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Sep 18, 2012 @ 9:57pm
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Ahoy thar mateys, crewmates, landlubbers an' red coats alike! Welcome t' th' Pirate language submission fer Team Fortress 2! Brought t' ye by th' amazin' scallywags at Steam Translation Server (STS). This pack took us over a year o' craftsmanship t' put together, so ye'd best be appreciatin' it! Give it a go, an' see if th' pirate's life be th' life fer ye!

So, moving on from the shamelessly copy-pasted paragraph from the our previous DOTA 2 Pirate Language Pack, hello! This is a pack for the ongoing effort that is the Pirate STS team's translation of Team Fortress 2 (which would be a lot easier if they didn't add loads of strings every update, but I'm not complaining). In case you're unsure as to what the STS is, it's a community driven service for translating the Steam service and Valve-made games into various languages.

The Pirate language was initially to be a demonstrational language for the STS, and still is, to an extent. It was revealed a few years back that Valve had no intention of implementing a Pirate language to Steam or their games, which dampened the mood a little bit, but that didn't stop the team.

We written the Pirate Dictionary to bring in language consistency, we (on occasion) translated strings in droves, and, exactly a year ago, we released an incomplete build to the public. This garnered attention in the form of a short PCGamer article and a mention on Kritzkast's blog.

It's been nearly a month since our release of the DOTA 2 Pirate Pack and the responses we've got to it have been fantastic. So far we've been mentioned on Kotaku and The Escapist, and we've got some great reactions from the Workshop community!

And now, we're happy to bring the next pack to the workshop - much as the DOTA 2 pack is a rewrite of the entire DOTA 2 language, this pack is a rewrite of the TF2 language. It's worth noting that the Pirate language will revert to english after any TF2 update. If there are any other bugs or issues with the pack, please let us know. Thanks, and have fun.