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Toggle Globals
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Toggle Globals

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Toggle globals is a small but useful tool that lets you set the game globals with ease. Globals control underlying functionality from Half-Life 2 that has been previously disabled in Garry's Mod, and now you can control them!

You can find the control panel at Options > Jaxswat's Options > Toggle Globals

You can enable things like:
  • Calm Metropolice
    This is what was used in Half-Life 2 before Gordon became a criminal.

  • Friendly Antlions
    This was enabled in Half-Life 2 where you use the antlions as a weapon.

  • Lowered Weapons
    This is what was used multiple times in Half-Life 2 to lower the weapons in first-person. (Only works for default weapons.)

  • No Player Damage
    Used at the beginning of Half-Life 2 so Gordon wouldn't die.

TG adds a fancy new command called toggle_global which lets you toggle Global States[] for the current game.

Example usage for getting a global state:
toggle_global gordon_precriminal

Example usage for setting a global state:
toggle_global gordon_precriminal 1

Globals can be set to 0 (OFF), 1 (ON), or 2 (DEAD/DISABLED).

You could put the above command in a config file. Good for RP servers who don't want metrocops killing their users.


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This addon was created out of necessity after I saw this reddit post on the /r/gmod subreddit.[]

Go see VDU for all kinds of modding tutorials for quake-based/valve games!
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