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The Return of the Blades (with craftable Blades Armor, WIP, required Dawnguard)
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Sep 7, 2012 @ 7:51am
Oct 12, 2013 @ 11:56pm
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With my mod, I want to revive the old Order of the Blades. In my oppinion the Blades of Skyrim are too few to become a real threat for the Thalmor. So I want to make such a project, which enhanced this organization. But please read the DESCRIPTION and my at notes first.

Version 0.5
This mod adds 7 new Blades in a better Sky Haven Temple.
The improved Skyhaven Temple has now a forge, a workbench, a smelting plant and a grindstone.
Also it has an Arcane Enchanter and an alchemylab.
The new Blades consit of 5 male Nords (Atular, Roalder, Henk, Gunnar and Tulvar), a male Argonian (Fight-Many-Battles) and a female Imperial (Freyda).
Further you can marry Freyda and Gunnar.

Update to Version 0.6
I added a big underground complex under an Abandoned Inn in the Principality Winterhold (there is a Screenshot of the exact location). This underground complex is named "the last Sanctuary" and it is a place for over 70 Blades. I have made 2 new classes of Blades. Apart from the "normal" Blades, now there are also sorcerers, which use destruction-magic and the "Masters of Voice", which could use the Fire-Breath-Thu'um, the Disarm-Thu'um and Unrelenting Force. Besides I added 4 Merchants for Food, for Weapans and Armors, for books and for Miscs and a bard. Further I added a prison with Thalmors, where you can find the "Sacrifice for Boethiah" a follower which you can use for the Daedra-quest for Boethiah. Also I have added a Grandmaster for the Blades, his name is Wilbart and he has his own room, but he is not a follower. I took the liberty of joking and added Caius Cosades (from Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind) and Jauffree (from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion). As well there is now a new Crown of the Dragonborn and new Dragonbone Weapons, which are really effective against Dragons.

I add new rooms and merchants to the Last Sanctuary and place a journal of Wilbart. Besides I "bring" some Baldes and Akaviri artifacts from Oblivion to Sykrim and enchant them with there Oblivion-enchantings.
The Blades Armor and the Blades Sword is now smithable. But "Talos and Blades Monument" is not ready yet and the Blades would not train in the "Training Room".

The Baldes Agents are coming! They are stronger then the normal Blades, but be careful. They will protect their idendity, cost what it wants. So when you are a enemy of the faction, these agents will be your enenmy! You find the first Agents in Jorrvaskr, in the Guardhouse of Whiterun, in the college of Winterhold.
As well in the Cistern of the Thieves Guild and in the Blue Palace. Besides threre is now a new Agent in the The Winking Skeever. A agent names Groar, a Barbarian.
With the time other agents will follow.
You find Screenshots of them at the end of the Gallery.

I will expand the underground complex after time, add new Blade-members and I will make a questline.

I hope you like my mod and you could understand the letters which you can find in this mod.
Please rate it and share this mod.

Renmiri, for testing my mod
Swag Masta Matt to help me to translate some texts
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Shadow_Aide Jul 7 @ 6:53am 
* Have the training room be used by your followers within the facility (having them move around makes em more realistic then just waiting in one place [Give em a basic schedule from exercise, eating, work, praying, and then sleep but not in all in that order mix it up per individual]).
* Code it in that questline you can merge it at some point with the main Blade Faction (make it only that it can be done when Main Blade Faction is operational and taking in new members).
Shadow_Aide Jul 7 @ 6:53am 
* Besides a little story to actually get your character to that location let them find the place on their own instead of having an instant fast travel there.
* Have a second in command to give orders through could help since you can't use all the followers at once (Maybe an option to clean and repair the main Inn itself so you can get alittle profit from travelers [possibly even spend a little money to expand on the Inn management]).
* Being able to invest to those within the place to carry better stuff (Gives more reason to raise Speechcraft).
* To tell your second in command to start setting up Patrol Squads within your and friendly territory.
Sly Civilian Jun 28 @ 7:42pm 
btw dont change the language, I love it being in german,if some1 cant figure out what is being written then too bad for them, it adds realism if you think of it as akaveri instead of german lol
Sly Civilian Jun 28 @ 7:33pm 
the trap door doesnt work at the other end of the basement ,... is this for later ? other then that it works flawlessly as far as i can tell, love it, thank you, thank you !!!
cenation305 Apr 11 @ 2:41pm 
I just realized that you had to have a DLC to use this mod I was wondering why it wasn't working for me
Sithis Apr 9 @ 8:55pm 
that agent of the thalmor looks way to happy
Legion1995ME  [author] Mar 12 @ 5:37am 
I work on the english version
DJ Br0n-3 Mar 12 @ 5:35am 
why is it in that language? What language is that any way? Last question, can you make an English version?
sarumans power Mar 6 @ 3:32am 
i've done what u ask but it still doesn't work
Legion1995ME  [author] Mar 5 @ 10:35am 
deactivate the mod and activate it again, after loading and save the game :)