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Sep 17, 2012 @ 2:19pm
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Another logic puzzle; this is my take on a technique that's been around for a while that was popularized by Gig. Thanks also to Mevious, from whom I got the idea of the funnel-button combination which made this puzzle possible. If you like this chamber, feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to a collection that includes all of my chambers, Azorae's Grand Designs, and follow my workshop page for more maps to come. Thanks!
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Chelliste Oct 7, 2014 @ 8:34am 
Hint #1: Get to high ground so you can see all. Hint #2: There's an endless supply of cubes.

I don't understand why some authors have tens of thousands of ratings and Azorae has hundreds. These are among the best maps in the community.
wildgoosespeeder Dec 5, 2013 @ 12:08am 
Read my profile before reading the rest of my comment!

I made this out to be slightly harder than it really was all because I played "Entanglement" by you. Very good.

Try my SP map?
Try my COOP map?
Snoodaard Nov 5, 2013 @ 11:49pm 
Quite easy but very nice.
gooberspace Sep 25, 2013 @ 1:33pm 
AD_79 Aug 30, 2013 @ 9:56am 
Nice little puzzle. Not too difficult, but a good little map that makes you think.
Loveless Aug 12, 2013 @ 5:57am 
Geneosis Jul 5, 2013 @ 10:42am 
Really great puzzle, as macko68 I lost like 30 min walking around and thinking it was impossible... Then I came here to read the comments and for some reason the solution came to me in less than 10 sec XD Keep up the good work ;)
If someone is interested, here is my last chamber : Rotarium ^^
-=GBH=-Haggis Jun 23, 2013 @ 11:28am 
These are the type of puzzles i love. You look at it and think that looks easy, you think you will solve it in a few mins, but when you try to solve it, its actualy quite a tricky puzzle. Great mapping.
Foxy the Furry Jun 20, 2013 @ 11:30pm 
It took me about ten minutes before i figured out a novel way to solve it that probably wasn't the intended way. And if it was, you sir are a genius.
baphomet Apr 28, 2013 @ 9:28am