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Sector Zero
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Sep 13, 2012 @ 5:25pm
Sep 4 @ 1:03pm

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Sector Zero is finally released for Android and it's free.
Sector Zero for iPhone & iPad released with the 50 discount!
Release date: 2013
iPhone & iPad Version avaliable here:

Official website:

Sector Zero is a story-driven sci-fi survival game with light RPG elements.

Software engineer Alex wakes up in a very hostile and unfamiliar environment without a clue how he got here and what is this place. There’s a lot threats waits for him behind every corner and he even doesn’t have a weapon. Therefore he will need to use his reaction and brains, to survive and defeat treats in a form of different enemies and bosses. Game will feature a voice acted sci-fi story with a bit of dark humor. Some parts of the game will has different gameplay style.

Sector Zero features:

- Engaging story campaign
- Diversified gameplay with RPG elements
- Easy controls
- Unlockable survival mode
- Achievements and leaderboard
- True survival experience
- High quality soundtrack
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Apr 8 @ 7:19am
Very Fape
< >
creon_hearth Oct 23 @ 9:23pm 
i think its not good but not bad.
ThePr0nZ-Wizard Oct 20 @ 10:04pm 
ᶲӻłăŝħōᴚᶲ™ Oct 13 @ 1:31am 
not bad
Your favourite foreigner Sep 19 @ 3:59pm 
Need to work on the astronaut, he looks like a statue, make his arms and legs move or something
The Princess Aug 7 @ 1:01pm 
Lycanthrope Aug 1 @ 11:12pm 
no thanks
Nerdy Neebs *<|:^) Jul 25 @ 8:58pm 
It looks like a browser game, that tries to be with the cool,
actually good looking games.
This looks just plain idiotic. Ill stay neutral for now.
I hope, you massivly increase the texutes. So that
they dont look like textures taken directly out of an old 2000 game
Its The Crunch Jul 21 @ 6:29pm 
cool farting spaceman game.
Be2maru248 Jul 21 @ 6:06am 
This game seems to be very interesting.
because I have hopes.
Gua  [author] Jul 21 @ 5:37am 
@Be2maru248, I'm not sure it will.