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Unarmed SWep
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Jun 6 @ 5:09pm
Jun 9 @ 5:38pm
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Unarmed SWep

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Unarmed/hands weapon with custom c_model.

    Animations for:
  • Sprinting (with special world animations)
  • Jumping
  • Falling slow
  • Falling medium
  • Falling fast
  • Swimming slow
  • Swimming medium
  • Swimming fast
  • Climbing ladders
  • Using items (with special world animations)
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Radical Larry Nov 13 @ 3:23pm 
How do I equip it? I dont see it anywhere in my weapons
xD Oct 22 @ 2:03am 
but is very nice
xD Oct 22 @ 2:03am 
google breaststroke and strokes, breaststrokes are basically how most people swim stroking in fast swimming
Jame Oct 14 @ 3:33am 
I don't see the swep
akaiscordova Oct 13 @ 4:02pm 
Reverend Jesse V92 🍀  [author] Oct 13 @ 4:29am 

I won't have time until Sunday morning at about 0530 because that's when I get home from work and have two days off.
akaiscordova Oct 12 @ 8:03pm 
Hey, I was just wondering If you had fix the mod or not.
Reverend Jesse V92 🍀  [author] Oct 12 @ 11:29am 
However, if the breaststroke is faster, I could replace the sprint-swim animation with one like that.
Reverend Jesse V92 🍀  [author] Oct 12 @ 11:28am 

Considering I literally don't know how to swim personally, I have no idea what either of those words mean.
xD Oct 12 @ 6:22am 
this is a good mod, but you should make the swimming animations breaststrokes, not strokes.