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Blockland is an online multiplayer game where you build things with bricks in an FPS (+jetpack) environment. The game provides the tools and you build the experience you want to have.
This is not a concept or tech demo, this is a fully functioning game with an active community.

Demo available @


Originally released in 2004, Blockland has gone through many iterations and improvements over the years and now contains many advanced features:
  • Shaderized graphics with real time shadows and day/night cycles
  • Minigame and gamemode systems for deathmatch and other scenarios
  • Super cool brick physics
  • Robust Add-On system for user created content
  • In-game event system for building interactive elements
  • Advanced scripting support using Torque Script
  • Proven multiplayer networking architecture
  • Dedicated server support



Q: What is this?
A: Blockland is a multiplayer sandbox building game. You control a little guy and run around and build things and do whatever you want. It's like playing with legos via the internet. Build a house or a cave or a death trap, build a team deathmatch or an RPG or just fly around aimlessly and blow things up!

Q: Is this a clone of Minecraft?
A: No. Blockland was released in November 2004, Minecraft development did not start until 2009. The gameplay is also quite different. The Blockland experience is more comparable to something like Garry's Mod.

Q: So this game is old?
A: Blockland has been around for a while, but major updates over the years have kept it fresh. The latest update featured a huge graphical overhaul with shaders and real time shadows.

Q: Is this an MMO?
A: Nope. It's a regular you-host-a-game-and-people-join-it sort of game with real FPS controls. With a good connection, 32 players can easily fit on a single server. Several users have had 64 or even 100 players on a single dedicated server.

Q: Are you going to be sued by LEGO?
A: Probably not. In 2005, LEGO flew me to Denmark to meet with them. They are mainly concerned with protecting the appearance of the LEGO bricks (round studs) and of course the trademarked appearance of LEGO minifigures. Blockland clearly does not infringe on either of these LEGO properties (I have obtained written legal opinions on this). Either way LEGO has known about this game for 7 years and has not done anything, it is unlikely they will do anything now.

Q: This game costs too much.
A: All the more reason to be on Steam! With a wider audience, reduced prices, sales, and bundles are much more viable.

Q: Is there a demo?
A: Yes, a demo is available at The demo allows you to play in single player mode. Additionally, if you start a LAN game with the full version of Blockland, other people on the LAN will be able to join with the demo version and you will all be playing the full version together.

Q: I already own Blockland. Will my Blockland key work on steam?
A: Yes. If Blockland is released on steam your current key will work.

Q: Will I get to keep my current Blockland ID if Blockland gets on steam?
A: Yes.

Q: I don't like steam. Will I have to use steam?
A: No, you will not have to use steam to run Blockland. This will be an additional way for people to get the game, not a replacement for the current Blockland launcher.

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I used to play this game before it was out on greenlight, i was like ID player 25747...
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