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Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Sep 11, 2012 @ 9:50pm
Dec 17, 2014 @ 8:15am
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Trike has been Greenlit??!?
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Playable demo!


Trike is an intense action-arcade game unlike any other. To score, you'll need to fight back an endlessly growing mass of writhing worms. Blast tunnels through the chaos to get to the score orbs, or use the more destructive nukes to clear a larger area and scatter the worms to buy some time. You're not just fighting enemies... you're fighting an entire pixel-based "terrain grid" (a la Worms or Scorched Earth).

Think you've mastered it? Watch out: four different game modes turn the game completely on its head. To unlock everything you'll need fast reflexes, coordination, and quick decision making skills. You can even compete with your friends for high scores on the online high score charts. While it's fun for beginners too, more advanced players can test their gaming skill by going for the higher score. It's classic arcade fun --- but with a totally new form of gameplay.

From Sebastian Janisz, the man behind Kotaku- and Destructoid-featured Snake 2, and creator of the, Edge magazine-, and NPR-featured Lackadaisium, as well as many more great free games available on Supporting this game will allow me to make many more great games in the future, both free and paid!

  • Classic arcade fun with unique, compelling skill-based gameplay.
  • Fight an army of worms inside a pixel-based terrain grid.
  • Survival horror-esque, rotation-based controls (in most modes!).
  • Many different weapons to fight back the worm hoard, including nukes, triple-detonation nukes, split nukes, hyperspace, lasers, and super lasers!
  • Different kinds of worms. Flammable glossworms, growing mossworms, and angry bossworms.
  • Four unlockable modes with unique twists on the gameplay, almost like four different games!
  • Online high score charts so you can compete with your friends to be the best.
  • Gamepad and rumble support, including stereo rumble for Xbox 360 controllers!
  • Help out a budding indie developer who will continue to offer many free games on!

While the game will always be pixel art, many of the graphical assets are due for an overhaul. I wanted to get this game up as quickly as I could so I can move on to other projects (I have to pay my rent somehow), however if it got onto Steam I would certainly come back to it. As an arcade game it's not intended to provide you with a long-lasting experience, but small concentrated doses of fun. It would most likely be priced pretty cheaply.

Are there any new features that would be a major selling point for you personally? Please leave them in the comments! If there seems to be a lot of demand for a particular feature I can put it in the final version, and if the game ever gets onto Steam it'd certainly justify the overhead of doing so.

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Thanks for your support everyone! I can't believe Trike's been Greenlit after two years! :]
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I like the concept, and the fast paced gameplay. If you're looking for getting a 16 bit game look, you're pretty much on top of it. I'd definitely play it. I don't know if the videos are doing it justice but the game play looks a bit jerky. I'd like to be able to check it out sometime.
Darkmaster Sep 19, 2014 @ 5:25pm 
mejorando la grafica seria genial
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