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Insane Master Assassin's Gear + Escaped Prisoner Hideout OP weapons and gear + Dungeon
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Sep 15, 2012 @ 9:52am
Dec 6, 2012 @ 9:47am
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Insane Master Assassin's Gear + Escaped Prisoner Hideout OP weapons and gear + Dungeon

An awesome assassination gear with weapons+ player home with tons of materials+ a dungeon with 1.5-3hrs of game time half million + gold worth of loot, carry 2450, amped 4 merchants in Whiterun to 20k range, added 2 merchants to the player home with 50K+ buying power
-One shot kills with bow or the DOT will doit, -water walking, -poison cloak,-frost cloak just to name some futures,
-all weapons have DOT,-all resistance up to 100% with the complete gear, fire frost, magic, etc, -You can out run a horse bc of insane stamina regen,-insane health regen, no need to use health potions or stam potions either
-the gear is suitable for casters as well
-magic regen up for +125% spell power +125, -75% magica consumtion in each class
-hidden DragonPriest perks
-you can jump 2x higher then vanilla you can clear an enemy npc
I added so many things I can't even list it, like 400-500% alch/ bs improvement
Added shivs with the same enchaments some folks preffer such a low dmg weapons because its challenging.
armor value in 3 steps
-no need to use followers to help carry your loot you You can carry from 1450-2450 depending on gear of choice
you will have hard time to sell the items, however its been taken care of Whiterun has 100K+ buying power within 4 merchants.

-NOTE: you are still Vulnerable for melee attacks,

-400%+ sneak, they cant see you in the day light,
On melee crit -some enemies going to cut his/her own neck
On archery crit: (bows)
Shadow Assassin Storm nuttin I will think of sumtin
Master Assassin Storm I suprise?
Master Assassin Storm II >Dragon shout Storm call> DON NOT USE INDOORS or you might loose your quest object

-Hidden chest @ Riverwood >>>>> upon arrival make a right turn at the fire pit go all the way up to the stone wall look behind,
-tons of freebees in the hideout which makes you instantly reach
-New BS merchant in the hideout with 25k+gold he sells the Master Assassin Needle 245/13g each every second day

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Watch the video>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The gear is based on Tier I: Summerset guild armor tier II: Nightingale armor set, Tier III: Thief Guild Master Armor just added tons of new enchantments to it +perks

Created a new Headquarters with tons of preloaded materials
Tier I armor can be found in the Gear chest next to the bed and or Riverwood hiden chest.
xtra armor and weapons can be found in the new dungeon, so you can disenchant learn it and re apply on gear to your liking. Note if you already learned some of the enchants you might not be able to DE the item., The rings enchantements can not be applied to other rings bc of the perks, also you have to learn each enchantements individualy as well, in order to re apply to other items Please report bugs with the enchantements.
If you start with 0 chanting skill the DE itself will lvl you all the way to 100
Added so much ingots you can lvl to 100 without ever leaving the crafting station
also added so much alch mats you can lvl to 100 easy by using proper strong recipies
Located Northwest from Riverwood in the foothils
The hideout itself is not pretty a makeshift place used a few dif set to make it and not going to make it pretty its FUNCTIONAL that is

Disenchanting works properly now, Assassin Enchants can be applied to other armor/weapon set accordingly.

New updates
Replaced the Master Assassin Gear with Shadow Assassin Gear, which is weaker about 50% less power. An amped version of the Master Assassin Gear only available upon completing: the Low Town Catacombs Dungeon.
All Items are hidden throughout the dungeon.Including the Nightingale version of the gear.
The dungeon is hard full of deadly traps, enemies are amped and multiplied.
Dungeon adds about 3 hrs of game time for an average player be prepared.
You don not have to kill all enemies in order to forward but you will need all avalble tools in order to complete it. Shadow warrior perk is must, Archery and one handed or two handed gotto have 5 points in the base perk, or if you are a caster you gotto have 5 points in your major talent base. Lock picking and pickpocket should be maxed out or you won’t able to forward in some parts.
**** this part is not done yet>>>>Upon finishing the dungeon you will receive blacksmithing recepies as well for the full gear and weaponry.
About five hundred thousand gold worth of treasure lying around in Low Town Catacombs.
Increased the merchants gold in Whiterun now they have 15-29k gold

Added the Nightingale version of the gear which is craftable,

11/15/2012 Update
Now you can temper every pc of gear
Added Recipe for the Poison
Upgraded the Master Assassin Needle
Added Master Assassin Stinger
Released a new Armor: Master Assassin Vest, on this armor pc I replaced the frost cloak/poison cloak with something else, and added more sneak % and more carry weight. I hope I don’t have to explain why.
Added an Alchemy merchant with 29k gold she is in the hideout.
If you don’t see the merchants just wait 1 hr (ingame) and they will show up.


12/11/12.The new dungeon is uploaded Not recommended for Casual players it’s very hard already and I'm working on it to make it even harder.
LOCATION go to the Guard barracks in Whiterun enter the Whiterun Dungeon, go around and you will find the Entrance as shown on the pictures.
Upon finishing you will be able to collect a new set of Master Assassin's Gear, once I finished the Dungeon I will remove the starter set accessories and it will be only available as treasure trough out the dungeon. It will lots of treasure, lots of won't be boring onve its 100% done please send me all the bugs you find so I can correct them.
The lay out is created by and other modder based on original vannila dungeons but its been cut out of several dungeons and palced togeather as one. I'm doing the ecounters and the interior as of now + made a few changes to the makeshift Low Town Catacombs, Necros, Draugars, Bandits, you name is all there for you to kill
This not the usual vanilla place you will be facing Death in every single corner.If you are very well geared it wont be a big challange imo yet but wait till I remake the enemies.
All actors set to very hard at lvl 50 most has a health stam mag offset of 2-7.5k so bring you clean underwear as well.
good luck

Added Merchant with 25k gold+

Escaped Prisoner Hideout now is your Master Assassin Headquarter.
100 of ingots of each type
100 of pelts hides, etc.
150 dragon scales and bones
Fully loaded chanting mats and alch mats.
Added tons of storage
Headquarters’ includes armory fully functional Crafting station the wood chopping block now gave you 12 fire wood instead of 6

The reason I put the enchants on the shivs if you screw up but able to escape they will still die within 15-45 sec some high lvl NPCs 60-90 sec
Soon I'll upload what the screw-ups would be like on Markath Guards

Inew Breezehome :
< >
StormFirestar Nov 28, 2017 @ 9:40am 
Nevermind I think I've been trying to enter the exit point. Would be nice if there was a note that directed the player to the correct entrance and removed the map marker for the exit until you went through the dungeon the correct way first.
StormFirestar Nov 27, 2017 @ 10:12am 
I can't get beyond the first room of the dungeon the door will not open and the number of traps in that first room is a little too insane. How do you get past the first chamber of the dungeon?
Slayerofnubs Mar 31, 2017 @ 9:23pm 
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Zachman153 Sep 3, 2015 @ 3:40pm 
This mod used to be great, now i cant get it to work. Sad.
Alphon Aug 29, 2015 @ 1:19pm 
Do you have the codes for the items I can't find any weapons exempt the bows and I didn't get a full set of either armour
BlitzRobo Aug 5, 2015 @ 3:19pm 
do you need dawnguard
Archer Mar 11, 2015 @ 1:31pm 
It's in Whiterun, but the guards barracks you need to enter is the one that's father away from the entrance to Whiterun. After that, just go in, walk forward abit and its in their in one of the rooms on the left side. Also I too am having the same problem, it crashes at different points and I'm not sure what causes it.
❄/R$E\ Chassis❄ Feb 7, 2015 @ 8:35am 
so, where is the place anyway?
gokudre Feb 6, 2015 @ 3:03pm 
also i keep reading "to see a list of incompatible mos see the description".. i am reading the subscription.. i see no list of mods .. am i missing something?
gokudre Feb 5, 2015 @ 3:22pm 
i know this modis old but it is epic in what it gives you. The hideout and origianl weapons work fine. but IMMEDIATLY upon entering the catcombs my game freezes. doesnt crash... freezes... locks up the whole pc... any ideas?