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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Sep 4, 2012 @ 10:16am

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SkiRanger Multiplayer Beta 1.4
Release date: Released
SkiRanger is an arcade styled PC-Partygame designed around skiing. The game is about a Ranger who is maintaining the law and order of his mountain district and has to master different challenges. The game is using the motiontracking technology of the Microsoft Kinect and the Asus XtionPRO depthsensing cameras to let you slip into the jacked of the Ranger and get in direct control of him.

OpenBeta Features:
  • Focus on creating an immersive Ski Arcade Racer through a fullbody control system.
  • Fullbody posture stunt system with jumps, pipes, grinds and "balls".
  • The game includes the three gametypes TimeTrail, BigAir and FreeRide. Each with one track.
  • Fully gesture controlled UserInferface.
  • Powered by the UnrealDevelopmentKit.
  • Supports the most common depthsensing cameras on the market. (MS Kinect, Asus Xtion)
  • We also implemented a simple controlscheme for your keyboard and XBox360 gamepad.
  • The game also includes some funny AR apps.

Features in further updates:
  • coop multiplayer
  • more gamemodes

The Vision:
Our vision is to create a motioncontrolled game which is supposed to be as fun and responsive as possible. Because of this we are focusing on getting the controlsystem right and we'll develop all the other gameelements further if this is done properly. We have a bunch of ideas for expanding the game but nothing is 100% defined yet. So everyone is invited to check out the game and give us
feedback to push the development in the right direction.

SkiRanger is now in the open beta phase. Thanks to our fans we were already able to improve the game a lot and let SkiRanger become a pretty decent motioncontrolled game. Because of all the licensing issues regarding Kinect for PC SkiRanger will probably stay for a while in the open beta stage, thus it will stay free for private use. We hope we are able to continue the development to put in more features and improve the gameplay further.

Download the game at:
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Will you support Linux (SteamOS)?
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Insane_mat Jul 26 @ 7:29am 
looks cool!
PuckGames Jul 24 @ 11:34am 
Ty2999 Jul 16 @ 1:14pm 
A free roam mode will be awesome
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да да да :)))) nice , Good game ))
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Looks great!
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good game
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