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Tombs of Winterfell
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Sep 12, 2012 @ 5:21am
Sep 20, 2012 @ 6:08am

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Please notice that this is only DEMO (2 dungeon levels).

Full game is NOT ready yet. Please check updates bellow for more info!

LATEST UPDATE IS HERE : http://youtu.be/KGdx15KM9mc

Older Videos: http://youtu.be/K-_mveNDpQo

* I spent a lot of time to find how to make custom monsters.
* Now I work on them - and you can find this stuff in many custom cungeons
* For more info please visit this link: http://www.grimrock.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=5230#p56904

Note: If you like to see my assets, you cannot find this stuff in this demo. For more info please visit this link: http://www.grimrock.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4738#p49971

Demo Description:
Winter passed and you, as a member of a Night watch are sent to investigate what happend to your brothers in black.
You arrived at the ruins of castle Winterfell in the early morning, but the castle is cold and dark.
You found tracks of yours brothers fast.
Tracks led to the massive iron gate in the heart of old fortress, which you found open.
It's entrance to the Tombs of Winterfell and brothers must be somewhere downstairs.

Release 1.0
Please report bugs, like it and comment.
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May 23, 2013 @ 11:45am
Joe Stracke
< >
Leki  [author] Mar 24 @ 11:14pm 
Hi guys, here you can find my latest work:
Alleycat Mar 8 @ 7:06pm 
Good Demo, and a clever way to use the original assets in the 'Game of Thrones' world. Looking forward to the full mod! The stills look great!
RoyalGrue Feb 26 @ 9:38am 
I hope you can find the right balance between Grimrock traps and Winterfell mythos. The dungeon itself is pretty good. The notes are really good. I restarted to make sure I had a mage capable of casting light, but I did enjoy how creepy and dark it was the first time. Adding lightning on the ogre was a really good idea.
AlphaStryke Jan 29 @ 1:40pm 
Great idea, but there is a problem, and it is a big one: There are no minotaurs in Westeros, nor a lot of magic. I think it would greatly improve the mod if you applied the Westeros rules, and also only allowed Fire Magic (Melisandre/Thoros) and renamed the spells, and changed their effects. And maybe a few new spells...like the shadow baby :D
Frontsoldat Dec 18, 2013 @ 6:18am 
nice mod little bit to easy
╣T☠T╠ mike.littlelegion Dec 16, 2013 @ 2:00pm 
fessisbest Dec 12, 2013 @ 8:07am 
scream gamer 2 Dec 6, 2013 @ 9:13pm 
but i dont know how to make costume stuff
scream gamer 2 Dec 6, 2013 @ 9:12pm 
and dont stop make more your tooo good!
scream gamer 2 Dec 6, 2013 @ 9:12pm 
it looks like the most creative map ever! thers nothing in grimrock thats not underground!