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TextureModding- UMod Guide(+FAQ)
By Hurricane
A detailed instruction how to get TextureMods to work with UMod in Rocket League.
Latest update of this guide:
Here im posting the all changes, so that you can see when there is anything new/better available:

05th November:

New uMod fix discovered by eternity
| Updated the "how to set up uMod" section and added all instructions for the new fix! Check it out now!

What is UMod?
UMod is a simple program that allows us to extract textures from Rocket League and inject them again after we've edited/customized them.

This tool is only working clientsided/local (offline) and does not have any effect to the servers or on online play. Other players will still see the game normal.

We are able to create custom Decals, animated wheels and much more stuff that is pretty siick :)

That is UMod:

In general all TextureMods injected with UMod are working fine and without crashes or fps drops
BUT: The only version of UMod that is working for Rocket League is an alpha version, so its functionality and compatibility can be very instable and squishy. This can cause bugs, fps drops or crashes. There is no guarantee!

I am just a modder, not the creator of this tool !
F.A.Q.- Frequently asked Questions
Here i've listed couple questions with answers... read that before asking :)

- Can i get banned by using texture mods in Rocketleauge?
-> No, there have never been anything like that and we should hear to Psyonix last stement in November 2016:"[...] As a general rule, don't use anything that gives you an advantage over other players in online play, or degrades their experience in some way they can't control. [...]". UMod is only clientsided and does have no effect on online servers or other players you play with. There is no official support and no official public statement from Psyonix about TextureMods yet.

- Can other players also see my mods?
-> No, because umod is only changing texture clientsided(offline) and not on the servers(online). And as long as we aren't getting official support this will not be possible.

- Is there an option to load mods instantly when game starts?
-> No, this option doesn't work for RL :(

- Is it possible to use 2 or more different versions of a texture mod and change them ingame?
-> No, that is not possible! You're only able to inject one kind of a texture at the same time. And changing them ingame is also not possible. You'll need to remove the packages and insert the new ones and update.

- Can i replace just the boost files from alpha boost and make standard boost my new alpha boost?
-> NO ! Remember: You are only able to extract textures, not 3d-models or animations !

How to download UMod?

To get started you'll need to download UMod v2 r49.

Here is the direct link to the recommend version:

And also a link for all other versions:

For extracting UMod you'll need Winrar/Winzip/7zip or equivalent.

download winrar: WinRAR[]
download winzip: WinZIP[]
download 7zip: 7Zip[]

After you've downloaded it you'll need to extract it into a new folder with one of the recommend unpackers.

How to set up UMod?
After downloading and extracting you can follow these steps below to set it up correctly.

There is finally a constant and stable fix for uMod:

We've tested it on Win7/Win8.1 and Win10 without any issues!
HUGE THANKS to ETERNITY who figured out this fix! THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

1. Start your game (without uMod or anything else, just normally start it)

2. Move to "Options" --> Video/Graphics --> then set everything on HQ and SET WORLD DETAIL TO "PERFORMANCE"

3. Close Rocket League

4. Open the uMod-Folder --> Copy the d3d9.dll from your uMod folder into same folder where your game application is located (steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/Binaries/Win32)

5. Now go to Steam again --> move in your games library --> right click on RocketLeague -->properties

6. Click on Launch/Start-Options and type in there "-nomovie -nostartup" (ofc without these "" ! ! !) --> apply by clicking OK

7. Start Umod --> go to "main" --> "add game" and select the rocketleague.exe (located at steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/Binaries/win32) --> Apply by clicking OK

8. Go to "main" again --> make sure that "Global Hook" is DISABLED !

9. Let uMod open and start RL through STEAM !

10. A new tab should open up in uMod and Hook injection should change to "No Injection: DX (9)" if you got that you're ready to inject any mods! If not move to 11.

! ! IMPORTANT: ! !
You can set World-Detail to "HQ" again when being ingame, BUT it will crash with next game start, because uMod can't hook the game while it got "HQ World detail" !

11. Make sure you did everything correctly (watch the video again, follow the pictures...)
12. Move on to fixes below()

NOTE: We can't give you more than instructions! We try to make it as simple as possible and hope to get sth better than uMod soon as possible! But please don't dislike our work only because you're not able to get it to work. Thank you <3

For removing the mods again follow these steps:
1. Move to the location you've put in the d3d9.dll
2. Rename it to sth else, but remember that you maybe need it again when playing with tmods again^^ (example: rename it to moddingd3d9.dll)
3. Make sure umod is not running
4. Start Rocket League --> there you go

5. for enableing them again, just rename the d3d9.dll to its old name again and make sure to set world detail to performance before launching RL.

Secondary fix, if the primary one didn't worked for you:

Note: Most of you will probably have no succes with the following set up instructions, BUT these steps already helped many users so I think that you should give it a try!

I can not support everyone of you, cause these steps aren't working for everyone the same way!


Open the UMod folder

RightClick on Umod.exe -->go to properties -->compatibility-->enable compatibility mode-->set it to win7/win8/win10 (you will need to find out which works for you)--> click on apply settings/ok and close that window

Now Copy/move the d3d9.dll from the UMod folder into the Rocket League application folder which is located at steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/Binaries/win32 (just put the d3d9.dll in there beside the rocketleague.exe)

Go to your Steam-Libary -->RightClick on Rocket League -->Properties --> Click on Start-Options --> write down there "-D3D9" (OFC WITHOUT THESE "" !!!) -->click on OK


Start UMod

Go to Main--> Add Game --> find and select the rocketleague.exe (which is located at steam/steamapps/common/rocketleague/Binaries/win32/rocketleague.exe) --> Click on OK to apply your changes

Now Go to Main--> and make sure that GLOBAL HOOK IS DISABLED !!

Start Rocket League through steam

If a new tab(called rocketleague) will open up in UMod and hook injection changes to "No Hook Injection: DX(9)" you've done everything correctly and you're ready to inject any texture mods! Congrats!


If your game crashes before launching:
1. Remove the "-D3D9" start-option from the RocketLeague application
2. Launch RL

If it still crashes after that:
1. Enable GlobalHook again in UMod
2. Launch RL

If it still crashes after that:
1. Go to your Start-Options window again and type "-nostartup"
2. Launch RL

If all the stuff listed above didn't worked for you then the last opportunity is to find it out by yourself... You should try around different combinations of the following stuff:
- try different compatibility modes for UMod
- try around with start-options (-D3D9 or -nostartup) also probably combine them
- try launching RL through UMod
- try enable or disable global hook

Thanks to Sweaty, Kernel and all others who helped testing and finding these fixes!

How to inject TextureMods?
This is actually the most important and simplest part of all.

For injecting any texture mods you should make sure that UMod is working correctly (new tab open + hook injection dx9) and you got .dds textures to inject.

All you need to do is to drag & drop them(only the .dds files !!) from the .zip file/ folder into the white area in the RocketLeague tab in UMod!
Then make right-click on the injected textures and click on "Update" or "Update/Reload".

For removing you also click right-click on the injected Textures and then on "Remove Selected Packages".


- Most TextureMods require all Graphics on HQ. You can not move to options (causes game crash!) MORE INFORMATION IN "Known Bugs/Issues/Problems with UMod"!
- Every TextureMod you're injecting replaces an item/decal that already exists! So you will need to own Heatwave for getting modded Heatwave....

Download TextureMods...
For downloading some new TextureMods like custom decals, new animated wheels, new ball styles, new black markets or glowing engine mods just go to and scroll through hundreds of texture mods.

How to extract Textures?
So, if you want to create your own stuff you'll need textures...Here is how you can get them with UMod:

You can find a Video Tutorial in the Video Tutorial Section!

1. Start Umod and RL
2. Make sure that UMod is working correctly (new tab open and hook injection dx9 while ingame)
3. Go to Umod and move to the RocketLeague tab.
4. Open the "Capture textures" tab by click on it.
5. Enable "Save singe texture" and "show message in the upper left corner"
6. Set your colors for fonts and selected textures (recommend using the default ones, but other colors could have other effects on some textures)
7. Set your buttons to scroll up/down and save the textures
8. Only save textures as .DDS files (as default ticked) [[b]every other format WILL NOT WORK![/b]]
9. Set your save folder where the textures getting saved you've extracted from the game.

10. Move to the white area below and right click on the area: and click "update"

11. Game now will update and you should see some red text in upper left corner(ingame)

12. Now you're ready to scroll through all textures getting displayed and save them by using the buttons you've set.

It is sometimes possible that UMod will save more than one texture when extracting the first texture after start. It could also happen that RL crashes, if so, just try again :)

Removing the mods again

For removing the mods again follow these steps:

1. Move to the location you've put in the d3d9.dll
2. Rename it to sth else, but remember that you maybe need it again when playing with tmods again^^ (example: rename it to moddingd3d9.dll)
3. Make sure umod is not running
4. Start Rocket League --> there you go

5. for enableing them again, just rename the d3d9.dll to its old name again and make sure to set world detail to performance before launching RL.
---> Video Tutorial Section <---
Here can find VIDEO TUTORIALS for setting up UMod and extracting Textures with it!

How to use TextureMods and UMod:

How to extract Textures from UMod:

Known Bugs/Issues/Problems with UMod
There are couple BUGs and know are some listed:

- Instability and Crashes:
-> It is known that uMod is an alpha version, so please be aware of crashes or framedrops. Usually it is working fine, but i may could get instable. no guarantee!
- Game crashes when moving to the options(ingame)
-> Do not move into options while playing RL ! (Restart the Game without UMod running to change Options) Or set "World detail" to "performance". This can give you the chance to get into options with UMod running. Only works stimes [THIS IS GONE WITH THE NEW FIX !]

- Texture loading problems(flickering textures that a popping up and disappear again)
-> Some textures aren't getting full injected through umod. This can cause freezes/lags/crashes or it has no effect !

- UMod is a very instable program!
-> This can cause compatibility problems with other programs/systems.

Thanks for reading

Thank you all for reading! I really hope you get it to work and enjoy these amazing mods!

We still do not have any official support and it would be great if you could share what you like to probably get Psyonix attention someday.

If you have questions, comment below, i'll try to answer as fast as possible.
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Miketool 3 hours ago 
[H] Zomba (Grey) [W] 8k
[H] Octane(Lime Tactician) [W] 10k
[H] Imperator DT5 Purple striker [W] 4k

[H] Dominus MDGA (White) [W] 1k
[H] Two-Timer [W] 2k
[H] Balla-Carrà (sweeper) [W] 1k

[H] Turbine (Grey) [W] 4k
[H] Triplex (Lime) [W] 3k
[H] Aether [W] 2k
[H] Draco (Scorer) [W] 2k
[H] Gaiden (Scorer) [W] 1k
[H] Septarishi [W] 1k
[H] Power-Shot [W] 1k
[H] Fractal Fire [W] 1k

[H] Ion (Black) [W] 4k
[H] Revenant(Purple Scorer) [W] 4k

[H] Complete Vortex Set [W] 26k
[H] Spyder (Black) [W] 2k
[H] Ninja [W] 2k
[H] Wildcat Ears (Pink/Purple) [W] 2k each
[H] Lot of Unicorns [W] Keys

[H] LOT of painted uncommon wheels [W] keys
[H] LOT of painted toppers of any kind [W] keys
Mouadh 3 hours ago 
[H]20xx Guardian [W]18 keys
[H]fireworks [W]5 keys
[H]sub-zero [W]8 keys
[H]aether(saffron)[W]2 keys
[H]sub-zero Tactician[W]9 keys
[H]hexed [W]6 keys
RPGX Omega Mar 20 @ 7:10am 
Thanks for this guide. It helped a lot. Only things i have to do extra was make Nvidia settings be "Let the program decide" and sometimes move the car for the texture to update.
mixabLEEE Mar 19 @ 7:35am 
H] 12 Victory Case [W] Offer

[H] 7 Velocity Case [W] Offfer

[H] 2 Turbo Case [W] Offfer

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dEX Mar 7 @ 9:46am 
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[W] 2 keys / overpay in items
[H] Many Cars
[W] Keys or good items
OrangeSkunk Mar 6 @ 4:58pm 
have chameleon want 35 keys
luchvk Jan 10 @ 5:41pm 
Btw, thanks for making this guide. It was very helpul and allowed me to successfully use uMod with RL.

It also works for me with a few changes too. What I did was just added the d3d9 file in addition to the one that's already in the game files (I think it's called d3d9selfhelp.dll. I'm not completely sure right now.) Even though both of those files are there I can still run the game launching it through either Steam or uMod without modifying anything before hand; without it crashing.

The other thing that I changed was I just omitted "-nomovie". That way I still get the start up animations and loading screens and the game doesn't crash.
luchvk Jan 10 @ 5:31pm 
I have an issue where when I press start on the controller in Free Play Training the game reads it as a second controller. Because of this a second player is added to the game unintentionally. Do you have any suggestions for what I can do to fix this?
Call me daddy Jan 9 @ 9:02am 
[H] 1K [W] 1 Random Uncommon Item add me
MysteryPaladin Jan 4 @ 1:13pm 



8 Keys only :D