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[ScrN] Total Game Balance + Gunslinger Perk
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Sep 20, 2012 @ 8:49am
Oct 17 @ 3:42am
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Total rebalance of the game. Adds new guns, Gunslinger perk and server-side achievements.
Now it IS COMPATIBLE with Objective Mode! Select "Objective Mode [ScrN]" for a proper gameplay.
Version 7.60.

Requires ServerPerks v7 to run.

Join ScrN Balance Official Steam Group to get the latest information and find official servers to play this mod.

Main features:
  • New perk: Gunslinger (pistols);
  • More than 300 custom achievements can be earned;
  • New weapons: Golden M79 Incendiary, Namalm Thrower, MK23 with laser sights etc.;
  • Medic Grenade Launchers: M79M Medic GL, M4-203M Medic Rifle;
  • Chainsaw consumes fuel and brings real massacre to the game;
  • Perk bonuses for custom weapons (the ones you can get via workshop);
  • Each perk starts the game with same-worth guns (no more selling xbow for $600);
  • Balances weapons and perks, making each perk useful in the game;
  • Alternate Burning Mechanism makes Firebug awesome (but not OP);
  • Perks support custom weapons: install a new weapon, add it to the config and receive perk bonuses for that;
  • Configurable spawn inventory and weapon prices;
  • Manual Reloading (optional);
  • Grenade "Cooking" (optional);
  • Show Damage (optional)
  • Voting for ending trader time, zed spawn boost etc.
  • Configurable max zeds at once on the map. Now you can raise previously hardcoded value of 32 zeds and fight against 100-zed croud!
Most features are configurable (turn on only what you like).

Detailed info on KF forums:

Guide how to use custom weapons with this mutator

Make a backup of your ScrnBalance.ini and ServerPerks.ini files, if you make any changes to them. Otherwise they will be overwritten by the future releases.

Copyright © 2012-2014 PU Developing IK, All Rights Reserved.
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Matheas Oct 21 @ 5:49pm 
How to make my own perk?
Colin Oct 19 @ 1:54am 
heyas man, quick question: other enemys, such as doom monsters or the custom monsters with the scrn bundle are instantly disapearing on there death. i am presumeing this is a side effect of the event normal zeds being in place, am i right?
[ScrN]PooSH  [author] Oct 17 @ 3:48am 
Updated to v7.60.
Now it is compatible with KF 1062.
[FeX]KaoFox Oct 14 @ 6:31pm 
Does this disable the lobby videos?
typeZ0M-B 【FuG】 Oct 4 @ 1:00am 
Cant seem to get it to work. I have ServerPerks, but it doesnt show the Gunslinger class.
Jorky Oct 1 @ 6:02pm 
Note that dragging the new files over and overwritting everything will reset all your information you have changed in the files.
Jorky Oct 1 @ 5:59pm 
Update SeverPerks to 7.10 Found on the internets.
Fixes Medic not getting exp.
Dalois Sep 2 @ 3:16pm 
Medic seems to not gain any exp
Ikaros Aug 27 @ 9:50am 
Не работает мод, что делать?
Jasser_Arrafat Aug 9 @ 3:52am 
works fine for me....excellent mod! almost like killing floor 2 :D
check this link for official servers...usually we play on #3