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Thanks to everyone who has supported me with words of encouragement in the comments, and everyone who donated, vote and endorsed the file. I really appreciate it!

LC Castle Invasion

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Have you always wanted to break into a large castle with your army of followers, crushing everyone in your path without having to answer to anyone, have a challenging and epic battle, or survive a rain of arrows while trying to escape? LC Castle Invasion allows you the opportunity to invade a gigantic fortress designed to favor the defenders and of course if victorious you will have a great treasure to plunder!

Location: the castle is called Falcon Eyes castle, and is located near Dawnstar and has a map marker for fastravel.

How it works:

The Castle is divided into several areas. Each area has two gates that are opened with levers located somewhere in that area, you must find the lever and turn it. Each time its activated, it will spawn more enemies, however beware of your machines capabilities.

After reaching the interior of the castle and kill the leader of the castle "Ragarmutt the traitor" of Riverhelm (my other mod) you will find a ladder that will lead to the top of the castle, it will have a lever that will restart the battle again locking the gates.


A powerful family known only by the most powerful men in Tamiel as the "Golden Dragons" founded a new empire by bribing the jarl of Whiterun at a high cost to cede part of his territory to build the great city known as Riverhelm.

The Golden Dragons are descendants of the ancient dragonborn, they have no shout powers as their bloodline became mixed through time, but they did acquire the power to see into the future through secret but fragmented cults they established. In one of these cults it was seen that they were intended to be led by the most powerful of Dragonborns, but with him came serious consequences.

Indiguinado expected to give the throne to the Dragonborn, but the ambitious Ragarmutt tried to take the throne of Riverhelm for himself by force. He was defeated and was banished by his nephew the steward of Riverhelm Baron Dubarcan.

Furious, Ragarmutt raided the treasure of Riverhelm and stealing large sums of gold and then fled to the mountains, Ragarmutt assembled an army of mercenaries and built a mighty fortress known as Falcon Eyes castle to rival Riverhelm.

My other mod: (don't need for this work)

Become King of Riverhelm


Armor of image you can download here:

JackoOs Armory Knightly

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I wish I could own the place.Be a epic castle to own
[B4L- Clan] LukeElvis Aug 22 @ 11:04am 
I can't find the castle. I know where the castle is toi find but there is no castle. So what is the problem?!? Pleace help me.
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i will rule the castle! mwahahahaha!
tsouthard77 Jul 29 @ 10:39pm 
Fun lots of enmies to kill
noahjamerson Jul 27 @ 8:05am 
throne room is also causing the ctds (2 so far but then gave up) and to all those people asking how to get an army try downloading the mercenaries mod
noahjamerson Jul 26 @ 7:59pm 
same problem here to i have had about 4 ctds when playing but its still one of the best mods eva
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were is it?