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Ancient Watchtowers
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Sep 5, 2012 @ 6:12am
Sep 11, 2012 @ 6:50am
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Ancient Watchtowers

"Ancient Watchtowers, built by Skyrim's High Kings of old. Waystations, check points and defences, these stone edifices dot the landscape from east to west across Whiterun Hold. Nowadays they provide both shelter for tired travellers as well as hideouts for raiders and outlaws. Folk should be wary..."
Jo Mith - Traveling Merchant

Ancient Watchtowers adds 8 Nordic Ruined Towers to central Skyrim, specifically Whiterun Hold. Various factions hold these strategic locations, including both Imperial Forces and Stormcloak Rebels, while others provide a base for bandit raiders.

Big thanks to Aplestormy for the video.

Conflicts: None hopefully.

Any feedback is appreciated. If you subscribe and enjoy please rate the mod!

UPDATE - 11.09.2012
-Changed Jo Miths outfit
-Removed Clutter from some Towers.

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FireflyKnight85 Jul 24 @ 2:19pm 
I've noticed that followers have a hard time navigating through these towers. "Amazing follower tweaks" allows you summon your followers to you, solving this for the most part. There seems to be an additional tower not on your map, closer to rorikstead. while watching imperials escorting a prisoner past a fully stocked imperial tower, a bandit raid happened. while fighting with 15+ imperials, i hit one and then me and my 3 companions were in all out war. once we finished about 10 on the ground we then turned our attention to the remaining imperials raining arrows down from the tower. Just then, another imperial patrol came in and the captain murdered me. I love this mod.
FireflyKnight85 Jul 24 @ 12:15pm 
OMG guard patrols attacking a defended stormcloak tower. coolest thing i've seen since i bought the game. I was hoping there would be more to the ongoing war part of the game. I recommend this in addition to "Immersive Patrols", and "Guards of the Hold" series which includes 9 parts for each vanilla city. **Warning: Guards of the Hold give the guards better gear, so they will win against the stormcloaks every time. also try "RNG (Dynamic) Guards" for better guard appearance with vanilla stats.
DropKicknNinjas May 19 @ 2:29pm 
This on the Nexus ?

Wendalyn McKnight Apr 21 @ 3:42pm 
Thanks you're the best. I wont make any changes just ported it.

cyberglum  [author] Apr 21 @ 1:57pm 
Sure Wendy, go ahead.

Wendalyn McKnight Apr 6 @ 4:43pm 
Hello, I would like to upate this mod for Skyrim SE, if it is okay with you let me know. I have it ported already just need to know if it is okay to place on the Nexus for SSE.

Zujewski Jul 19, 2016 @ 11:12pm 
Uhm, apparently, Stormcloaks occupy the tower near Whiterun, and now the guards are in an eternal struggle of 9000 arrows, Stormcloaks shooting guards, guards shooting Stormcloaks, I have no problem with dead Stormcloaks, but it's odd that they'd fight eachother like this, or more importantly that the tower has Stormcloaks in it.
Timesplitter Jul 13, 2016 @ 4:28pm 
This mod has been included in "THE ULTIMNATE LORE FRIENDLY SKYRIM MODS COLLECTION", updated 07/13/2016. Thank you for your wonderful addition to this collection. Please check it out at .
[TGU]Kojak Jul 1, 2016 @ 5:16pm 
Hey Cyberglum, I made a Real Shelter Patch for your mod and wanted to speak to you about sharing it here on Steam. I'm not sure how to PM you etc but if you want to add me on Steam we can chat....or i will add you. Thanks :)
Raigan Apr 24, 2016 @ 11:59am 
It appears to be 'slightly' incompatible with the mod "Tel Nalta II" on the nexus ( specifically the watchtower on the island in lake ilnalta - they both occupy the same space, more or less.
Apart from that, I do like this mod a lot!