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Stargate - Goa'uld Ships
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Stargate - Goa'uld Ships

Please do not redistribute without all the proper permissions. Thank you.

Stargate - Goa'uld Ships 1.2.1


This mod adds the Goa'uld ships from the Stargate universe. Here are the ships currently included:

- Osiris' ship (science & construction)
- Al'kesh (corvette & transport ship)
- Horus (destroyer)
- Ha'tak (cruiser)
- Ha'tel (battleship)
- Atum (colony ship)
- Needle Threader (fighter & bomber)
- Goa'uld Station (all stations)

If you have Improved Space Battles (Balance) installed:

- Apophis' ship (titan)
- Anubis' ship (leviathan)

And since I am a merciful god, if you have New Ship Classes & More installed:

- Horus (frigate)
- Ha'tak (strike cruiser & light carrier)
- Ha'tel (battlecruiser & carrier)
- Shu'tak (dreadnought)
- Apophis' ship (superdreadnought)
- Anubis' ship (flagship)
- Osiris' ship (construction & science cruisers)
- Goa'uld station (all stations)

You can find a compatibility patch for Downscaled Ships here: Stargate - Downscaled Goa'uld Ships


- Updated to 1.8.0

Version 1.2.1
- Removed superfluous lines in the .asset file

Version 1.2
- Added the habitat from the Utopia DLC
- Fixed the stations duplicates

Version 1.1
- Added support for New Ship Classes & More
- Tweaked normal map of the Atum colony ship

Version 1.0
- First release


Thanks to the team of the Stargate Invasion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion for allowing me to use their models and textures.

Thanks to the team of the Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles mod for Star Wars - Empire at War: Forces of Corruption for allowing me to use their models and textures.

Thanks to Dave975 and DKealt for their work on Osiris' Ship.

Thanks to Imperial for compiling lots of great models and textures in the Stargate Open Asset Library[].


Ace_Fighter from the Stargate Invasion mod team made a Discord channel! Want to chat about Stargate mods and with their developers? Follow this link: Stargate Mods on Discord[]

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Templar1400 Nov 15 @ 1:43pm 
it be nice if a vanilla version existed so people dont have to use New ship classes and such just to see the bigger apophis ship, would work as the battleship for people with just vanilla since there isnt a lot of difference between the hu'tak looking ships
NateKJ Oct 27 @ 1:47pm 
Not working, shame because they look awesome and seems like a lot of work went into making them and now useless!
DemonEmpress Oct 27 @ 12:46am 
Update pls :)
Ace_Fighter Oct 7 @ 8:08am 
@Malicous 2-3 years away for SGI, so unless @Frstwlf wants to get it from a different source all of you will have to wait.
Party_in_my_pants Oct 5 @ 11:58am 
Great mod.

just one thing, any chance of making the mod work for ship class extended?

Exekutor Sep 26 @ 11:10am 
Great models, is it possible to make it so AI empires use models, like that there is higher chance of Gould ship being used by spiritualist or that fanatic purifiers use wraith ship models, etc?
Grimjaw Sep 22 @ 5:12am 
Please update these mods for 1.8 i love your ships and now that the Synthetic dawn pack has dropped i really wanna recreate the Asuran Replicators.
Malicous Sep 22 @ 2:03am 
Is there going to be a 1.8* release of these ship mods? The Stargate ship sets are my all time favorites. I do appreciate 1.8 only dropped yesterday.

Also any sign of Replicator / Ori Ship sets?
Ace_Fighter Sep 8 @ 7:10am 
@VMarshall Thank you, I have contacted the designer and he gave to the go ahead to recreate it. :)

@SojaHeroine The only ship that was designed to land on the pyramids as far as we can tell is Ra's Mothership. All the other ships that had a pyramid design (Ha'taks) that appeared in the show (Mark 1, Mark2, Mark 3) all had 3 sides. So we decided to keep it this way for our custom designs.
SojaHeroine Sep 4 @ 12:05pm 
I really love this mod, but I'm curious about the ships, why are they having three edged pyrmaid designs? The ships where build to land on pyrmaids which has 4 edges obviously, so with their current design it would be quite problematic to land on them^^. I know in the series thats the case, I was always wondering about that, but in the first movie they did it right.