Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Age of Empires II: HD Edition

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AoE2 Raid Unity Pack
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3V3 Wild Top
Created by Shad Assaz
A 3vs3 with ressources, and lots of wolf. A great and long party, with a real challenge and strategic position. Conquier the top, or go trought the forest, it will be your choice.
Nice little map for multiplaying
(Sorry for my bad english)...
3vs3vs2 Yucatan's Valley
Created by Shad Assaz
A wild jungle, with lots of ressources, animals, and danger. Into the middle, a nice valley, with tow little village. And, on both side, contry with two teams of three players. Their objectives : Conquest the middle, and fight the other team. Player into t...
4v4 Team Black Forest (Updated)
Created by Aldunari
A heavily forested map with 4 players at each end connected by two lanes. Each player begins with a castle to help defend their posiiton, and also a relic relatively nearby and an extra relic in the middle of each of the two lanes (10 all together).

Age of World Empires
Created by Zhizhou Zhang
Hi, everyone, I’m Zhizhou Zhang, a Chinese modder.

Age of World Empires, or AOWE for short, is a DATA mod for Age of Empires 2 HD. This mod enables Eastern and Western civs have totally different generic unit skins, they don’t have to share the same Eu...
Alpha Graphics - dark age
Created by K'Braid
This mod replaces all dark age buildings with the Alpha build graphics.

These files do not belong to me nor have they been taken from the original source. They have been taken from the 'Age of Empires 2: The Making of' mod found on the Age Of Kings ...
Alpha Trebuchet
Created by julianbaba4
Replaces the Unpacked Trebuchet with the one from the Alpha and the Packed Trebuchet with a version I made.
Comes with black shadows! (Except for the death animation :P).

Subtle enhancements made to the attack animation. The Packed version I made has a...
Boom and Rush
Created by macca-cool
A map inspired by Forest and Island maps.

Generates a large island covered with wood and plentiful resources. Players spawn in their own pockets with connections across the map. Perfect for walling and booming, rushing too. Large open areas as well, per...
Created by Captain Midnight
Narrow Tributary Map

The challenge is coordinating your attacks across the brooks.

Startup: 8 sheep, 2 boar, 4 deer, standard stone and gold
Boar, deer, gaot, and turkey across the land...
BruteForce Custom AI 2.15
Created by CheeseOnToast
BruteForce can play Age of Empires II: HD Edition + The Forgotten + The African Kingdoms + Rise of the Rajas
BruteForce is a powerful and strong aggressive rushing and booming AI with many strategies at its disposal. It has the ability to adapt and mainta...
Italian Castle
Created by Catbarf
These mods from the Steam Workshop may alter how Age of Empires II: HD Edition functions, and are not created or supported by Microsoft. By downloading files from the Steam Workshop, you acknowledge the risks and release Microsoft Corporation and affiliat...
Italian Buildings
Created by Catbarf
Hello AoeHD'ers

This is another follow up to my Italian castle mod, for all of your who are not a fan of those bleached white buildings. I have used textures from the new feitoria as well as some 'Insula' style building I made for a Byzantine building ...
IsaacJH's Some kind of Michi
Created by IsaacJH
I was out of inspiration, therefore I made this map.
A michi map is a map where both teams are seperated by a barrier, usually a forest where you have to cut through. In this case both teams get a wall (Gaia so you need to convert it first) and the area b...
HD Fire Arrows
Created by DaNi
HD Fire Arrows Mod: It turns normal fire arrows (after ''chemistry'' update) into HD fire arrows....
HD desert texture (New version)
Created by Coronel Alioli
New version of my previous desert texture ( ). Should work with the new mod system....
Zetnus's Searena
Created by Zetnus
It's almost like arena ... except that the outside of the map is ocean instead of forest … and that makes a massive difference when it comes to strategy. This map was inspired by an idea from JPence14.

There is a line of trees (2 trees thick) which sep...
Zetnus's Random Cliff Maze
Created by Zetnus
A random maze of cliffs to play with 2 - 8 people.

Building space is limited, so plan your town well!

It is possible that the AI might have difficulties, but in my experience they do just fine.

(The final screenshop up there is the minimap on...
Zetnus's Deepwood Forest v2
Created by Zetnus
Deepwood forest is a random map script with a realistic distribution of forest trees. The forest is not impenetrable; instead there are lots of small passages snaking off into the trees. Those passages might lead to resources, or wolves, or other players...
WestEurope Castle Alt2
Created by K'Braid
This mod replaces the West European Castle with the Poenari Castle found in the Forgotten Empires expansion. -Forgotten Empires expansion not required
(the incorrect shodows in the preview image have been corrected, i'm just lazy and don't feel like updat...
The Lost Forest
Created by Flipbug
Now you can play variants of The Lost Forest! Try the following:
• The Lost Forest: the current main version of the map that includes all features.
• The Lost Forest - No AK: The Lost Forest, minus any African Kingdoms DLC content.
• The Lost Forest - ...
Tech Tree UI
Created by Ghazna
Update (Oct 1, 2017): Magyars and Indians updated with Patch 5.5 changes.

Update (Dec 19, 2016): Rise of The Rajas DLC civs have been added! Also, tech tree has been made 10% larger, faded less and the red overlay for missing techs have been made more...
Italian Towers #2
Created by julianbaba4
This mod is similar to the Italian Towers mod by Catbarf but with minor fixes and a new Keep + Bombard Tower to complete the set :D

Watch Tower & Guard Tower by Catbarf:
Created by Captain Midnight
Tight bases and runaway waterbuffalo.

This is one of those maps where pikemen can have a shot at taking down ships....
Light Cavalry Re-Skin (Kalaaver's Rekins)
Created by Kalaaver
A reskin for Light Cavalry, they are supposed to look like there in Fedual/Castle and there bringing
a new era about, or the dawn of the next age (Fedual/Castle).
Michi Collection
Created by TerminatorIV
This mod is a collection of popular Michi maps. I made it because at the moment there is no other one out there in the workshop which contains standard Michi maps that works, and the authors of old workshop mods do not answer to questions to transfer them ...
Original Resource Icons
Created by Sir Jasper Trund
Compatible with: Age of Empires II HD base game, The Forgotten, African Kingdoms, Rise of the Rajas.

Requires: Game version 4.0 or newer.

This mod replaces the resource icons for Aoe2HD, The Forgotten, African Kingdoms and Rise of the Rajas with th...
TeamAcropolis RR
Created by RediRodion

Map included in Random HD mappack.


Made by RediRodion

Check out other maps on my profile:
Streamlined Main Menu - Castle Blood - ReSkin
Created by Heavens Inc. ♫♪
Streamlined Main Menu - Castle Blood - ReSkin

Original by: Sir Jasper Trund
Modified by: Heavens Inc. ♫♪

Changes Made:
- Moved all buttons to be more like a grid
- R...
Created by black negromancer
sey@Goldrush_v2 is a random map that is based around the idea of having both, player-islands and a gold-island in the Middle.
Players start on rather small Islands with limited resources.
In order to gather more resources you must leave the...
Created by Feersum Endjinn
A humongous amount of time was put into this mod. Every texture has been remade. The smooth new textures make buildings and units pop out. Works with all maps for all expansions (Forgotten, African Kingdoms, Rise of Rajas). Yes, there is also a grid!

panther's palisades
Created by blk_panther
Changes palisade wall, palisade gate and sea wall.

  • Removes yellow sand around the base.
  • Fixes shadows.
  • Extends the stakes where they've previously been covered by ugly orange mud.
  • May seem a little more holey, because the yell
Puppet Show
Created by RediRodion

Puppet Show is an Island surrounded by tight lane of fishable water.
Players bases are located on rocky downhill.
There's middle visible gold, though players do have main gold next to their bases.
Stone is spread on the map.
OFC, res...
Cinematic HD Water Texture - Updated for New Workshop
Created by Technosoldier
Naval battles needed to look better so I edited the water. Hope you like it.
Also sorry about this being in Scenario, I can't get it to upload if i try to put it in another category.

**I will be releasing a new Tropical HD Water Texture Pack for those ...
Enhanced Forests
Created by Silent Ape
This mod changes the appearance of all forests, aswell as their corresponding chopped versions.

My goal was to keep the original trees mostly intact, but extend them where appropriate. Unfortunately the difference is sometimes hard to see on the compari...
Enhanced Rubble
Created by Silent Ape
Changes the default rubble of destroyed buildings to those seen on the screenshot.
Since it is simply a graphic mod, it should be multiplayer compatible.
Constructive feedback is much appreciated, as this is my very first mod.

If you're further inte...
Flood RR
Created by RediRodion

Map included in Random HD mappack.


Made by RediRodion

Check out other maps on my profile:
Fortress River
Created by Flipbug
Fortress River is a Fortress-style no rush random map. Players start with walls, gates, and towers to protect their starting area. However, aside from a few forage bushes, all the resources a player needs will be outside the safety of their fort...
Fourseas RR
Created by RediRodion

Map included in Random HD mappack.


Made by RediRodion

Check out other maps on my profile:
1v1 River
Created by Ud1eByANARCHIST
-Balanced 1v1 Map.
-200 Pop.
-Make sure to scout!



Make sure to check patch notes! I plan to record any changes to the map!...
2v2 Team Black Forest
Created by Aldunari
A heavily forested map with 2 players at each end and each with a lane leading right into the center of the map. Each player starts with a castle to help defend their position and also each have a relic relatively nearby (4 total).

Population Limit: 30...
Custum AI - NightMare4th
Created by jawa
This is a custom AI.

; ====================================================================
; AI Script for Age Of Empires Ⅱ by jawa
; [ NightMare 4th edition - For All AGE2HD Players - ]
; (does not...
Epic Fight - 1v1, 2v2
Created by The Joker
Epic Fight !

2 vs 2 , 1 vs 1

2 Players are located in the bottom of the map, red (p2) and blue (p1) and the others are located on top, green (p3) and yellow (p4)!
There is only one small path to get to the enemies, but you can also build some...
Gothic Architecture
Created by julianbaba4
Replaces the Northern European Set.

Multiplayer compatible.

Most buildings taken from Pesqueira's Graphic Pack:

Castle replacement by TriRem. ...
Greenways Map (2v2 & Free for all)
Created by [NL]Greenways
This is my first map I created. Docks have been disabled.

Max players: 4
Singleplayer: Yes, but only 2v2.
Multiplayer: Yes, 2v2 & Free for all.

Any suggestions or tips? Please tell me :)...
Ice Stream 2v2 75p Tournament Map
Created by _zuck4nf4ll_
2 vs. 2 Tournament Map - Big size
Reign of Blood (Multiplayer)
Created by Spirit Of The Law
Multiplayer adaptation of the "Reign of Blood" mission from the Aztec single player campaign.
It works for 4 players with the expansions. Be sure to keep the colours as default (1-Blue, 2-Red, 3-Green, 4-Yellow).

The goal is to collect THR...