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Raptor Follower
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Sep 12, 2012 @ 9:10pm
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This mod is basically Moonpath to Elsweyr, so first and foremost I will say that nothing belongs to me and all credit goes to Muppetpuppet, this means it's basically as if you downloaded the original.
NOTE: you may need to download moonpath to Elsweyr to get it working if it dosen't work by it'self.

IF YOU DO NOT try that as the first solution I will not help you. :)

The only difference is that this uses one of the raptors from the mod and makes it become your animal companion. It can be found between the Palagia farm and the Watchtower in Whiterun. Hope you enjoy and i'll remove the rest of the other mod so all you get is the follower.

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b-ry-clarkeee Aug 19 @ 4:28am 
this mod sucks @ss
ChloeDensetsuWeed Jul 16 @ 1:51pm 
first thing raptor does: Chases shadowmere to western watchtower and gets attacked by guards.
TheRubMaster Jun 26 @ 8:36am 
Hey there, I just uninstalled this mod and now my game wont start, even worse, it won't let me download it again to see if that will fix the problem. help?
godsglorygirl Jun 19 @ 5:03pm 
I found him, but I can't talk to him. Also he tryed to kill my horse when I came up to him. But since I have a horse armor mod he couldn't kill my horse.
Predato457 Apr 5 @ 11:27am 
I cant find him
Fusion Cabbage Mar 13 @ 11:18am 
is it essential?
Fusion Cabbage Mar 13 @ 11:18am 
you should make it a mount, but having a raptor companion is really cool! ive been looking for a mod like this.
PVT.Rex Feb 19 @ 11:51am 
ye lol i bet you wood be azome
DJ XenoRaptor Jan 25 @ 6:22am 
would be cool if the raptor was a playable race :D now i need to the raptor :3
Panzer Dragon Jan 1 @ 5:06pm 
Make a playable race.