiver014.ZombieShiver

Subscribe to the item to download. (when you startup KF you will see it downloading in the top-right corner) When finished downloading it could be you have to restart KF to see it in your mutator list. (tab "mutators")

This is not whitelisted

Superior coding by : Benjamin
Model/Animations/Texture : Hemi
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Sharpshooter 200 Jun 2 @ 1:16pm 
The custom server I visit frequently just added these variants of mutators, and god damn they're annoying. Well done OP.
Jihad Rambo May 11 @ 1:43pm 
So I searched happy and this is what I got......Steam wtf? Also REALLY cool!!! Lovin' it
We are toast Apr 25 @ 3:57pm 
Holy shit man tripwire should hire you!
Helghast troop Feb 10 @ 8:37pm 
tripwire should make this an official enemy type!
Rubber Chop Suey Feb 8 @ 11:48am 
how did you make your graphics so good?
TheBowWowers Jan 22 @ 2:32am 
Hmm, that's sad to hear... Those were pretty interesting mods you had going :/ Anyway, great work on providing the mods before and good luck with life :)
[WPC] Hemi  [author] Jan 22 @ 2:12am 
All support for my mods dropped due to the many updates TWI pushes through, thus breaking my mods all the time. Sorry, I got a life and all. :P
TheBowWowers Jan 21 @ 12:57pm 
Hey, great mod :D I happened on your other mods such as The Bastard or The Fatale. For some reason, this was the only mod that worked :/ I assume it has something to do with TWI updates? anyway, it would be awesome if you could somehow get the rest to work, these new monsters really add a whole new level to the game :D

Doesn't matter to me if this is whitelisted or not as long as it works :D
Sigma Jan 11 @ 7:24pm 
Um how do we go about getting this whilelisted? These little fellas add a really good dynamic to the game, I spent all day playing with the mod on (Lan party, was kickass), and was a bit gutted we didn't level up. If we could whitelist this i'd never take it off.
Mr.CanadianBacon( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Nov 22, 2013 @ 5:18pm 
This MUST be implemented into the game...NOW!!!