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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Sep 7, 2012 @ 4:27pm
Apr 13, 2013 @ 5:54am

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Monsters! Featured on Indie Game Stand
Monsters! Now Available on the Mac App Store!
Release date: Early 2013
Available Now

Monsters is currently available through Desura[] ( and for a limitied time IndieBundle's Alpha Fundle Bundle[] (

Coming soon to the Mac App Store and Ubuntu Apps Directory[].


Download the Monsters! trial version either through our own minisite[] or at IndieDB.

Feedback is welcome! :D

The Game

Monsters is a 2D action shooter inspired by the classic arcade game Robotron 2084. Wielding “twin stick” controls, the player aims to defeat waves of enemy monsters bent on his destruction. The player must use caution, however, as every shot drains the player’s life/energy. The only way to stay alive is to continuously collect the hearts of the slain monsters. In addition, hearts of different colors provide a variety of “power-up” like abilities that the player can use to their advantage.

The player uses two sets of controls, one to move, the other to fire. Each wave is a single screen populated with a number of enemy monsters of varying types. Coming into contact with an enemy or an enemy projectile will decrease the player’s life/energy. Defeating each level of monsters will allow the player to progress to a more difficult level. The game will progress infinitely as the player defeats each level.

Additional Info

  • Developer: QuadraTron
  • Genre: 2D > Action > Fixed Shooter
  • Platforms: Win, Mac, and Linux

You can find out more about Monsters and QuadraTron at
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Jun 23 @ 6:10am
ist das nicht fett
MaLeVoLeNt GaMeR
Aug 1 @ 1:46pm
Lets Play Monsters by QuadraTron 01
< >
zenasprime  [author] Sep 1 @ 8:55am 
@DΛRKNESS_ (╯°□°)╯ @kanthall Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the game! :D
kanthall Aug 29 @ 5:17am 
I've made a YouTube video about this game:
Game looks amazing! I'll buy if if will on Steam!
zenasprime  [author] Aug 1 @ 2:12pm 
@KravenMoorhead Thanks dude! :)
KravenMoorhead Aug 1 @ 1:46pm 
Lets Play Monsters by QuadraTron 01
kelicottia Jul 29 @ 9:43am 
zenasprime  [author] Jul 28 @ 7:30am 
@KravenMoorhead @Joker @skyky_finisher @JRD Thanks folks! :D
JRD - Jul 27 @ 7:01pm 
syky_finisher Jul 27 @ 9:07am 
Nice frantic game! I'm going to buy it on IGS.
bbbbbb Jul 27 @ 8:26am