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Killing Floor

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Map Pack - Killing Floor
Maps released on the Steam Workshop for Killing Floor located in one single Map Pack. Credit goes to map maker. Don't forget to rate and comment!

Download Size of Pack: about 17.98 GB (18412.224 MB)
Last updated: August 24, 2015

Use the 'Subscribe to all' button at your own risk

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I download the Maps?
A. Press the giant green "Plus" symbol next to the map you want to subscribe to, the map will automatically start to download when Killing Floor is next launched.

1b. Wait, Steam is not downloading past 50 subscriptions, How come?
A. That is a limitation of the Steam Workshop, If you are wanting to subscribe to more than 50 you will have to remove already subscribed Killing Floor subscriptions. Although they will be unsubscribed, the files necessary to play the maps are already downloaded and thus can be played at your leisure.
Here is a list of every 50 to keep track.
50 - KF-Fabulous
100 - KF-ElecFields
150 - KF-Wolf wolfenstein remake.
200 - KF-HallCrawl
250 - KF-A-Starship
300 - KF-DefenceLondonFinal
350 - KF-BuddhaTemple-Final-3
400 - KF-Fortin
450 - KF-3Bridges-Final-fix3
500 - KF-Seaports
550 - KF-Evasion
600 - KF-Stronkhold(stronghold better version)
650 - [Survival] KFO-Manor
750 - MGS Space Station NO MUSIC EDITION

2. How do I get these map in-game?
A. Maps can be found where you normally select maps in Killing Floor. If the map is missing try restarting Killing Floor.

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FAQ: Часто задаваемые вопросы

1. Как я могу скачать карты?
A. Нажмите на гигантский зеленый символ «плюс» рядом с картой вы хотите подписаться, карта автоматически начнет загрузку, когда Killing Floor будет запущен следующий.

2. Как я могу получить эти карты в игре?
А. Карты можно найти, где вы обычно выбирают карты. Если карта отсутствует перезагрузки Killing Floor.

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A.あなたがを購読するマップの横に巨大な緑色の "+"記号を押すと、マップは自動的にKilling Floorの次回起動したときにダウンロードを開始します。

Items (753)
Last Resort Beta 1.1vB
Created by TNT1992
I am ending support for this map and remaking it from scratch with a new idea and theme. I will return to this and fix the current bugs and complete what isnt finished but apart from that I will stop working on this map. Please let me know of any bugs that...
Doom 2 SP - Maps 01-10, 30-32
Created by Marco
A part of all of the Doom 2 single player campaign.
These maps requires Doom 2 pack to be installed.

Maps are originally created by Lethal_Vortex, I only added Doom 2 stuff for them.

To play you must select game mode "Doom SinglePlayer" an...
Doom 2 pack
Created by Marco
Contains a complete pack of all Doom 2 monsters, weapons and powerups. Including a single player/cooperative game type.
See original thread from here:

Mod files:
Created by Mr.RoBoT
Map for GunGame mode

Grab your weapon get into the forest, its camo time!

Created by Mr.RoBoT
GunGame map based of my KF-Purplish

Created by Mr.RoBoT
One of the oldest custom maps since KF retail release made for GunGame gamemode !

Both teams spawn with M79 grenade launchers and must blow up the opposing team's building floor by floor. Respawns are infinite, but each time a floor is destroyed you will spawn on the next available floor down. Once the last spawn area in your building i...
KF - Dead Simple
Created by FUBAR!
This map is based off of the Doom II map of the same name. It features small and simple level layout in part of an underground industrial complex. Comfortably plays with 6 people or less. Play with more people at your own risk.

Oh yeah, if you try it...
Raccoon International Airport - WB
Created by Hodor (KiCk3R)
Raccoon International Airport - Wave Based Gametype

Guys, there is a fix. You must download and install a mutator to enable the old specimens. First, download the Mutator from HERE: , Once downloaded, place the...
Raccoon International Airport - MP
Created by Hodor (KiCk3R)
Raccoon International Airport - Multiplayer Version

Guys, there is a fix. You must download and install a mutator to enable the old specimens. First, download the Mutator from HERE: , Once downloaded, place the...
Pride Hill Shopping Center
Created by Hodor (KiCk3R)
You and your friends go for a bite to eat. Except... you turn out to be the meals!
Its kill or be killed in this action packed shopping center. You may even find a few missions!

Mountain Pass Night
Created by [TW]Yoshiro
The Classic Killing Floor map KF-MountainPass reimanged as a night map. Enjoy!

To download, hit the subscribe button and launch Killing Floor. It will automatically download....
Fist off, I have only briefly played a couple Silent Hill games. This is not an authentic representation. I started this map using reference from the movie. If you hated the movie you probably will feel the same way about this map. I enjoyed recreating...
Created by avp2501
Small classic defense map by KINGshinobi that I modified into my own variation adding weather effects, improved bot pathing, boss cut scene and various other tweaks....
Created by avp2501
Small map used as a Teaser for my story based mission "BioTech"
Sadly BioTech is miles off being released and so we're just left with this nice Teaser...
Created by Mr.RoBoT
dark,creepy and small house

Created by Chael Sonnen
Small map based in some kind of office, games are quick and to the point, no pointless running around for traders that don't need to be there...
Created by avp2501
This is the most stable exploit free version but still isn't final.
This version also adds a new area to the map.
Set on a space station near a massive space port. From what I've experienced it is not easy. Working on a new version with reworked lighting....
Created by TheRealMoney
Reports are coming in from the Port Authority about a bizarre attack on the Harbour.
A number of cargo containers were offloaded from a cargo vessel belonging to a London Biotech researcher. According to one of the surviving dock workers, they had barely ...
Created by Krull0r
Detailed city based Killing Floor map with In- and outdoor areas....
KF-Offices - Barricade mode
Created by Mr.RoBoT
- There are 3 areas in the map, each one spawns 2 players.
- Around each area barricades aren't welded, you can weld and not unweld them after but there is big metal door you could unweld it.
- When the wave is over it opens a teleporter in each area to ...
Created by Mr.RoBoT
An Abandoned world where is nothing left except your squad and the flesh eating specimens...

Created by Mr.RoBoT
Simple map with new idea "Topview" you play your character as your screen viewing from above such like NationRed or Alien Swarm gameplay, although its kinda hard to control so I suggest you to try it on beginner or normal at first.
note: crouch and shoot...
Created by scumbag_SORROW
Direct link:
My First Map on Killing Floor. There is a outside and an inside area to explore. Plus it has a secret room. Follow me if you like. Thanks.
Some of the Textures are from cgtexture...
Created by Mr.RoBoT
It was my first custom map since Killing Floor release

Created by Mr.RoBoT
face against endless wave of specimens...
rise and shine for your own death

Created by [JC]FishPound
The only safe place left on the block. A small indoor map modeled after an actual location. Its completely dark outside, good luck surviving anywhere but the basement! B.Y.O.B

Submitted for Whitelist approval in December of 2011 -No response...
Created by Mr.RoBoT
Sci-fi map was made for dead space mod in kf, its simple long hallway where zeds comes from both sides

Created by avp2501
Originally made by Boxxxed and modified by me to improve the pathing, trader pathing wisp, blocking volumes and various other tweaks.
This version also adds additional traders to spread you out more....
Modeled after my place of employment. Referenced over 100 pictures to make as accurate as possible. This is unfinished, but, I ran into some problems with having to many BSP shapes so I made it playable/exploit free and put it out. Not sure I'll ever co...
Monsters spawn almost entirely on one side of the map. Intended for 10+ players. One trader located in center of map. Designed almost like a tower defense with focus on chokepoints and assigning posts for various team members.

All my maps can be fo...
First map. I learned how to use this editor while creating this map, which probably explains why it is so unorganized and huge.

All my maps can be found here on the steam workshop:
Created by Kyben
The moody swamps of a now abandoned property serve as the final base of operations for the Delta Battalion. The Specimens have wiped out most inner-city defences, all that remains is the uncharted wilderness and isolated, country homesteads. The terrain on...
Testmap6p FiringRangeV2
Created by Jさん
Press E key to spawn specimen

2012/12/13 Xmas update!
Testmap6p FiringRangeV2_Xmas

[file list]
Created by Chael Sonnen
Another small map, it's based on my gun game map "1Fort", you spawn inside the fort with 2 pre-welded doors, if you fall outside the doors then you're stuck unless you grenade the doors open, the map is pretty easy with a bunch of Demo's and 1 or 2 support...
Created by Chael Sonnen
This map......kinda shitty, I made it about a year ago, pretty simple layout, but quite tough.

The colour red doesnt work on this map (except HUD) so the trader whisp is grey/blue, no idea why, too lazy to fix. It's supposed to be a hotel of some sort....
BioticsLab Lights Out!
Created by miks

This was my first attempt at mapping, its just a dark version of BioticsLab by Tripwire Interractive. And by dark I mean REALLY dark, basically on lights at all.

Notes: Updated the map with a fix for the "black screen" bug,...
Carden Hill
Created by miks

An asylum themed map...
Created by Crasher563
Cube_563 is a somewhat small, mostly cubemap that has paths down to the london underground. It has 4 traderooms, biohazardous waste that kill you and the specimens, lots of zombiezone spawners, somewhat prewelded doors, average detaling with static meshes ...
Dragged Into Hell KF doom MAppack
Created by FluffyAmyNL
Map pack for the doom mutator custom story based on dante's inferno
Warning this maps are really hard
you will need doom mutator by marco in order to play this

marco doom mutator
Created by Marco
This is just a map to chill out in, away from the zombie apocalypse.
Requires Doom 2 monsters pack to run.

Part of the map was created by Lethal_Vortex.
Wildfish car model is from UnWheel mod for UnrealTournament 2004.
Medium Tank model is ...
Created by Sam
Sci-fi city environment.
(fixed servercrash)
Hourences for his texture packs;; layout from a Gears of War 2 map...
Created by Sam
Small Middle-Eastern style map.
(fixed servercrash)
Created by Sam
Cave/jungle themed map.

Credits:; Hourences for his nature texture pack and his DM-Sae tutorial...
KF-Chiron TL-34 (thats right - halo in Killing Floor!
Created by bacon933
A classic halo map re-created by me for Killing floor. ENJOY!

The .ogg files go in the music folder btw (i have no idea if the files automatically go into the correct folders)...
Created by Sam
Sci-fi dam.

Created by Sam
A Killing Floor map emulating the atmosphere from "Fable".
(fixed servercrash)
Credits: for the basis of most of the textures, Hazel H. for the skybox textures...
Created by Sam
Forest theme. Rivers, log-cabins, a cave..

Fixed server crash! (but had to remove emitters)
Created by Sam
Tiny island. The building is based on the townhall of Hinterschmieding.
Fixed Servercrash (had to remove glitter effect on sunset to do it)
Created by Sam
Castle themed map.
(Fixed Servercrash)
Created by Saics
Manor Lights Out!
Created by miks

Dark version of Manor (original version by Tripwire of course)

If you want custom music for the map, go here
Otherwise there will be no music I believe, it might be ...
Offices Lights Out!
Created by miks
Yeah another dark version of the stock maps. Sorry for the lack of screenshots but you cant really see anything except for the outside bits :)

The map is at its best when using a mutator that provides extra light sources such as glowstick or flares. Wit...
Still Alive
Created by miks

A portal themed map with some funny features such as
1. A button controlled moving platform for "quick" escapes
2. A tube you can use to travel accross the map in seconds, does heavy damage on exit so avoid using with less than 80 hea...
Trial Challenges Jump/Shooting
Created by FluffyAmyNL
Trials are puzzel maps where u gotta finish 1 trial before u can move to the next one. only one of your teamates have to make it to the finish of 1 trial to move on to the next one.
mostly involved jumping but some also contain shooting. bonus Tip Shoot ...
Trials Lego Jumping Map
Created by FluffyAmyNL
Trials are puzzel maps where u gotta finish 1 trial before u can move to the next one. only one of your teamates have to make it to the finish of 1 trial to move on to the next one.
mostly involved jumping but some also contain shooting. bonus Tip Shoot ...
Trials PowerGenerator Jumping Map
Created by FluffyAmyNL
Trials are puzzel maps where u gotta finish 1 trial before u can move to the next one. only one of your teamates have to make it to the finish of 1 trial to move on to the next one.
mostly involved jumping but some also contain shooting. bonus Tip Shoot ...
UAT - Nerf Warz Apocalypse
Created by Sheath
This map is almost an exact 1 to 1 scale of the University I went to: University of Advancing Technology.

At UAT, we had a lot of Nerf Warz battles, and especially HumansVsZombies... This gave me a great idea...

Basically, I wanted to recreate some...
Trials i wanna be the map Jumping/Shooting part1
Created by FluffyAmyNL
Trial map based on i wanna be the guy it has some custom monsters that i made in it
Trials are puzzel maps where u gotta finish 1 trial before u can move to the next one. only u need part 2 as well
Requires Marco doom Mutator to run

marco doom mutato...
Trials i wanna be the map Jumping/Shooting part2
Created by FluffyAmyNL
This is the missing files from part1 due to limit on upload space. if u download this u need part 1 to

marco doom mutator

choose gametype doom story to start the trial ma...
kf-the hallway
Created by Target Practice®
pretty basic map that i made...
Created by ~ RaVs ~
Defense thy self!...
Laser Challenge - V3
Created by Hodor (KiCk3R)
You have been hired by the UBCS (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) and you are currently in training. Your training is simple. The Laser is your enemy. The Specimens are your enemy. Other Players are your enemy. Gear up. And Head Out.
NOTE: This ...
The Hive - V1 - Rev 3
Created by Hodor (KiCk3R)
5 hours ago, Red Queen went homicidle. She sealed down The Hive and killed everyone down there. Your job is to disable The Red Queen and to rescue any survivors. Take A Flashlight…Its dark down there…

Raccoon International Airport - SP
Created by Hodor (KiCk3R)
Raccoon International Airport - Single Player
NOTE: Click "Story" to play.

Guys, there is a fix. You must download and install a mutator to enable the old specimens. First, download the Mutator from HERE: , On...
Created by Jsh
Current state of map: Alpha version 2

Full file size: 29 MB, 7-Zip file size: 10,3 MB

This shopping center themed map features both kinds of playable areas: Outside - parking area and loading bay - and inside - shops, stock and corridors.
It comes w...
Created by YOUJO
Hi! I am YOUJO! I made first map .
Akihabara Electric Town is a district in Tokyo, Japan.
Excuse me for big file size and many bugs.
This map is still in progress, but my fixing is slow.
Any bug report would be appreciated.

Known issue:
-Ammo spaw...
Created by Shinkichi
This is a modification of the KF-ArenaWarsV3

"not Whitelisted"...
Created by Shinkichi
This is a modification of the KF-LAWLAWLAW

"not Whitelisted"...
Metal Gear Solid - WB
Created by Hodor (KiCk3R)
Here is a sneak preview on my upcoming MOD - Metal Gear Solid. This is a waved based map, based on the beginning level of MGS.

Guys, there is a fix. You must download and install a mutator to enable the old specimens. First, download the Mutator from HE...
Created by WoM | Paxom
еще одна бредовая карта от меня,переработанная немного,просто хороша для мяса,и все...

Another crazy map from me, a little recycled, just good for meat, and all ......
Heres my remake of the CoD4 map "Shipment"

Hope you enjoy / Have fun...
Portal Gun
Created by [WPC] Braindead
Portal Gun that can be used as a tool or weapon. Will upload readme file asap as too many thank yous to mention here
Also includes test map made by Marco,...
Created by Mutant
This is a vastly improved version of Anaemix's original testmap. The map has been designed to be the perfect practise environment and for multiplayer usage.
You can neither level up your perks nor gain achievements on it, it's for practise purpose only...
Vehicle Mod
Created by [WPC] Braindead
Vehicle mod for Killing Floor by Braindead. Includes new gametype and 1 map.

This is an updated version of the original, which can now be updated constantly, thanks to the workshop. For more info, please visit TWI forums

Update: 1/10/12

- Change...
Gun Game
Created by [TW]Ramm-Jaeger
Gun Game With Killing Floor Weapons. Every kill instantly gets you the next weapon in the list. Be the first player to get a kill with every weapon on the list to win!

Looking for some fast past player vs player action with a Killing Floor spin? Look no...
VM-BloodMountain - Vehicle Mod Map
Created by [WPC] Braindead
VM-BloodMountain by Arramus
VM-CornerMarket for Vehicle Mod
Created by [WPC] Braindead
VM-CornerMarket for the vehicle mod...
Created by cyberpunk^2.0
Enter Deck 17 - Magma Refinery... Deck 16's HOT neighbor.
By Teddie Tapawan, ported by Kazachidla....
Created by BAHO
Author - ApostJI
Fixed - BAHO[21RUS]...
Created by bacon933
A Winterised variant of the stock map Kf-westlondon. Bring a gun... and maybe a coat......
Created by Crasher563
Ive re-made the map mountainpass into a "clusterf**k format*. Your squad has set up a barricade at the end of the road to await evacuation after having killed the patriarch in the original map. You have suited the broken brige for airial evactuation and pi...
Created by Pacifist
вся карта осталась без изменений ,я изменил лишь текстуру неба!!!
the entire map has been no change, I changed only the texture of the sky!!!...
Vehicle Map Pack 2 - Mountian Pass Special
Created by [WPC] Braindead
Vehicle Map Pack 3
Created by [WPC] Braindead
Vehicle Map Pack 4
Created by [WPC] Braindead
Vehicle Map Pack 1
Created by [WPC] Braindead
Created by DEN069721(RUS60)
Created by Swanky
Welcome to the mansion. What mansion? What do I know? Simple indoor map with plenty of rooms and corridors, multiple levels. Enjoy. :)...
Created by Swanky
Techmap designed for Killing Floor, complete with custom content. Music-file made by Xenogenocide, used with permission....
Created by avp2501
This is the first map I made for KF: It's not the latest version however this one is whitelisted
Map Size: HUGE
Players spawn at random points so you will start alone. Find each other for the best chance of survival

=====Map Description=====
15:22 - ...
Created by avp2501
kf-WestLondon + kf-filthscross = kf-WestCross...
Lighting revisions since previous version.

All my maps can be found here on the steam workshop:
The Lighthouse
Created by LATTEH
Hello! thank you for considering for downloading my map! But before you do could you download from this site to give this legendary Custom mod site some support?

You Sir! you like hardworked on levels for fr...
Created by K-2
A small chinese-style map based on Unreal Tournament DM-AChina by AngelHeart.

Version: beta 4...
Created by K-2
KF version of wonderful rusty map from official UT2003 DE Bonuspack.
Original author - Juan Pancho 'XceptOne' Eekels.

Version: 1.2...
Created by K-2
KF port & adaptation of UT2k4 DM map.
Author of the original map - Rogelio Olguin.

Version: 1.2...
Created by K-2
Another remake of Serious Sam map for KF.
This is an arena-style map with special wave-based zombie spawn places.

Version: 1.2...
Created by K-2
Remake of Serious Sam TFE map for Killing Floor

Version: 1.3 + fix...
Night of the Living Dead --Beta Revision 6
Created by Blackbeard
A recreation of the farmhouse from the 1968 Night of the Living Dead.

Tweaked some things here and there to improve zed pathfinding.
Coming Soon: Deactivation of indoor spawns once doors have been barricaded...
Created by avp2501
Small corridor = Pure chaos...
Created by avp2501
Large sized map which isn't very chaotic. Play the smaller versions if you prefer no-cover madness....
Created by avp2501
Tiny sized map which is just chaotic. Play the bigger versions if you prefer cover fire....
Created by avp2501
3 levels divided into Red VS Blue on opposing sides....
Created by avp2501
3 levels divided into Red VS Blue on opposing sides. Now includes Zombies...
Created by Fobos
A Killing Floor map based on Unreal Tournament DM-Deck16][. Conversion made by {CB}Owl{BG}.

* Map is into the Official Whitelist, allowing players to level up their Perks.

Conversion made by {CB}Owl{BG}.
Exploit Fixing by Mamoo.
Spanish T...
Created by Fobos
A Killing Floor map based on DOOM map E1M1. Remake made by

* Map is into the Official Whitelist, allowing players to level up their Perks.

Remake made by
Spanish Translation by Fobos.

Created by avp2501
MultiStory VR simulation: 4 levels of semi chaotic fun with limited cover....
Created by AsNetu
It's time to battle through the sewer's prison!...
Created by AsNetu
Action take place in the old castle, which is surrounded by mysterious trees......
Created by AsNetu
More action in an abandoned stalkers outpost......
Mario Clouds
Created by SneakyKNG
Its a me Mario!Play a small but fun map of mario!!!Thank you so much for playing my game!...
kf-the hallways UPDATE
Created by Target Practice®
just a tiny update for my very simple map that ive made
ps: i called it the hallwayS becaus theres more than onne hallway...
Created by WoM | Paxom
Очередная бредовая карта,созданная мной.Из названия понятно что она хорошо подходит для снайперов,ну и для коммандо.
Покажите этим трупоедам,что вы умеете стрелять!

The next crazy map created by me. From the name it is clear that it well is suitable ...
KF-Duke Nukem
Created by E-Rock
Duke nukem now brought to you, in Killing Floor! Play through the first mission on L.A. Meltdown and remember the old Duke Nukem 3D days! No credit to me, its all Ro_Sauce!
OH? and even better! ITS WHITELISTED! So go grab that secret rocket and fume-agate...
Created by Dr Opossum
A small map resembling kakariko village from the 1991 Super Nintendo game
Zelda: A Link To The Past.

The map has the same secret features that are in Zelda:alttp, for the old school gamers out there as well as several new secrets...
Created by ELDAR
карта создана не мной просто решил выложить...
Created by E-Rock
A map made by OMGPWNIES!...
Darkness - Map
Created by RUSTIK
This simple yet difficult map forces players to hole up inside an abandoned house out in the middle of the woods while the ZEDs attempt to break down the barriers. The one and only trader is located about 100 meters from the house in the woods, return quic...
Created by Wolfer
You must protect Dr. Gary Glover and Mr. Foster towers to complete this map, otherwise... you will die.


Beta nº3
This map uses KFDoorMoverPlus from Falidell's Trigger Pack

Pollution Factory
Created by HIUFIGYO
Just a small map I made in a short time while trying out Killing Floor SDK. Takes place in a factory campground in the middle of the forest which purpose is to dump polution into the atmosphere which got out of hand in that area, it also caught the attenti...
The Grimpen Marshland
Created by Tundra Puppy
Quiet and morose, the marshland known as Grimpen sits, brooding and humid in the heavy air. The Specimens have come and gone, but their return is imminent - your presence draws them inexorably closer to feed. And inevitably, the swamps will run red for a...
Created by HyPNOS
Defend a deserted base that's overrun with zombies who insist on making your life hell, for some reason.

Map info: Not much really, it's a simple map, but can be hard if not defended well. There are usable jump pads from the top of each Trader for quick...
The Mountain
Created by Shadow
The Mountain is our last hope. The last place where the infection didn't kill every human being... Our chopper dropped us there to buld a new base, a new hope for the human race. But the undead smelled our blood and came there to disrupt our still living b...
Doom 2: Hi-Res
Created by Berq
Update of the venerated Doom 2 KF map using textures from the Doom Hi-Res Texture Pack (DHTP) at
*** Additional thanks to Commie Joe for getting the file size down by half ***
Based on KF-Doom2-Final-V7

Play Doom 2: Hi-Res on my de...
Created by KINGshinobi
This is a Afghanistan theme map with a garden in the middle , damaged houses and desert-textures. hf...
Created by KINGshinobi
This is a map that i made for the original mod back some time. Actually the 2nd map i ever made for KF....
Created by KINGshinobi
This is a Disco theme map with alot of music and other cool stuff in it.

[Note] If the Map doesnt show up download and install this animation file for the dancing girl: {LINK REMOVED}...
Created by KINGshinobi
This is a Gasstation theme map with a basketball cord and mad driving cars around it.
Created by KINGshinobi
This is a small very intense map. If you wanna test how hard it can get , try to beat it :)
It also has some changed pickups....
Created by KINGshinobi
This is a giant mall with a outdoor part also....
Created by KINGshinobi
This is like the name says a shopping center with alot shops, hallways around it and skatebords....
Created by KINGshinobi
This is a Skatepark theme map with a skatepark in the middle , sport- an arcade and pool halls around it. There also moveable objects in the map like balls and skatebords. hf...
Created by KINGshinobi
This is a city part like map that i made inspired by a picture....
Created by KINGshinobi
This a orient/asian city map with alot car traffic in it. hf...
Created by KINGshinobi
This is a Bamboo forest with lots of trees , rivers, lakes , a house and alot other stuff....
Created by KINGshinobi
This is Ganja-Farm :) hf...
KF-Leveling-PerkyV5_1059fix (and 100p version)
Created by Shinkichi
- include -

100p Version very very solooooo

Created by K-2
After the invasion of London all survivors rushed to leave the city and surrounding areas. Only bands of marauders and the brave ones, who didn't want to give up so easily, stayed in the city, but they were forced to retreat under constant onslaught of Hor...
KF-LostContact wave based map
Created by FluffyAmyNL
This was my very first map ever made for KillingFloor. its really not good its a big arena with zeds spawning in. thats all....
KF-NpcStadiumv4 spawn npcs & fight them
Created by FluffyAmyNL
This map u can spawn any zed in the arena all you got to do is press the switch of one of the zeds
there is a respawn every 30seconds but it requires 2 players to be in the game & 1 alive

Created by Swanky
A thematic blend of London, some Steampunk and Gears of War influences, this map is fully functional. Updated Dec.1/13 Zeds can now jump out of the river...
KF-Strangev12 Strange story map
Created by FluffyAmyNL
This is my second map every made. For killingfloor it wanted to make a story map. So it kind turned out really strange.

Best played with friendlyfire on. Otherwise u can't damage the enemies well u can still melee them but that's hard...
KF-Wolf wolfenstein remake.
Created by FluffyAmyNL
killing floor remake wolfenstein in killingfloor style...
Testmap6p FiringRangeV2_Xmas
Created by Jさん
Press E key to spawn specimen
2012/12/13 Xmas update!

[file list]

Testmap6p FiringRangeV2
kf-minecraftv3 Minecraft wavebased map
Created by FluffyAmyNL
A minecraft based wave type map

Last edited by lethalvortex; 04-29-2011

You have my permission to edit the map in any way you like as long as u give me credit :)...
kf-towerdefenderv3 defend the towers
Created by FluffyAmyNL
The towers lost power. Your squad needs to defend the towers. from the endless horde....
Killingfloor doom3 Mut addon mappack part 1/3
Created by FluffyAmyNL
This is a mappack for the doom3 mutator. by marco there is 3 parts

this pack wont work unless u download this pack first

-marco doom3 muator-

then download all 3 parts
the map na...
Killingfloor doom3 Mut addon mappack part 2/3
Created by FluffyAmyNL
This is a mappack for the doom3 mutator. by marco there is 3 parts

this pack wont work unless u download this pack first

-marco doom3 muator-

then download all 3 parts
the map na...
Killingfloor doom3 Mut addon mappack part 3/3
Created by FluffyAmyNL
This is a mappack for the doom3 mutator. by marco there is 3 parts

this pack wont work unless u download this pack first

-marco doom3 muator-

then download all 3 parts
the map na...
Doom 2 MapPack Wave based maps 01-10 + 30 / 31 /32 Part 1/2
Created by FluffyAmyNL
Doom2 mappack Wave based contains 13maps total
These maps where never really released.
since i not really work on them anymore i though i release the maps

make sure u get part 1 & 2...
Doom 2 MapPack Wave based maps 01-10 + 30 / 31 /32 Part 2/2
Created by FluffyAmyNL
Doom2 mappack Wave based contains 13maps total
These maps where never really released.
since i not really work on them anymore i though i release the maps

make sure u get part 1 & 2...
KF-ArmyBase-1-0-0 By Eskarn Productions
Created by Eskarn™
This is my second released map in my storyline
Intro--------------------50% done
Hospital----------------20% Done
ArmyBase -------------Realesed
ToySoilders------------70% done
LaunchSite-------------Not Started
Nightmare--------------Not Started
Created by DpaKc
I completely forgot about this map. Map converted from all the popular game Half-Life. She also has a night :)...
Created by DpaKc
My first conversion map of Counter-Strike 1.6 in KF

It turned out okay but the only negative is that the water is just a texture, and it was all well done to the mobs did not sink....
KF-UndergroundTemple by Eskarn Productions
Created by Eskarn™
This is my 1st released map in my storyline, was released 2 year ago just fixed up some exploits and put it in my workshop
Intro--------------------50% done
Hospital----------------20% Done
ArmyBase -------------Realesed
ToySoilders------------70% don...
Created by DpaKc
Map to convert from Counter-Strike 1.6 and decorated with Christmas ornaments as well sewn 3 songs.

Song titles:
Bullet For My Valentine - Hand of Blood
Celldweller - One Good Reason
Celldweller feat.Styles of Beyond - Shapeshifter...
Antarctic Outpost--Beta
Created by Blackbeard
An outpost set amidst a snowy landscape. Beta....
Created by Jsh

My second project for Killing Floor game. This time it takes place at the roof top inside and outside of a penthouse.
It's a very narrow map, due to this fact it includes only one trader.
It features a few rooms: e.g.
- main area meant to be ...
Created by _Qu[AA]rK_
This is my first map. I've been making it for 4 days. Notify me if there are any issues/glitches.
This map utilizes custom soundtrack.

Short Description:
Narrow East-London Streets, soldiers strive to survive. They stayed near Local Tavern, thought it...
This is an updgraded version. The start and end of the map are now joined by a hallway system so the whole map can be traveled in a large circle rather than dead ends....
Created by RitoPls.
*Zed Spawning Zone is currently Killing Floor's TOP RATED Training/Leveling map of ALL TIME!*

Thank you all !!! :D

▒█░░▒█   █▀▀█ ░ █▀▀█    
░▒█▒█░   ░░▀▄ ▄ █▄▀█    
░░▀▄▀░   █▄▄█ █ █▄▄█    

▒█▀▀█ ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█░░░ ▒█▀▀▀ ░█▀▀█ ▒█▀▀▀█ ▒█...
KF-bilateral assault by RunneR
Created by WoM | Paxom
Узкий коридор,Вы,Ваша пушка,и целая орда зомби которая рвется к Вам С ДВУХ СТОРОН!!!
Ну что,Вы готовы отразить двухстороннее нападение?

Чтобы скачать нажмите кнопку "+Подписаться"...
Created by McQuiggle
It's a library!

We made this level not too long after the game initially launched. Recently we started working on an updated version. Might have that coming soon....
Hidden Complex
Created by HandCann0n
Ok community. This is my first map. I hope you enjoy this map.
PD1: I fixed all bugs i found, but if you find anyone, tell me.

"We have ecaped from the city after everything gone to hell...Someone told us about a complex under constuction in the mounta...
Created by -MGSa- Sniper
For the first time in KF a WORKING FUNFAIR!
Enjoy and feedback appreciated...
Created by NAKED GI JOE
The H.E.C.U WareHouse was a safe zone. Your team has been sent to secure it again. Do not get trapped.

Comments please visit:
Created by [ScrN]Dr. Jan Itor
My first map ever made for a game so its pretty simple made. The Husks start to dance when ammo spawns. The one behind the turn tables starts to dance when the Patriarch leaves one of the spawn rooms. The little Husk upstairs dances if u shoot or knife the...
Elementary School
Created by Flame
An elementary school, turned refuge for the local survivors, has been overrun by Kevin Clamely's specimens.

I first built version 1 for the Grindhouse Mapping Contest. Two versions and many bug fixes later this was the result. After the first version I ...
Helms Deep
Created by M6dEEp
Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the wind that was blowing? They have past like rain on the mountains, like wind in the meadow. The days have come down on the West, behind the hills into shadow......Now for for Rohan...and the red daw...
KF- AspenManor
Created by [TW]Fel
This map i made awhile ago for the KF mapping contest. This is a good map, not one of my best, but its still enjoyable. Should give it a whirl....
KF- Cain
Created by [TW]Fel
This is my skyscraper map. 5 traders, but only 3 floors are accesable, so theres not alot of running around.
KF- RoadToPerdition- Mission Map
Created by [TW]Fel
This is S821 and I 1st mission map together. Alot of cenematic events and really fun gameplay. Watch out for the bombing atacks as you make your way to Perdition City helping others on the way.
Features the 1st apperiance of our brand new weapon the Mo...
Created by [TW]Fel
Imagine your neighborhood. Now imagine it with zombies.

KF-Candlesmoke Revamp - Mission Map
Created by [TW]Fel
This is a revamp version of our 1st mission map Candlesmoke. This version is way better and more ballanced. Authors: Fel & Dextronaut
KF-Choclate Factory
Created by [TW]Fel
This is my Easter present to the community. Medium 4 trader map that will make you hungry while playing it.
Created by Kemicol
How did you even get here. This map is my first one and an experimental. Will possibly add props.
Music over here:
(Some brony music involved)
Drag the .ogg files in the killing floor directory
All m...
KF-Obsidian- Mission Map
Created by [TW]Fel
One of my favorite mission map. This map has player interactve objectives where players have to interact with the enviroment and defend each other while they try to accomplish each obj. NOTE: Because of the custom emiters the map sometimes crashes on resta...
It's pretty chill here....
Created by [TW]Fel
This map is my RO2 Tribute map, really fun map. Authors: Fel & S281...
KF-The Hood - Central Mayhem
Created by [TW]Fel
This is a map taken out of a inprogress mission map im working on (Central Mayhem) This map is really hard so make sure you have a good team.

MapName: KF-CentralMayhem-TheHood

If anyone wants to help test out projects message me...
Created by [TW]Fel
This map is the new defence. Total custom spawns based off of player count, so the more players the longer the waves (just like a normal game) NOTE: The trader arrow is a bit off, the trader is on the heli pad....
The Hive - V3 - Rev 1
Created by Hodor (KiCk3R)
The year is 2017. The world has been devastated from the T-Virus escaping from The Hive; A hidden biological underground station in Raccoon City. Umbrella Corporation have assigned Delta Team to enter "The Hive". A top secret Silo facility hidden deep beni...
Dynamic maze
Created by Marco
This is a small boring little maze map where the maze slowly alters over time, blocking paths and opening new areas.
If you look up you can see a mirror which will basically act like a map for you.
I wrote all of the codework on this map, feel free to us...
Created by miks
Aliens themed map, ment to be played with the Aliens mod but works with regular gamemodes aswell.

Special thanks to Hemi, Gartley and the rest of their team for the Alien related models and textures....
Created by miks
Another portal themed map, this one is much smaller than my first one.

Includes the typical moving platform, surprise deployer, tube transports etc. I was planning on adding a laser too but so far couldnt make it work, if anyone knows how let me know....
Created by [ScrN]Dr. Jan Itor
Sort of a Roundhouse some Jails have so yeah why not?^^ Thanks to [ScrN]PooSH for suggestions and to the I need DOSH and Scrn Balance Fans ...
Created by PaperKut
You spent years of time, hundreds of thousands of dollars to build your little complex. And while everyone laughed at your dreams. You knew THEY were coming. But you best do with what you have, at least until the Trader opens.. You and yours prepared for t...
Hiufigyo Labs
Created by HIUFIGYO
My Second Map

This map is bigger, more closterfobic with lots of tunnels, and dark.

Don't Get Lost

Alt Download Link - {LINK REMOVED}...
Created by HekuT
Helpers: Ksu, BatYsaU, UltraKill, mihopol, Rainishe, fozik.

Description (Russian Language):
Заброшенная Советская военная база 80-х годов. Там мало кто был, и шли слухи, что сюда отправилась группа людей, которая оттуда не вернулась... Вам и вашей кома...
Mod: WPC


All my maps can be found here on the steam workshop:
Created by Chael Sonnen
So I finally decided to finish this map after having it gather dust for several months, enjoy.



Made the light a little more saturated.

Added another trader.

Added another way up to the rooftops, should even out the z...
Created by [ScrN]Dr. Jan Itor
This map was made by Sergiusz Ustyniak. I just fixed the issue with the Server crash on map change. Tested on Windows and Linux Servers and worked fine so far.

Thanks to the I need DOSH, [url=http:/...
Created by [ScrN]Dr. Jan Itor
Kinda a old map but one of my favorites. This map was made by Matt / =Z.E.D=Sudo. Not sure if it ever got fixed in any other version since i could not find any other working download link but i just fixed the issue with the server crash on mapchange. Teste...
KF-Ring by RunneR
Created by WoM | Paxom
�� ���� ���� �� ���,�� ��� ������� V@n3s'�
Intended for play with lots of players. Video is just to show you what the map does.

Up for a challenge? Play with normal gravity and brutes....
Created by K-2
Version: 1.0

Pretty simple arcade map in egyptian-mystical style.
Map concept by Gaiver.

Textures & meshes are taken from UT2k4....
Casa De La Muerte
Created by Mutant
KF-LaCasaMuerta is a remake from scratch of JacksonL's map for Killing Floor Mod (UT2004) which was one of my favourite maps back then.

I tried to keep the original feeling as good as possible but had to add many things to make it suitable to retail gam...
Winter Frost
Created by HekuT
Helpers: Gwynbleidd, Likvidator, Ksu, K-2, and those who helped give the name of the map.

Описание (Russian Language):
В зимний морозный вечер, на заводе, который был рядом с нами, работали люди, но через пару минут у них случилась поломка и вся связь ...
Created by FORCE
Killingfloor level, which is a replica of a reallife location. Pretty small map with only a couple of places to hold, all with up and downsides for you to find out.Feedback always welcome.


Or download directly: (note: steam is prefered since...
Created by Formless
This is my first killing floor map so please let me know what you think in the comments....
Created by [HG] Forrest Mark X
This is something I did in my spare time to get myself familiar with the map editor with things such as zones, skyzones, and lights. Decided to release it since I've pretty much finished it...
Created by [HG] Forrest Mark X
This is something I did in my spare time to get myself familiar with the map editor with things such as zones, skyzones, and lights. Decided to release it since I've pretty much finished it...
KF-Yellow Bunker
Created by V@n0G@Vn0
My first map for Killing Floor!!
Remake Sniper_Yard by RunneR(Rus)


Моя первая карта для Killing Floor!!
Что-то наподобии Sniper_Yard от моего друга RunneR(Rus)...
Lil Big Clot - Kitchen UPDATED
Created by Rei
This is an edited version of Lil Big Clot that fixed a minor bug. Version 3-3 is still availible at

Map Destription: Now you know why your mother told you to never follow white rabbits...
Lil Big Clot -Kitchen Version 3-3
Created by Rei
This is the version of the map that was whitelisted. There is a newer version of the map that fixed a minor bug.

Newer version can be found at

Level Description: Now you know why your ...
Temple Underground
Created by Formless
This is my second map so please let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy it, leave a comment about your experience if you had a good time....
Created by Zoogomy
This is my first steamworkshop upload and custom map. This custom map is a Japanese kid room.
I use textures from pixiv and free pictures to use, so now I say 'thank you very much to all painters of these textures and players who play this custom map. I ...
Created by 2K
First version of KF-ArenaWars. The map is supposed to be one of many entrances to the Horzine laboratorys which has to be cleared by you. I tryed to create a simple defensive map, you get flooded from all 4 sides.

For server owners, get it from here: h...
Created by 2K
Second version of KF-ArenaWars. The map is supposed to be one of many entrances to the Horzine laboratorys which has to be cleared by you. I tryed to create a simple defensive map, you get flooded from all 4 sides.

Changes in this version:

- Overhaul...
Created by 2K
Third version of KF-ArenaWars. The map is supposed to be one of many entrances to the Horzine laboratorys which has to be cleared by you. I tryed to create a simple defensive map, you get flooded from all 4 sides.


- Removed static high tier...
Created by 2K
Well my idea was to create something similar to west london, because I freaking love it, so this is the outcome, I hope you like it. The heavy weather condition's give it a nice horror-like feeling, the map is complely playable in multiplayer and singlepla...
Created by Bo-si[nipon]
Map Name :KF-GIGAToilet
Playable: Yes
Players: 6-10...
Created by BAHO
After escape from Foundry. The Foundry worker Aldridge told his new friend there is an industry where the metal was packed, checked and then sended. Now you are moving in this Industry for check if anyone is alive…

После спасения с литейного завода, ряд...
Created by 2K
ShadowAlleys is a very dark set map covered with alot of rain which make's it even scaryer! This is the first version of it, which got made some year's ago.

For server owners, you can get it from here:
Created by 2K
ShadowAlleys is a very dark set map covered with alot of rain which make's it even scaryer! This is the second version of it, which got made some year's ago.

Changes in this version:

- Armory content changed.
- Armory door now harder to unweld.
- F...
Created by 2K
ShadowAlleys is a very dark set map covered with alot of rain which make's it even scaryer! This is the third version of it.

Changes in this version:

- Improved pathing.
- Armory content changed.
- Fixed some blocking volumes.

For server owners,...
Created by codehisui
Enemy comes only from the front.
Trader is in spawn.

This is my first map.
I dont know how to make the Trader's Navigator.

Thank you for your watching...
The Room - First Level
Created by The1StudMuffin
My first attempt at making a killing floor map. There are probably some bugs and kinks in the map so let me know what they are or ways that I can make the map better :D . It is a fairly basic level with zombies spawning both above and below you, but you ca...
Firing Room v 0.2
Created by Shkire
[Map in progress] Join the battle against the specimens in the Firing Room and protect the doors to still alive!!...
First Vinegar v0.1
Created by Ser Maximus
This is my first project with the Unreal Level Editor and it is still in development!
If you have any suggestions, bugs or glitches to report, please let me know!
I hope you enjoy the map - GL HF

* 1st floor - with cantina and an entry (coll...
Halo Lockout
Created by rEkTum
Based on Lockout from Halo. First full attempt at a map.

For those who cant get Steam to download:

Destroy all the gnomes to activate the iKill floor cleaners. They do not always crush the zeds due to their ability to jump over them but they pretty much always kill players so you have been warned. They are for the lulz so if you don't like them dont a...
Created by KINGshinobi
Well you made it into the basement of Horzinelabs to the Energycore the lab runs on. Strange things going on around the core, try to shut it down and prevend more horrorfying sientific experiments....
Created by Sam
Night version of KF-Forest....
Created by Bo-si[nipon]
Map Name :KF-PuppetPhilia
Playable: Yes
Players: 1-10...
Created by Zoogomy
This is the art gallery map.

Welcome to KF Art Gallery.
You can enjoy paintings and ZEDs.
We do not prohibit firearms in any room.

We exhibit works from the Renaissance, Northern Renaissance, Baroque, Rocaille and NeoClassicism.

KF-ROMAN-ARENA [UltraMapping]
Created by UltraK!11[CL]
Roman Arena by UltraKill & "Wolv34ine"Walker

- Added ambient music
- Fixed textures.
- Changed textures reflections.
- Remaked zed spawn systems.
- Fixed Blox.
- Fixed Packages.

Let test ;)...
Created by TAP-CHAN
This is the updated and fixed version of my map King the Hill that I made in 2009.
Special thanks to Mutant, MRU and Juna_gi_s_kombaina ! ;)...
Created by GoR
This map is a small fortress in the far-far away forest.
Your task - to survive!
On this map should be possible to qualitatively cooperate with the team, or the waves of monsters will crush you....
Created by CzekoladowyNinja
My second map made for Aliens: Killing Floor mod.

Created by CzekoladowyNinja
My first small map for Aliens:Killing floor mod...
Created by Chael Sonnen
A map with an alleyway that wraps around a large office building with 4 floors, many places to hold out with no cheap zed spawns, might be quite tough to kite but not impossible.

Alternate Download: {LINK REMOVED}...
Created by Bo-si[nipon]
Map Name :T-Surgery
Playable: Yes
Players: 6-10...
Created by HedsBgon
Created by U.N.C.L.E.
You have been taken to the place where Aliens are converting their young into zombies. Here they will learn to feast on human flesh. It's time to put an end to the outbreak of Alien invasion. Or in this case Zombies. Kill them all,...
Created by Bo-si[nipon]
Map Name :KF-Dropping_and_Death
Playable: Yes
Players: 6-10...
Created by EvilWiffles
Don't be afriad to venture away from the house. Make sure you keep an eye out....
Created by EvilWiffles
Open and easy on FPS. This is a great map for servers that are running higher players and lots of zeds. Also great for sharpshooters....
Created by Chael Sonnen
Yet another Wave-based map.

Description: A remake of a small section from the Half-Life: Blue Shift single player campaign that I thought would make a good PVP map for a game like CS or something, but I only know how to map for KF, so here you go.

Temple Of Inquisicion
Created by UltraK!11[CL]
An good map with elements of quake and hell.
Idea to make this map is from Qauke 3 map (q3dm7)
My Greatest project....
KF-Tower of Defense
Took a few days out of playing Killing Floor to actually make a map for it. It should be in Alpha but, the map itself is already playable. This map will have a total possible count of 5 - 10 floors. Currently, there's 3 floors. Added parameters for floors,...
Created by HedsBgon
An alien underground breeding site. Not an Alien mode map.

You can now get all my maps from the following link.
New Link:
Created by AsNetu
Action takes place in a bus station......
Created by KINGshinobi
The theme playes in the deep jungle of afrika where your squad has been sent to check and clear the hidden genetic-research-laboratory. Local newsreports indicate that something went bad wrong in the area around the lab. Keep the eyes open....
Created by EvilWiffles
The zombies poppout of the hazardous sewer. Play defensively to pertect yourself.
Works very great with portal turrents mut....
Created by Kathy
Kill 30 Fleshpounds with the Dwarfs Axe with back Attacks...
Created by Chael Sonnen
A version of KF-Manor that locks you inside the house, but don't worry as the house isn't as much of a death trap anymore, all zombie spawns inside the house have been removed so you'll only have to guard the 3 main entrances into the house, but some good ...
Created by Darky
What's the point of making a large map if people will always camp at that one single awesome spot?...
Created by Bo-si[nipon]
Map Name :Y-junction_beta
Playable: Yes
Players: 6-10...
Created by Fun=Denied
I Did Not Make This Map
Original Map Author/Maker: KINGshinobi
Original Site I Got The Map From:
Created by one_wonder
DoshorAlive1 has broken out last year, so I just created a new map.
Have Fun.
4 Traders
5 Secrets

Last Update:18/7/13
Fixed Some Bugs.
Some traders were overhauled....
[Doom2] KF-Grosse
Created by Cakedog

Wolfenstein themed Map32 Grosse from Doom 2 ported to KF. Including original textures from the game upscaled and ported for use with KF.

There is a 'secret' on the map, any Doom player will be able to easily recognise it, ...
Created by Kathy
a long long time ago my boyfriend found it super funny to make KF-KathysHell
it is survivavle if you figure out to choose the perk you usually never choose against husks...
Testmap6p FiringRangeV2 Summer Sideshow
Created by Jさん
summer sideshow version 2013/07/07...
The Pits
Created by figoscookies
Hold out in the pit for as long as you can. Each member of your team will be tested to their limits in this epic struggle for survival. With two sides to protect your team must work together to ensure victory and be prepared to support other players at a m...
Created by Fess
Hello. This is my little map for Killing Floor. I think the map is very hard but if you are bold enough you can subscribe and try it by yourself :D...
Dark Corridors
Created by Dino Dan
My first Killing Floor map.I tried to make it dark, so the falshlight is your friend. Items and ammo spawn in the darkest areas. Since this is my first map, there might me some bugs. Any feedback is appreciated. Enjoy :)...
Created by [ScrN]Dr. Jan Itor
Because lights are overrated. Thanks to the members of the Scrake Naders and the ScrN Balance Fans groups for testing.

The Walking Dead : Prison map
Created by Furmint Dezső
We are after the night, when The Governor attacks the prison. Your job is to clean, and save the prison yard from the walkers. Good luck.

Me and my friend started making the prison from The Walking Dead.

ITS HARDLY W.I.P. This is just an early "open"...
Acid Stash Map
Created by Lucky Skills
My first ever map, very small and not very interesting, just uploading so I can play with friends.
Note: This was only made for me and my friends so there are only 4 player spawn points....
Building of horrors
Enter the building of horrors if you dare! The most of the out most experienced players will find that this map is not any ordinary map, but full of surprises around each corner. Walk into the deep depts of the Building of horrors and find yourself lost an...
Compound Beta
Created by Lusacan
Contaminated Town
Created by Duck President
It's a dark town. Be aware of the test objects. They are contaminated with a danger virus.

This is my first map. The map is not completed but I am helpfull for some tips and bug reporting. The map will be finished in some weeks....
Fleshpound Arena
Created by Lusacan
Hellride MoverCoaster
Created by karashi
coaster ugokuyo

Update:5 Aug 2013 @ 12:49am
glitch fixed...
KF - Site B Maintenance Tunnels
Created by FUBAR!
Hole up in the Site B maintenance tunnels and survive the Horizon Hordes, keep in the light and find a way out into the control center....
Created by FiB. Ângelo
Author: Alex...
Created by FiB. Ângelo
Created by [ScrN]Dr. Jan Itor
Original by Tripwire Interactive
Lights destroyed by some stinky Clots
Results shared by [ScrN]The Janitor

Now working with the Z.E.D. gun (But It's All Red!) achievement!

Download for Server Admins:

Created by Bo-si[nipon]
Map Name :KF-BigClotToiletRemake
Playable: Yes
Players: 6-20
KF-Bloody 1000$
Created by Shepherd
This is my first map, which I did it in high school
KF-Bloody 1000$ is a remake of most popularity map for Counter Strike in Russia and Ukraine - 1000$
share their feelings...
KF-Close Quarters
Created by MAV€N
A map that was started by *STRS*Medic. After he stopped working on it I finished it.
Another warehouse full of infected specimens to clean out....
Created by Mr.RoBoT
If you prefer the old version (without jumpscares) you can download it from here:


Inspired by Cry of fear and Afraid of monsters.
credits to CoF for the...
Created by Ferenos
Description: Defend yourself and take cover in this fortress built between the streets of London

Current Version: Final

Size: Small

Globa Environment: Outdoor

Created by [ScrN]Dr. Jan Itor
Map is whitelisted.
Like the Title says its a Night version of KF-Departed and some other changes like access to the pier, making a common camping spot less camper friendly, Tesla Husk in a dumpster and a WUB WUB Easter egg(needs to be triggered)....
KF-DepositRisk-FInal (Updated 24/09/2013)
Created by Ferenos
* Final Version

* Description:Busca refugio en esta abandonada estructura y evita ser devorado por las feroces criaturas que habitan y diambulan en los alrededores. Apartate de la oscuridad y no te separes de tu equipo porque de el y tu cooperacion dep...
Created by FiB. Ângelo
Author: lethal_vortex
Patched: Commie Joe,ShadowE989

Download link:
Created by FiB. Ângelo
Author: lethal_vortex...
Created by Ferenos
* Final Version

* Based on the map HeresyBeta3

* Global Environment: Indoor

* Size: Medium

* Ideal Player count: 3-6

* Soundtracks from game Chaos Legion

Created by Ferenos
*Description: Scorpion's lair, a distant and hidden place where fall the bodies of soldiers killed by Scorpion . Now, the bodies have appeared in the form of horrific creatures, and you have been sent with the sole purpose of preventing these creatures esc...
Created by Ferenos
* Description: This is an underground shelter where you must defend and hold your position while the specimens approaching from the depths of the cave. Luckily, you have an alarm system to warn you when they approach, but pay close attention to how many li...
My very first map... ever... reuploaded (aka it sucks). Used it as a learning experience to learn how kf sdk works. You know, learn by doing... anyways enjoy. Or at least pretend to.

If it doesn't show up in list then go into sdk and save it under a dif...
Created by Bo-si[nipon]
KF-Haunted Lab
Created by MAV€N
After a recent escape of specimens at the Lab a team was sent in to clean up. Soon after they left and would not return. Your squad is being sent to investigate anomalies at the Analytical Lab. No one else will go there.

NOTE: This map has a surprise sp...
Created by [ScrN]Dr. Jan Itor
Author: JustFilth and Gusone
Lights off and stuff: [ScrN]The Janitor

Because the Name wasn't already long enough. Playable on the Official ScrN Custom Servers.

Created by Bo-si[nipon]
Map Name :Japanese_Sento
Playable: Yes
Players: 1-6
Created by Ferenos
Description: En esta ocasion, tu mision te ha llevado a esta tenaz estructura medieval en la que sobrevivir es tu maxima prioridad.

*Final version



*Ideal players num: 6-12

Credits to my friend NerY for the desi...
Created by Bo-si[nipon]
Map Name :MidwinterBaseRe[fog/night]
Playable: Yes
Players: 6-15...
Created by HIUFIGYO
As far as I know zombies cant't swim, but when you run out of supplies on your sanctuary you have no choice but to return to land. This facility may have some supplies, lets just hope its abandoned...

Alt DL Link: {LINK REMOVED}...
KF-Nightmare-In-The-Skatepark (Final)
Created by Ferenos
Some Features:

Description: Not sure if this is a secret mission of survival, or whether it is a horrible nightmare from which I have to wake up soon. Anyway, I will try to stay alive ...

State: Final Version

Ideal Players: 6 - 12

Global enviro...
KF-Parking Garage
Created by NAKED GI JOE
Now that you have left the Bio Lab, you enter the Parking Garage. Look for survivors or be a survivor. Where did you park the car?...
Created by Ferenos
* Description: An ancient and forgotten temple inhabited by horrible creatures where you have to survive

* Final Version

* ideal players num: 4-8

* Size:Medium-Large

* Global Environment: indoor

* Imported Serveral Textures and Staticmes...
Created by Ferenos
* Description: On an isolated road outside of England, a strange event caused a massive collision between vehicles moving there, so you were sent with a rescue team to assist injured people and make them safe from harm. However, flying over the area, you r...
KF-School Beta
Created by Sadisto
First of all, i don't know how to introduce that this is my first map.
Second, It's a not-so-abandoned primary school heavily based on a local highschool.
Tried to give the map a "open-but-no-so-open" feel to it, and im pusblishing as a beta since it's ...
Created by Bo-si[nipon]
Map Name :Shichirin
Playable: Yes
Players: 6-10...
Created by Shinkichi
Created by yone1218[JP]
Ver 1.0
player 6-10...
Created by Mattdude
Most of the level is made now but there are still some things I need to fix before it's done....
Created by Ferenos
Description: Are you claustrophobic? You must put aside the fear of enclosed spaces because your only chance to survive is to maintain your position in this old house with narrow aisles located deep within a dark and scary forest.

*Final Version

Created by [ScrN]Dr. Jan Itor
Author: Corey(Kyben)
Tweaked by Gregs2k2
Fixed by [ScrN]The Janitor


Tested and playable on the Official ScrN Custom Servers.

Download Link for Serv...
The Trippiest map you have ever seen! You will be Trippin' balls... on stairs.
Have a nice day full of killing floors.

If it does not show up in the listing, then go into the sdk and save it under a new name....
Created by [ScrN]Dr. Jan Itor
Combined version of KF-ZedDiscoThe1stFloor and KF-ZedDiscoThe2ndFloor.The Husks start to dance when ammo spawns. The one behind the turn tables starts to dance when the Patriarch leaves one of the spawn rooms. The little Husk upstairs (1st Floor VIP Lounge...
Created by [ScrN]Dr. Jan Itor
Same simple design as KF-ZedDiscoThe1stFloor and a lot darker just without spawn camping. The Husks start to dance when ammo spawns. The 3 behind the turn tables starts to dance when the Patriarch leaves one of the spawn rooms. Thanks to [ScrN]PooSH...
Don't be scared...
Created by Chael Sonnen

An objective map set in some sort of warehouse part of the city, probably impossible on the higher difficulties but that's why it's a beta right now

Feel free to post suggestions, bugs and stuff.

Alternate Dow...
Looks like you woke up in another goshdarn snuff dungeon..

OutPost Whiskey
Created by S281
A defensive outpost set in a remote forest....
Portal Skyward
После проявления первых признаков заражения вы и ваши спутники нашли странное место в глубине земли для укрытия от зараженных. Но увы куда без них... Щели в сооружении и вентиляция послужили проходом для них. Не долго думая вы приготовили оружие и р...
STARS Repair Station
Created by MAV€N
There's an abandon Helicopter at a Train Repair Station. Were sending the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad in to clean out the area and retrieve the transport.
My 3rd map.
Oct. 8, 13 - Updated to V2, fixed windows, did some optimization to map....
Stars Warehouse
Created by MAV€N
The survivors are running low on supplies. Your team is searching warehouses for food. The locale STARS warehouse has everyone's favorite. BACON! But first you'll have to clear the bulding. Good luck and bring home some bacon..
The first map I made....
Created by Lusacan
Created by HedsBgon
Forest is a beautiful large map that played well. 3Bridges is a midsized map that is played often. This is a combination of the two ideas with many changes. Very tough challenging map. No place to stop and rest. No place to hide. Zombies will jump out bush...
Caged In
Created by Dino Dan
Caged In is my second official Killing Floor map. You and your team are caged in with hallways in each direction. These hallways seem to be spitting out zombies. With nowhere to run you must hold your ground and fend off these fiends. For those who don't k...
Endless Map Pack
Created by one_wonder

for Super Players.

3 maps Included:
KF-BioticsLab-challenge-endless.rom(will be removed.)

- 12Stages & 2...
KF-AbandonedTrainStation By Ferenos
Created by Ferenos
* Description: This old station seems to be the perfect stage to face those bastards. Stay away from dark areas where death lurks. Maybe you still alive at dawn

* Version: Final

* Ideal Player Count: 6-10

* Global Environment: Outdoor

* Size: L...
KF-BioticsLabSpawnEasy v1.2 Created By Le_SniperPatrizio
Created by Le_SniperPatrizio
This modified version of BioticsLab makes the gameplay easier because there are spawn of weapons and ammunition almost everywhere. I hope you like it as an idea ... This map is still under construction aid and comments make the job simpler. Thanks to every...
Created by Accen
I'll frequently update this....
Created by HedsBgon
This is fictional Buddha Temple with gates to a river. In the trader are fuse boxes to be unwelded to open gates to outer areas and weapons lockers.

You can now get all my maps from the following link. Thanks go to killingerk.
Created by HedsBgon
This is an easier version from the original. There are no gates to open at trader time or anytime. There arre only two fuse boxes that unlock weapons storage areas. But the water isn't as safe as before. LOL

You can now get all my maps from the followin...
Created by S281
The map takes place around a small coastal town that has been slaughtered. There are three traders. Enjoy!...
Created by elisudo
Version ALPHA! (1.1) Map made by KFDrakar!
Added just a lil' camera! :3
Just fixed spawn locations / some brushes / guns, ammo, kevlar spawns....
Created by S281
D-Day style map....
KF-Demo beta v3(Departed)
Created by Falloutboy™
This is a modified version of KF-Departed. It is meant to make camping in the small room much easier. I removed all traders except the one that is across from the small room. Also, I removed the ZED-spawn in that room and the rear door is already welded. ...
Created by HedsBgon
Although this not a FYOB format, by request I made it all in one room. The room is pie shaped so plan your stategy.

New Link:
KF-FinalHope By Ferenos
Created by Ferenos
Description: When the extinction of the human race is imminent, the final hope is to defend the last weapon resourses

Current version: Final
Ideal player count: 3-6
Size: medium
Global Ambient: Indoor
*Custom Music
*Imported several Staticmeshes, t...
Created by Kathy
Achievement Map "Fire and Forget" and "Have my Axe" also to level up for other perks
And for all Killing Floor Starters: the higher difficulty it is, the more damage amount you earn to level up your perks the zeds are prisoned with invisible blockers they...
Created by HedsBgon
Here is a challenge for you and yours friends. Three idenitcal rooms with entrance for zeds but not players. You are trapped in that room as long as you live. If you die you may spawn in another room. I can't control that. As one player dies, the zeds from...
Created by HedsBgon
A slightly large room than HeartAttack with a twist. The floor is a acid pool. Yes it hurts. But make it to the outer walls and there is relief and teleporters in the four corners.

New Link:
Created by HedsBgon
It's a small room only. The reason I named it HeartAttack is because I almost had one when I test ran it as Bezerker with Flamerthrower.

You can now get all my maps from the following link. Thanks go to killingerk.
Created by Falloutboy™

This is a modified version of KF-Hospitalhorrors


- Added an "always open"-Trader in the elevator near the "common" camp spot (room with the hospital beds)
- Added an "always open"-Trader in the elevator at the lobby
- Removed ...
Created by Wolfer
KF-KameHouse Version 1
Small size map based in Roshi's Island, from the popular Akira Toriyama's anime, Dragon Ball.

Download links for manual install and server files (.uz2):
KF-LevelUpThatPerk! 2
Created by elisudo
The v2 is so cool bro. i wanna marry it. omg...
Welcome to my map.You need to survive as long as you can.Don't cheat.Play fair.
Players supported 1-12
It's now version 2.5 but still some bugs are to be fixed.
This map has been made by [RC]Made <3 for RenCorner and it took me like 4 hours.Enjoy!...
Created by HedsBgon
U.N.C.L.E.'s version of UltraMapping's Roman-Arena. Completely rebuilt and redesigned using UltraMapping's textures and many of it's Staticmeshes.
To get to the roof top, ask the goddess for help. To get down without to much damage, well you'll have to fi...
KF-TestZSpawningZone (HALLOWEEN)
Created by RitoPls.
*WARNING* Since the Halloween event is over, this map no longer works! The zeds will be invisible and you won't be able to get any achievements. To spawn normal Zeds, use the original map.

This map is basically the same as the regula...
KF-TestZSpawningZone (x-mas 3rd party solo only)
Created by Nar Trig
As I was waiting for the original creators (Ventur/\, Pr0Sn1p3r_PT, D.A.R.) to make the xmas update I decided to do a quick and dirty fix as well as post it on the workshop for all to use. This is only the SOLO map and I have not received permission etc.,...
Created by elisudo
Funny Joke map made by brazilians.
A.K.A : KFDrakar / Hitoshi / Talyths
V. 1.8: Fixed textures, players able to stop spawn, static meshes bugs.. yep. all is fixed.
V. 1.8: Added a Room. More easter eggs. More spawns. More wow.
Here is another download...
Created by Kathy
Added around 60 Slot Machines
Each slot machine counts as first try
so you usually dont have to restart the map to get the achievement
Dont forget to press the button for "drop cash" usually its V at the slot machines and not the "E use button"...
Created by Mr.RoBoT
A Horrific Objective map Inspired by an Indie game called Damned

I recommend not to use any mutator that could modify the gameplay if you want the map to work as it should.

Created by [TW]Fel
It's BACK!!! And in vengence. This is a remake of the KF version of this map. Fight your way across the bridge of death as zeds parade towards you destryoing everythgin in their path. Once you make it to the end, there is a boss fight and then victory :...
Created by [TW]Fel
Your team was sent to investigate the muders of Peak Mannor when something hits your heli and it suddenly spins out of controll and crashes into a canyon. Seeing a rocket came from somewhere nearby, the team now knows the location of the killer and must st...
The Arena
Created by Quirk76
Captured and enslaved, you are now forced to fight for your life against waves of mutated creatures....
The Ruins
Created by Quirk76
You are part of an elite task force sent to investigate a top secret archaeological dig, which has stoped responding to all comunications.

UPDATE 11/26/2013

-Reduced map size by ~50%
-Added Ammo Drops...
Created by Slark
this map was built by the example bioticslab...
Created by Mark-James
A small map bouncing up and down , watch out for sirens and bloats.

Google Drive Containing All My Maps ...
Copy And Paste
Created by Mark-James
A small map I made to watch my friends die.

Gravity set to -250

Google Drive Containing All My Maps ...
Defend the Elevator
Created by Ellis in Wonderland
Defend the elevator - or die trying. Complete with working elevator*, self defense mechanism**, giant controllable gate*** and null gravity zone****.
*without guarantee / ** only usable once / *** only limited usage / **** health insurance required

Created by Zetanoid
It's NOT my work I found this on I thought that none would know anymore about this Map that it was Ported into the Killing Floor Enigne.
You are A little bit too big so dont mind it that all other thing like doors.
So I decided to Upload i...
Extermination Chamber (Patty's Revenge)
Created by Ellis in Wonderland
This map is no fun.

Instead its design makes the player lose as fast as possible. The question is: will you die in wave 2 or in wave 3 (assmuning long game)? Including a player triggered pitfall* for lulz.

*Bonus points for luring bloats in...
Horrors of The Past
Created by Mark-James
Version 2 - This map became broken at some point, I removed the fleshpound chaingunner, so it should be fixed now.

Google Drive Containing All My Maps ...
Created by Mark-James
My terribly made house

Google Drive Containing All My Maps ...
Created by ON
Welcome to 404 Apartment

Edit bug door corner...
Created by Skater_Andrey
Created by Vman
Welcome to the Legend of Antigone....
Created by El Grindero
Fight your way through the basement of a mysterious building! Enjoy battling in this rather small, arena-style map. This map is highly recommended for anyone wanting a challenge. At least three players are recommended for a good challenge and lots of fun!...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Mapa simple. Te encuentras en una ciudad, cae lentamente la noche, una carretera y dos búnkers por debajo de ella. Ambos se comunican entre sí gracias a un túnel que las veces hará de escapatoria o de tumba... depende de lo bien que juegues o de la suerte ...
Created by DpaKc
Convert map CSS for Killing Floor...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Esperanza es un mapa especial. Un pequeño tributo a aquellos clanes que entran o entraban al servidor MANTIS. Posee una ambientación semi-oscura y un cielo encapotado que ayuda a crear una atmósfera opresiva. Una larga carretera (divida por un no menos lar...
Created by ON

Thank you for download...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Espectacular segunda parte de mi popular mapa Far West. En el caso que nos ocupa, Far West 2 supera al primero prácticamente en todo. Más edificios (gran iglesia, morgue, enorme hotel, cantina de dos pisos, oficina del sheriff, almacén, granero, tiendas, v...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Primera adaptación de mi popular mapa Far West para el servidor y clan MANTIS. En mi workshop también está disponible la segunda adaptación del susodicho, llamado KF-[MANTIS]-Far_West. A pesar de que ambos son parecidos en su arquitectura tienen variopinta...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Un mapa perfecto para francotiradores. Se divide en dos líneas defensivas bien definidas. La primera, a través de las rampas que presiden todo el perímetro y que otorgan buena posición de tiro cercano y la segunda, en lo más alto de las torres, que brindar...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Adaptación que he creado para Killing Floor partiendo del mapa original del Unreal Tournament 99, creado por Juan Pancho (DM-KGalleon). En este caso he añadido dos galeones más (tres en total) y una mar picada. Podrás recorrer todo su interior con varios n...
Merry Christmas from Skell and Swift!!...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
IcaruS, la estación orbital situada en un universo paralelo. Tal vez mi mapa más original. Realizado para que sea necesaria una buena colaboración entre los jugadores. Espacios cortos, escasas vías de salida que se resumen en ocho teleportadores que te env...
Created by Skater_Andrey
Map for group i[P*D]PROJECT

Карта для группы i[P*D]PROJECT
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Lo más destacado son las nuevas texturas incluídas en el oportuno archivo .utx Posee una arquitectura rectangular. Los especímenes salen de la zona central, presidida por unas extrañas máquinas. Los humanos hacen lo propio en ambas puntas del mapa.
Hay do...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Otro de mis mapas que tienen más de dos años en la red. Uno de los más jugados en la categoría de "no oficiales" en servidores. Esta versión de No Mercy es la más "lamera" por decirlo así. Dos únicas puertas de entrada hacen que los especímenes se amontone...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Adaptación de otro de mis mapas más populares; No Mercy III. En este caso y a pesar de ser muy similar al original se presentan importantes diferencias ya no sólo en lo concerniente a la arquitectura sino también a las nuevas ubicaciones de los especímenes...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Map tribute to OSV team. Visit -->

Alternative link -->
Created by Zibi
well i played the orginal PulsaR map and it was a bit "easy" so i had the urge to make it harder hope you enjoy DL below incase SteamWorkshop dosent work/instal all so id like to thank captain for helping me with with this version of the map !!!!NOTE!!!! i...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
PulsaR es un complejo preparado para emitir y recibir todo tipo de señales, en su mayoría centradas en intereses gubernamentales. Es un mapa grande, ideal para más de veinte jugadores. Hay cuatro tiendas y dos niveles, el inferior (para los que gusten de m...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Segundo mapa que he creado basado en el original de otro juego (anteriormente Galeones, del Unreal Tournament). En este caso que nos ocupa el susodicho pertenece a "Alliance of valiant arms" más conocido como AVA, un FPS gratuito que podéis descargar desde...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Aquí os presento otro de mis mapas que tienen más de dos años en el candelero. Es la versión final de la beta del mismo nombre que cojeaba de algunos pequeños fallos en lo tocante a especímenes que se quedaban "pillados" en las rampas. Pero volviendo a lo ...
Created by Cendwar
A stairway that will soon be filled with blood... either yours or theirs....
Created by Skater_Andrey
Mini room with boxes and zombies...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Mapa fortaleza tributo a los grandes Tercios españoles y por descontado a nosotros; el Clan [T.V.I]. Se incluyen nuevas texturas sobre escenas e imágenes de los susodichos. Ideal para ocho jugadores, aunque pueden ser más.
Una única tienda. Los jugadores ...
Created by Zibi
ook after a long figth i got map working thanks to help and here is Ligths out version of tercio, i fixed the maps only 2 exploids with out low grav <.< and here is link if subcribe button dosent work: http://www.mediafire .com/download/uprxir4o1xvpgp8/KF-...
KF-TheCemetery By Ferenos
Created by Ferenos
* Description: No site nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, the darkness dwells in every corner of this abandoned cemetery. Death is approaching quickly from all sides, you have a single objective: fight or die devoured. Send those monsters to the depths of he...
Created by Vman
simple map...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Esta fue la primera versión que saqué de "The Far West", hace dos años, tal vez algo más. Pequeño y rectángular, adictivo por su simplicidad. Como contrapunto tiene un pequeño bug que no influye a la hora de jugar pero resulta cuanto menos pintoresco. Ese ...
Created by Krull0r
My version of a Minecraft themed map :)...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Adaptación para el servidor MANTIS de mi mapa KF-AquA_Mantis y a su vez del KF-AquA (que por fin dejó se der una beta). Básicamente la única diferencia con respecto al original es la inclusión de cinco rampas que comunican la parte alta con la baja, dónde ...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
BiG Show es sin duda el mapa más complicado. Y con esa idea lo he creado, pequeño; simple. Sin escapatorias ni donde esconderse. Hará falta un gran juego de equipo para sobrevivir a las distintas oleadas.

Los jugadores salen de un punto central "blinda...
Created by [T.V.I]XeNoMoRfO
Adaptación para el servidor dedicado MANTIS de mi popular mapa "The Far West". La temática está bien clara, el viejo oeste. Poco puedo añadir ya que es prácticamente igual al original pero eso sí, he añadido ciertas modificaciones tales como edificios nuev...
KFO-Foundry-SE (ScrN Edition)
Created by [ScrN]PooSH
A conversion of one of the best stock map to the Objective Mode

Download link for servers[]


KFO-Foundry is fully compatible with vani...
Created by kru
Its still kruykcrap. Updating from time to time, for my own pleasure. I dont know why I already upload this, so dont download unless you enjoy a crap. I put things in it I like, not you!
Theme: Train
Gameplay: Normal...
Created by Mark-James
A Small lobby with zeds coming from multiple directions

Google Drive Containing All My Maps ...
Created by DED_MAPA3M
winter came unnoticed.
a link to the archive with the map ********** yandex disk
without *****link**** steam safety remove the reference...
Resident Evil 1 Mansion Story
Created by AestheticGamer
The story is nonsensical, the difficulty sometimes a bit straining, but this map is a classic! A remake of the first Resident Evil's mansion. Follow the go signs, use your ammo sparingly (the ammo and weapon pick-ups are spaced out), and work together to e...
Created by Mark-James
First map that I made , it's small and dark , extremely basic.

Google Drive Containing All My Maps ...
Space Tower
Created by Mark-James
A small map with zeds flying at you

Google Drive Containing All My Maps ...
Created by Mark-James
A small dark square map with a biotics lab theme to it

Using the mixed crawler with the siren skin

Google Drive Containing All My Maps ...
Theboxofhall map by killingfloorcustom
Created by killingerk
this map is a Alpha V0.0.0.4 map
is map will not be finish...
Vatican City Underground Bunker map by killingfloorcustom
Created by killingerk
Full version
this is 1 of The Seventh Secret Bunker map Website {LINK REMOVED}
Are steamcommunity
are pz help find bug...
Created by Demon Of Razgriz
A small city based map. I will update it more later once i figure out how to make doors and stuff....
Coburg city Underground Bunker by killingfloorcustom
Created by killingerk
Full version we fix all the bug we now
First National Socialist City of Germany 1939...
Cutback Drop - Final V01
Created by GunsForBucks
First map, scale is off a little from what I expected, but I liked the layout and dealt with it.

Thanks to those that played and commented, Map is pretty much Final unless some issues come up during play,

Special Thanks to Grayve Rose and Lethal...
Diamond Scape Arena
Created by howedho
You find yourself trapped in an underground chamber, no way out! Ahead of you lies a single staircase down... you survive the drop into darkness but... how long will you survive? Enjoy the arena!

This is the re-release of my DSA map... made better!

Dream Gate
Created by GunsForBucks
Last stand at the Gate of Delirium? Defending the last shreds of your sanity? Whateve's, just kill stuff in Dreamscape.

Added trader and expanded the map as well as adding music and updating.

DL Link -
Farm Fun Map
Created by =(H)=maikmk2
New Farm Map with new Fun

Am Boden des Turmes liegen gute Waffen. Man kann die Riesen Bälle mit Waffen abschießen, dass sie runterfallen.

Special light

The balls can fall down when you shooting at them

When you kill the pat then the game begin...
Created by BooM
Killing Floor's first randomly generated map. Two planes of 12 "rooms" each that are randomly set on start of map. Has been tested on Tonio's Gun Game server and works pretty good.

Needs Gun Game mod:
Created by =(H)=maikmk2
A new Fun Map from Bio Lab "Irrenhaus"
Clot Pat, Mg Fp"s Bloat Stalker Chainsaw Gorefast
strange enemies and more
kill the clot pat then the game Start...
KF - 1.815906
Created by GunsForBucks
You find yourself transported 4.5 million years by an out of control time machine, fighting in the desert sands of a giant hourglass.

Map is a small battle pit with two traders. Most textures used are screenshots from Steins Gate anime

DL Link - h...
Created by HedsBgon
This is a cutdown version made from KF-TBAHybzBeta1-1a. You have a choice of 3 bridges to defend, if you choose. If not, good luck, it can get nasty out there.
It has been brought to my attention that there are a number of safe spots that shouldn't...
Created by Zulukiller
You are the last line of defense to prevent a total outbreak of ZEDs the Private millitary that was hired FAILED,Now its up to you and your mates to stakeout the ZED....
Created by ON
Map Name KF-Army Base
Map size Medium-Large
Trader 5 Shop
Thank you for download...
Created by HedsBgon
Design idea came from a fishing spot. Spooky at night so I thought it might make a good KF map. You be the judge. Run because they fall from the trees....
Created by Zulukiller
The Boiler Room of an Asylum that is a small,cramped place to die...
Created by Zulukiller
You are hired to complete a "ZED Test Box" In a private military test facility Simply known as "Box One Eighty Seven"...
Created by Zulukiller
You are hired to complete a "ZED Test Box" In a private military test facility Simply known as "Box One Eighty Eight"...
Created by Vman
Another arena this time with a bridge down the middle to the shop, and if you look hard enough you will find a secret room...
Created by HedsBgon
This was my first map. It is on the hard side of hard. Trader has free weapons to use or sell. Plenty of ammo available during play time.No vests.

You can now get all my maps from the following link.
New Link:
Created by Zulukiller
An Insane Asylum that needs some "Spring Cleaning"...
Created by Vman
Your squad was destroyed in "Pripyat" district, only 5 persons have survived. Now the only objective of the detachment is to find uninfected people and evacuate them to a safe place...
Created by Zulukiller
Mortal Kombat II...
Created by HedsBgon
In this version of Mean Machin3's DeadSnow, I have removed much of the snow to help with lag I was experiencing. I also remove the ice patch near trader as this caused a lot of deaths which in turn produced rage quitting.
One of my favorite maps to play....
Created by Siaubas Baubas
MAP - Death Pit Final
EDITION - (LT Siaubas Baubas)...
Created by Saedynn
A quick simple map with multiple entrances and a trader in the spawn room....
KF-Failed Experiment
Created by Vman
A locked and forgotten recreation area, recently reactivated by unknown entities. You have been sent in, warned that just perhaps, this is another base of operations for the creation of horrid creatures....
Created by ON
Created by SAUNA

Will try to fix and re post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New version update 02 01 2014

My 3rd attepmt in KF SDK. NOT FINISHED but at least works. Will be adding more fancy stuff as long as I learn.

Tried to ...
Created by HedsBgon
The original map (KF-Temple-of-the-God by K-2 and (Gaiver map concept and idea).
I found it too easy to kite so I made modifications in hopes to make it more challenging. It's a beautiful map. They did a great job on design.
Play the original then if yo...
Created by Vman
You�re trapped by blocking volumes! only way out is to DIE!...
Created by kru
Welcome to the [K]isle!
Once it was the centre of oil ressources but now abandoned in the middle of the ocean, it is up to you to clean this area.
Your mission is simple: purge!...
Created by Vman
Lock all doors and windows, and prepare for the shadows that starts appearing in the woods�...