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Dino Storm
Sep 7, 2012 @ 7:10am
Mar 4 @ 10:55am
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“Green Volcano”—The New Map for Levels 25 and Up!
Release date: live & for free since August 2012 on
Cowboys. Dinos. And Laser Guns.

Join the adventure for free at!

Fame and fortune await brave adventurers in this free to play 3D action MMO.

With just a few dollars in your pocket, a little ammunition, loaded laser cannon, and your small dinosaur, you make your way to Dinoville. Face enormous wild dinosaur herds and merciless bandits with your laser gun at hand, defend outposts, supply camps and claims against rivaling players.Gain the upper hand, and your fame and respect will keep rising until everyone knows you as the town´s greatest hero: The Sheriff of Dinoville.

• Next generation 3D MMO game from the makers of
• Easy to access MMO
• Innovative fame system
• Hundreds of quests for guided gameplay
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Angelsilhouette Jul 2 @ 10:51pm 
Tried the beta. SO very grindy.
Infamous Jun 19 @ 12:45pm 
can play this on facebook and kong btw cause it not gonna come out on steam.
Wugglett Jun 18 @ 4:57pm 
greatest game no need to nuy anything else
DiMart Jun 18 @ 4:57pm 
this looks GREAT
GHOSTHAWK29 Jun 10 @ 2:50pm 
yah its pretty cool looking
Domip17 Jun 2 @ 7:53am 
good game
Pandarinka May 5 @ 10:31am 
armor games mother fuckers
santeridahlia Apr 28 @ 8:14am 
I have played this game and its great!
Cardinal Lord Holland Apr 9 @ 10:01am 
voted Thanks
Voramar Mar 28 @ 9:47am