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RoBro 3000 (Sounds)
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Other: Sound Device
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Sep 12, 2012 @ 2:56am
Sep 14, 2012 @ 7:23pm
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This is a reupload of my RoBro 3000 sounds, with the creators of Robro!

Also messed with the volume of a few sounds to make them softer. (The second video, with gameplay shows this)

robro_idle: A looping sound that continuisly plays unless user is dead, cloaked, or disguised.
robro_chirp01 - robro_chirp06: The sounds Robro makes to seem "alive".
robro_scream: Robro cries out in agony when his owner/friend dies.
robro_squee: Robro "giggles" in delight when his owner/friend scores a kill..

Styles: Drone (No Sounds), Sentient (Sounds)

Sound Conditions:
-Make the idle sound radius a small area so only user and someone directly next to you can hear, (If idle sound even gets in).
-Take out idle sound completely if proven annoying. Current duration between beeps is 10 Seconds.
-Have robro_scream and robro_squee have a 1/2 chance of playing on its event.
-Have chrips play randomly between 5-9 seconds, with a 1/3 chance of playing, or have a random chirp play every taunt.
-Sounds stop when the user is a Spy and is cloaked or disguised.

And if you're wondering what I drew for inspiration for the sounds, rest easy, for it's a little old movie that I hold close. *batteries not included

2.5: Idle sound now has aprox 10 seconds before another radar beep. No video currently reflects this.
2.6: Added a text file for Valve to hopefully read, and updated Workshop's description accordingly. (Current)