Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Yossie's NewLeader - Yukari Yuduki
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Mod: AI, Gameplay
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Jun 22 @ 6:13am
Aug 14 @ 11:08am
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Yossie's NewLeader - Yukari Yuduki

In 1 collection by yosxpeee
Civ6 VOICELOID Leader Collection
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Leader Ability : Voiceloid Aura
- Gain +2 free Great Musician, Great Scientist points per turn.
- +1 Movement for Recon, Settler, Builder, Medic and Military Engineer.

Civilization Ability : Snow Gift
- +1 Food, +1 Culture and +1 Science from Snow.
- +1 Faith from Tundra.

Unique Unit : Howitzer
- Republic of Yukari Yuduki unique Atomic era unit.

Unique Building : Technological University
- Replace University.
- A building unique to Republic of Yukari Yuduki. Bonus Production equal to the adjacency bonus of the Campus district.

Unique Infrastructure : Cyashi
- Unlock technology : Castles
- +2 Science. +1 Culture if next to River. Can be built on Hills.
- Occupying unit receives +2 Defense Strength, and automatically gains 2 turns of fortification.
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InnerArt Jul 21 @ 10:21pm 
Extraordinary.Maybe this kind of mod does not fit everyone,but it's also interesting and no bugs.Imagine you set your capital on snow,how exciting it is! A bad thing is that it's too easy to win
before 250 turns without start a war.After play this one I even want to build a mod of IA.
Zeitgeist1115 Jul 3 @ 6:32am 
If you don't like these mods, just don't download them. No one is forcing them on you. Alternatively, you could make the kind of mods you want to see yourself.
what have you Jun 24 @ 11:29am 
hentai mods are the best !!
robin.eelen Jun 22 @ 11:46am 
No, stop these mods, its enough.
Desertmoongw Jun 22 @ 10:44am 
I like these anime mods please make more
robloxxian Jun 22 @ 7:55am 
no one likes these anime mods just stop