Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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SMANs Omnibus Mod
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Jul 13 @ 7:20am
Sep 25 @ 11:23am
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SMANs Omnibus Mod

This mod is a consolidation/reconciliation of several mods I normally use to play Civ V. When I first started playing BNW, I didn't enjoy it very much. My son recommended trying a few mods. I'd never done this before, but after a little bit of research/experimentation, I found a few that greatly improved game play for me.

The Crazy Scotsman's Omnibus Mod was the cornerstone mod, and the one that made me actually like Civ V in the first place. Over time, I added more and more mods to my normal complement. I then began noticing inconsistencies/incompatibilities between these mods. To fix this, I decided to bring the mods I use the most into a single, unified mod and remove all the potential conflicts between them. I also added a few units, buildings, etc., from other mods to make a more-involved late game experience.

SMAN's Omnibus Mod Features:
* 27 new Units; 37 major Unit adjustments
* 78 new Buildings; 43 major Building adjustments
* 12 new Technologies
* 13 new Luxuries/Resources
* For the English Civ (which I play a lot) I added an automatic unit naming function – for no real reason, just for fun
* Numerous changes to game rules, features, etc., to produce a more consistent, enjoyable gaming experience

Mods used to build most of this omnibus mod include (either in whole or in excerpts):
* The Crazy Scotsman's Ominbus Mod
* Cecil Lizard's Future Tech Does More than Add Score
* TofuSjo's Real Future Era and Info Era Ship Fix
* Bouncymischa's Future Worlds
* Framedarchitecutre's Reforestation and National Wonder Collection
* Bloublou's Promotions – Expansion Pack
* Labby's Improved Air Recon
* Delnar Eriske's Artificial Unintelligence Lite
* WHoward's Consolidated Promotions, Plot Iterators, other code, ideas, and suggestions…

Please see the SMAN's Omnibus Mod Manual.pdf in the mod folder after download for more information. Otherwise, consult the Tech Tree when first starting a new game for a good summary of the changes, especially in the Information Era.

As this mod is in BETA form, please let me know of any issues, problems, inconsistencies, etc., that you find, and I'll correct them right away. Also would appreciate any suggestions on how to make the mod better, any components/features from other mods that might make it more fun to play.




Acknowledgements: This mod is a "synthesis" of several great mods, taking liberally (sometimes shamelessly….) from the following mods. Many, many thanks to the authors for their great insight on making the game better. If you're having an issue with some feature of the game, it might help to look at the instructions from the appropriate mod below:
Thecrazyscotsman (TCS Omnibus Mod)
Cecil Lizard (Future Tech Does More…)
Bouncymischa (Future Worlds)
- (Real Future Era)
- (Info Era Ship Fix)
- (National Wonder Collection)
- (Reforestation)
BlouBlou (Promotions – Expansion Pack)
Labby (Improved Air Recon)
SamBC (Steel and Steel Mill)
Delnar Eriske (Artificial Unintelligence Lite)
Krajzen (Aggressive and Expansive AI)
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Jul 31 @ 11:01am
Bug Reports
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S-Man  [author] 5 hours ago 
New version posted (V2). Please see the change notes for more details. Thanks!
S-Man  [author] Jul 31 @ 11:11am 
@Vid - well, I'm not sure what to recommend at this point. I've not seen this behavior at all during testing and no one else has reported it.

Maybe you can test some other possibilities in some of these links:


May want to also look at what your logs are telling you - to see if there's any clue to what's going on during mod load:

Hopefully between these two approaches, you can find something that gets the mod to work better.
vid494 Jul 29 @ 8:43pm 
@S-Man I tried deleting the cache, verifying the integrity of the game and reinstallnig your mod.
S-Man  [author] Jul 26 @ 3:17pm 
@vid - did you clear the Civ V game cache before trying to play with this mod alone?
vid494 Jul 22 @ 11:04pm 
@S-Man At first i used some mods, then i just started up civ with your mod, and there was no diffrence, the problem isn't in other mods.
Noriaki Cocaine Jul 22 @ 7:10pm 
Yes, I'm playing on English. Also, it seems that not all of these additions have this bug. Only some. If you need a list, I'll try to get everything that has it.
S-Man  [author] Jul 22 @ 6:53pm 
Are your language settings English (US)?
Noriaki Cocaine Jul 22 @ 4:48pm 
Yeah, every new tech, building, unit, or otherwise new addition has that programming bug.
S-Man  [author] Jul 22 @ 4:40pm 
@Noriake - there's a simple explanation: poor programming.... ;)

Seriously, as this mod combines several other mods, plus new stuff from me, in the rush to get it finished, there will always be a few loose ends. Sounds like you've found a few. I'm keeping a journal of issues and will add the one you mentioned as something to fix in the next version. If you find more, please let me know - you can't imagine how helpful it is to me.

S-Man  [author] Jul 22 @ 4:36pm 
@vid494 - what other mods are you playing with? This mod does alter the "UnitFlagManager.lua" file, so any other mod that tries to also alter that file will result in a conflict.

It may be helpful to exit the game, clear the game cache, then restart the game and play with only this mod enabled - to see if it's this mod or another causing a problem.