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Transport Fever

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2050 levitation track (WTC)
Scenario: Europe, USA
Track/Street: Track
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Jun 18 @ 10:17am
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2050 levitation track (WTC)

futuristic miscellaneous modding contest

This mod add to your game a new levitation track avaible in 2030

The WTC 2050 track is the track used by the WTC 0813 vehicle but also by all vehicles that use levitation
Its technology allows vehicles to reach 600 km / h and pass the curves faster

It does not alter the original operation of the tracks to rail but it is recommended not to mix the two;) each track for each system

The switch boxes are bright and animated

The electric current flows in the form of electric waves between the electric poles and its transmission to the vehicles

Everything is compatible with tunnels and bridges, as well as railway stations

On the other hand, it is not possible to make an "upgrade" of existing tracks to transform them into WTC track, you have to build a new track ;)


- avaible in 2030
- animated and hdr switch box
- proper power pole and bumper
- all compatibilty with original system track
- low texture and face usage

- YOU NEED TO HAVE THE " CURVED TRAIN STATION MOD" from the developpers with this mod ;)

This mod is free, you can resume everything you want on it if you want to create vehicles, stations or asset that will go with this one!

have fun , romu
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xXXjustXXx Jul 17 @ 12:44pm 
This mod doesent work !!!
Léon Cleaner's  [author] Jun 28 @ 9:22am 
a big thanks you to all the people how have subscribe to my mod , with you , my mod finish at the 3th place for the number of subscriber !

[T.B.L.] (GER) walldi222 Jun 26 @ 3:33pm 
Can you edit your mod so that "curved train station" is an option but no must have? moste i work with long Trains, but Mod for extra long Stations didn't work with curved train station. :(
Léon Cleaner's  [author] Jun 26 @ 2:28pm 
ah yes , happy to read that ^^
[T.B.L.] (GER) walldi222 Jun 26 @ 11:09am 
ah i see the error NEED curve station mod :P
[T.B.L.] (GER) walldi222 Jun 26 @ 11:07am 
Have picture from error message
Léon Cleaner's  [author] Jun 26 @ 10:55am 
hello guys :

I do not understand why you have this problem, have you in addition to my mod the mod developers: "curved train station"?
If it does not come from that, I would say it's a conflict with one of your other mods installed, it may be that a mod modifies files that my mod needs to crash and vice versa
I hope to help you fix this;)
[T.B.L.] (GER) walldi222 Jun 26 @ 10:46am 
Mod dont´t load. Lua Error
Lt* C Jun 26 @ 8:49am 
why does it not work? the game allways break down, when i add this mod :((
Léon Cleaner's  [author] Jun 21 @ 5:55am 
@Sqweloookle : i must admit that i don't have test...