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Team Fortress 2

The Mortar Combat
Class: Heavy
Item Slot: Weapon
Other: Halloween
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Sep 13, 2012 @ 9:24pm
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Oh no! Why was the Heavy part of a diabolical experiment? Where did his hands go? Why are there giant rocks there instead? Why is he so happy? Oh god my skull! Punching has never hurt this much! Someone... please help... me....


Submitted to the Night of the Living Update 2. The concept for this design stems from the Heavy's love of pain being administered to others. Remember, he's like a bear. A big shaved bear that hates people. But what if he didn't have hands anymore? Removed in a bizarre experiment to make it so rock would always beat scissors AND paper, the Heavy, despite losing his ability to eat delicious sandviches, loves the additional pain that his now rock-hard fists can deal to his foes.

In terms of the rocky texture, I do think I could do a bit better, but to make a rock fit the TF2 artstyle was probably one of the hardest obstacles I've faced in texturing thus far. I ended up picking a color from one of the existing rocks in TF2 and used that as a base, but I'm still not entirely happy with it. I'll probably update the item if I come up with a better technique for it, but for now, it'll have to do. Luckily, textures aren't nearly as difficult to update as models are.
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