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The Eye of the Beholder
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Sep 19, 2012 @ 9:03pm
Nov 4, 2012 @ 2:54am

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The Eye of the Beholder

An as yet unfinished version of the Eye of the Beholder game, re-adapted for Legend of Grimrock.

In case that isn't clear, I should stress it again; This is an UNFINISHED mod, meaning there is alot more to come and that there will be far more. I and my team would love to be able to work on this full time, and get paid to do it, but, this mod is being done soley out of a love of the original, and as a hobby, meaning that jobs, college, and things of that nature do take priority.

This mod should only be played oldschool. In-engine maps are for pansies.

The hand-drawn images will eventually be integrated into a full series of cinematics; credit goes to Calibretto ( Jakub Rejlich) for the EXCELLENT work; This work is not to copied or recreated for any purpose excepting private use.

1.7 - Coming soon!
1.6 - Fixed crashing issue on loadup, swapped out secret doors for improved ones, appropriate to the wallset.
1.5 - Improved wallset, implemented scripting for automatic equipment on start.
1.4 - Added wallset, implemented scripting for 1st floor "Secret Quest"
1.3 - Dungeon sealing issue resolved.
1.2 - Improved 2nd floor puzzles, added illusory walls
1.1 - Implemented 1st floor door puzzle, secret doors, and second floor puzzles.
1.0 - Early map design, level 1 - 3 designed, but not accessible.

Credit To -

Nicholas Hadrian - Project Lead and Level Design
Kellfa - Level Design
Wolfen - Graphic Design
Morothar - Scripting
Korvemedmos - Scripting
Macabre Matt - Scripting
TicoKing - Rigging and Scripting
Addest - Character Skinning and Music Design
Raven Blade - Animation
777eza - Character Modelling
Calibretto - Cinematics Artist

The Almost Human Team, for developing Legend of Grimrock, without whom this would not be possible,

TSR, Dave Arneson and E. Gary Gygax for creating Dungeons and Dragons and inflaming the imaginations of nerds for decades to come,

Ed Greenwood and his alter ego Elminster for introducing us all to the Realms,

Strategic Simulations, for publishing the great game this mod is based on,

And of course, the wonderful teams at Westwood Studios for developing the codifier of the Dungeoncrawler genre, Eye of the Beholder!
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Merci de nous donner cette chance de jouer à cette merveilleuse saga qui a bercé et orienté mon enfance!! Je vous souhaite bien du courage dans cette entreprise, et soyez certains qu'il y aura du monde au rendez-vous lorsque vous aurez terminé le premier! :)
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This mod is not really worth subscribing. There are to many bugs, reported many years ago and not fixed for now...