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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player, Co-op
Sep 5, 2012 @ 11:26pm
Nov 12, 2013 @ 10:46am
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Added new concept 12/15/2012
100% free and requires only a FREE installation of Alien Swarm!

Hypovolemia is a new 3rd person shooter with an emphasis on aggressive, thought provoking gameplay that rewards critical thinking and intelligent positioning for both the individual player and coordinated teams.


You assume the role of a secretive top tier Special Forces unit funded by a shadow government. Our black budget is vast, providing you with the best tools and scientists our organization has to offer. The job, should you choose to accept it, is to protect and recover alien technological assets for scientific research. You must sniff out the aliens and their hybrids and assassinate them with extreme prejudice in order to prevent the infiltration of our agency and Earth’s political structure. With both of these, the Grey menace would be able to steer humanity down the wrong path. This will be no cakewalk, as other nations have also established secretive agencies that desire the same technology and are in direct competition with us. You are the hidden defenders of earth and your purpose has yet to be fully realized. May the light guide your actions to be swift and brutal as the fate of humanity dangles in uncertainty.


The Hyp team is striving to create a game that encourages player choice by providing a greater degree of freedom to their decisions in-game. Take the design of Hyp medkits for example, A player can heal, overheal and revive any individual within the game, although penalties do exist for traitorous actions such as aiding enemy players. As we release more updates for Hyp the principle of choice will be reinforced and reflected by the improved gameplay. Help us get the Green Light so we can realize these designs and provide the community with reliable and convenient updates via Steam. We have already released Hyp 0.1 which you can download from our website. The release of version 0.1 was merely a proof of concept, but we are coming out with 0.2 soon, which will bring many improvements and features. We’re also adding a huge list of features, and with version 0.3 we hope to have all main gameplay fully hammered out.

  • 100% Free, powered by Source Engine using the Alien Swarm SDK.
  • Gameplay modes: Co-op, Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch and insta-gib mutator.
  • Robust gameplay mode system which allows a single bsp to appear different depending on the gameplay mode.
  • Over 30 weapons. ( )
    Most rifles have different modes such as semi-auto, full-auto, and burst etc
  • Variety for types of weapons:
    Melee, Handguns, Submachine Guns, Civilian Weapons, Rifles, Shotguns ( pump, semi-auto and full-auto ), Sniper rifles, Grenade Launchers ( m79, m32, xm25, gm94, neopup etc ), Rocket Launchers and variety of prototype weapons created from reverse engineered alien technology.
  • Dynamic weapon spread
  • Incapacitation system, you can bleed out if teammates don't revive you with medkits.
  • Full body obliteration ( gibbing )
  • Inventory system that allows the player to load weapons with any type of supported magazine and load magazines with any type of supported cartridge in any order they desire. The system also tracks weight for every single item you carry right down to the the individual cartridges.
  • Unique cocking system that requires shotguns to be pumped.
  • Robust fading system with line of sight calculations which conceal areas of the map that should not be visible.
  • Lobby system with live on three that co-exists after the game starts ( you can always bring the lobby up during the game )
  • Players can hipshoot or raise guns to aim and fire over height-standardized cover.
  • Spawn Protection system thats spawns you away from enemies.
  • Multiplier score system that acknowledges players with higher skill.
  • Multi-passenger vehicles, players can shoot from the vehicles while driving.
  • Dynamic bullet penetration, which allows bullets to pass through walls depending on the caliber and velocity of the bullet and the wall thickness and material. This affects tactics as obstacles will have to be constantly analyzed as cover or concealment. Bullets that exit walls bounce from the original course and travel at a reduced velocity which make it subject to air drag. This makes trying to snipe through your own cover extremely ineffective, but shooting enemies that are behind cover at distance will be more effective.
  • Rank system ( )

Planned Features:
  • A full co-op campaign that follows the story.
  • Scenario gameplay mode ( will be the main team-based objective-oriented gameplay mode )
  • Improved lobby system with added admin options that are easy to use and don't require admins to use the console.
  • Over 50 weapons and items.
  • Money system which can be spent at mini-buildings known as Nano Assemblers
  • Limb dismemberment.
  • Six playable factions and two classes, each with different default weapon loadouts and equipment.
  • Much, much, more!
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May 18 @ 8:23pm
Nov 17, 2013 @ 8:08pm
I don't seem to understand the concept of the game
Nov 24, 2013 @ 5:28am
nice game
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SE4N Jul 5 @ 1:33am 
SOMEONE Give us a status update please! Been dying to play this game again.
RACKER Jul 3 @ 6:01am 
when is this game coming to steam? :)
Brontozaur Hipster Jun 3 @ 11:49am 
Wait, so it requires only Alien Swarm? YES!
Jok3rellone May 26 @ 11:58am 
where can i download it guys??
Brickinator May 19 @ 3:24pm 
All the better.
defragen1  [author] May 19 @ 3:24pm 
I think next time will be on steam ;)
Brickinator May 19 @ 3:23pm 
The next time you guys put a download on Mod DB, could you make it a rar file rather than an exe? I've been following this mod for about 2 years now and I still can't wait to play it.
mict May 3 @ 2:17am 
AstronauticalFerret Apr 16 @ 4:35am 
Been watching the videos and following. I would suggest that environment blind spots (Line of sight) be implelemted instead of being able to see an enemy running around a wall. It would add to the mroe tactical feel. Also having the ability to climb up on top of onjects and buildings would be nice, as that too adds a tactical advantage. So far so good however, I will be playing the hell out of this.
Deutscher Zackziefild Apr 8 @ 10:31pm 
Não gosto muito desse tipo de Camera , mais o Jogo em Sim é Bom.