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Quest: Sorcery
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The forgotten treasure of a great Sorcerer lies hidden in a long abandoned tower, kept away from the world and its perils for many long years. Time has come to unravel the Sorcerer's mysteries. Travel to the mountains of the West Reach to find the Sorcerer's Tower and uncover it's many secrets. What perils guard The Treasure, and what ordeals must be survived to gain access to The Sorcerer's Realm?


- Travel to surreal magical realms in search of a mysterious treasure.

- Lore friendly and consistent with the style and themes of the rest of the game.

- Many unique environments and locations to explore.

- Additional stories, quests and secrets exist throughout the West Reach mountains.

- Compatible with all Bethesda DLC. No Prerequisites.

***Please read the notes and troubleshooting guide below before posting comments***


- Sorcery can be started by reading A Sorcerer's Folly. Available in the Bards College and in some book form lists.

- The quest can also be started by stumbling upon the locations during exploration.

- Exploration is key. Don't just stick to the path if you want to see everything that Sorcery has to offer.

- Taking followers in this mod is supported, but may encounter minor issues in certain places. Remember, fast travel will always return your follower to you. However, followers will never join you in the Magical Realms

- The mod also features a short series of books that can be found as random book spawns, and one or two specific locations.

- If you have a mod that lets you wear multiple Rings:don't equip more than one of the red, yellow or purple rings at any given time

- Quests include:
+ Sorcery (Side)
+ Atulg's Bounty (Misc)
+The Grahlwraith (hidden)

- Atulg's Bounty is not started within the confines of new quest areas. It is started in Skyrimby finding the body of a Penitus Oculatus agent on the road leading from Falkreath to Cyrodiil/Hammerfall, near the edge of the map.

- Areas include:
+ West Reach Pass
+ The Sorcerer's Tower
+ White Tooth Gorge
+ Lake Hjalfaar
+ Hjalfaar Glacier
+ Numerous magical Realms
+ White Lodge

- How to find Hjalfaar Valley:Hjalfaar Valley can be accessed via the West Reach river which runs through the pass.

Patch 1.4

- Fixed a bad string in the Sorcery objectives.

- Cleared the Alias' for quest items manually before shutting down the quest.

- New title image.

- Slightly different placement for rings. Should be easier for people to find.

Patch 1.31

- Fixed an old String for the West Reach Pass location.

- Set interiors and Realms as no reset zones.

Patch 1.3

- Fixed some small issues with water sounds and some gaps in a cliff.

- Other similar misc changes.

Patch 1.2

- Fixed an issue in the .bsa archive that was breaking things a little.

Troubleshooting Q&A

Q: What could make the game crash to the desktop
A: If crashes or failure to load assets/areas repeatedly occur, it is usually caused by one of two things:

1) Skyrim's limited memory allocation for the use of .esp (mod) files means using a lot of mods (especially large ones) will eventually cause the game to run out of memory and cause issues during gameplay. The solution is simply to use less mods.

2) The .bsa is conflicting with another archive from a mod using the same scripts/assets or otherwise failing to access it's data will cause the game to CTD in the front end menus. Try changing the load order first as the issue can sometimes cause "incompatibilities" between mods that would otherwise work together. If it still won't work, then disable other mods one at a time until it does...

Q: One of the rings fails to work. Help?
A: Sometimes the game doesn't initialize the scripts from the .bsa. Theres a couple of ways to kick it into action. 1) Relaunch the mod (turn it off, save, turn it on, start from scratch) 2) Add another version of the ring to your inventory, using the console.

Voice Acting

Ariana Siarkiewicz [Viridiane][viridian-echoes.com]
as Asciene Maurard

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mccomb.frew 11 hours ago 
the purple ring wont work
F2F01 Apr 17 @ 8:16am 
I beat this and enjoyed it a lot, however I was never able to find Atul and White Tooth Gorge. Can anyone tell me where they are?
armour.jamie Apr 17 @ 5:12am 
Asciene won't "part ways" with me - she says she will go to Solitude but then follow me around. I even went to Solitude to see if she would go away then, but no dice - how do I make her leave me alone? I'm a married man!
Legend Apr 11 @ 2:44am 
This is an incredible Quest Mod, visually stunning (especially the floating islands, but those Storm Atronachs were fucking EVIL! I loveed it though, amazing work on that, Satan <3)
I feel as if I need to make an entirely new character just to play this quest all over again.
Also: Those rings were a bitch to find. Well-played, Author.
Carrier of Echoes Apr 2 @ 9:50am 
Amazingly high-quality mod. I did find it a real pain the ass to locate the rings, for a long time I was sure one of them just wasn't there until I eventually found it - maybe I hadn't triggered it to spawn...?
mikfreekio Apr 1 @ 9:19am 
@Mr.Dante. If you install My Is Your Home you can make Asciene or any follower for that matter, live, hang out, work, sleep, guard wherever you coose. In my game Asciene now lives with Jordis in Proudspire and hangs out in the market drinking ale with the vendors all day. Good therapy for living in isolation for years. :)
Mr.Dante Mar 31 @ 5:51pm 
Question, can you make the follower goto somewhere in whiterun or make her go somewhere in solitude, because i cant find her ;-; great mod btw
mikfreekio Mar 28 @ 11:48pm 
Anybody that complete's the main quest and thinks that the other parts of the mod aren't worth doing is seriously missing out! Yet more breathtaking landscapes to be discovered and the final battles in the fugatives camp were really fun and challenging. One question: There is a locked gate at the rear of the camp that I for life of me couldn't find a key for. Am I missing something?
EnvyMachinery Mar 28 @ 5:04am 
This quest was really cool. Awesome atmosphere, interesting objectives, and little to no confusion or ambiguity involved. My only criticisms for this are that the voice actress struggles a bit with expressing proper inflections and that it was relatively short; and I only say that because I didn't want it to end. :D
mikfreekio Mar 27 @ 6:25pm 
Amazing work! The mountain pass to the tower and the teleporting system on the floating islands are amongst the most jaw-dropping experiences in the entire game vanilla or not.