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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Sep 3, 2012 @ 11:02pm
Jan 29, 2015 @ 12:22pm
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Still in Production!
We're coming to OUYA!
Release date: Late February 2013 for Xbox Live Indie Games. Later for OUYA, PC, AMAZON, and GOOGLE PLAY
Politico is an economic, political, and environmental simulation game. You will take control as supreme ruler of the island of Politico, use your vision to control the fate of the island and guide it to prosperity.

The game will include lots of different disasters which include flooding, attacks from other countries, political unrest, hurricanes, power outages, economic collapse, nuclear explosions, war games, fires, scandal, and much more.

The game mixes three elements to create balance: Environment, Finances, and Approval.

Environment: The player is presented with a brand new island at the beginning of the game; fresh, clean, and green. As the game progresses and the player needs to expand, trees get chopped away and lakes get filled, slowly adding to the smog and pollution that will in turn trigger more violent storms and possibly complete destruction.

Finances: The player starts with very little money. It's perfectly ok to borrow money from a foreign country, but be warned: stay in debt for too long and that country may become a little angry. They may send their ships to block your ports or flat out declare war on you. Thats why it's important to build corporations which will create products... but more on that at another time

Approval: Your citizens need to be happy, otherwise you'll get thrown out of office, period. If they're not, Violent riots and fires will ravish your city, turning it to ruins.

REGULATION IS PIVOTAL... There's a reason this game is called "Politico" Politics play a big role in all of your decision making, create a liberal leaning corporation and your products might come out more environmentally friendly but they may not be big money makers. Whereas if you where to create a more conservative corporation (ie. less regulation) your products will be cash cows, but they might harm the environment or even the citizens living on the island (like cigarettes). Decisions decisions.

CORPORATIONS ARE KEY...... See description of regulation above, but i'll tell you more about them at another time....

BALANCE IS EVERYTHING....... think of this game as one big teeter-totter constantly fighting for the needs of the environment vs. the needs of the people vs. the demands of your debt holders...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[ QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Question: What is SodaPop Games? And how do I get some?

SodaPop Games is my work in progress game studio, I currently don't have a website yet, so please bear with me

Question: How is this different from Tropico? from: Bomoo

There are a number of reasons. First and foremost I've taken a drastically different graphical approach. Secondly there's disasters, disasters play a pivotal role in Politico. I'll give you an example, let's say you're not doing so well and your economy is in a downward spiral (which can happen in Politico) you'll see your companies start to close, which will result in a loss of jobs, which will result in lower approval scores, which can lead to riots... now this downward spiral can stopped here if you have a well funded police force to "put out" (as I call it in the code) the riots. Keep in mind also that there are no menu systems in the game or sliders to determine what type of funding your police get, you determine that by how many police stations you build and where your police stations are compared to where the riot is taking place. Every police station you build will cost a daily maintenance fee so having a big police presence will be costly.
Now lets say you have very little to no police force, riots will ravish your city in real time which will cause further damage to your city and ultimately leave you vulnerable to being thrown out of office or attacked by another country. Again all in real time, no menus here (I'm big on that with this game)

Another HUGE reason this game is different from Tropico is that it has a much more "game" feeling to it rather than just being a simulation. There are both winning and losing conditions. You're being judged on three main score tickers which need to be kept in balance (Pollution, Finances, and Approval) It simply feels more like a game than Tropico does (which is a good thing, which i'm sure i'll prove to you upon release)

All I ask is that you give it a try. Give me a fave so you can keep your eye on it, I should be ready for release this February on Xbox Live Indie Games, PC, Windows Store, Android, Kindle, and hopefully Steam Marketplaces.


Will there be different islands? from: Mr. Dodo

I want to make the main island iconic and recognizable, but that doesn't mean that I wont include an island editor (especially on the PC version) as a matter of fact I already have the basics programmed out in a separate application, I used that application to output the island that you see in the game play video. I still have to see how an island editor might work on other platforms like the Xbox and Tablets, if it works well than it will most likely be included.

Will there be multiplayer? from: Mystic Asian

Most likely not at first, although I want to leave all of my options on the table. I'm a one man team and unfortunately I don't have much multiplayer programming experience, the good news is that I love to learn and it's definitely an area that interests me.

I actually had thought of a sort of co-op and competitive multiplayer hybrid where one player would choose one Political alliance and the other player would choose the other. They would both work together to improve the island but they would also be competing against each other to prove who's alliance made more sense. This is a lofty ambition though and the ideas are nowhere near fully fledged out but I'd still like to pursue the idea because I think the cooperative-competitive game play could make for a cool dynamic. Maybe I'll save it for the sequel ;)

But in short don't expect multiplayer to be included in the first release this February, look for it in the future.


What type of money producing buildings will be available in game, will there be tourism? How will health impact your island?
from: General Chaos

Great questions! First and foremost let me start off by saying that there will NOT be any tourism. There are several reasons for this one of which is identity, I desperately want my game to stand out from the crowd, and i'm sure if you're anything like me you instantly associate island tourism with Tropico. While Tropico is a great game my goal was not to create a 2D version of it. Secondly (as i've stated before) every building has a unique purpose, I've tried my hardest to not duplicate buildings' purposes from other buildings. Let me give you an example of what I mean by that. If you recall back to Tropico, there where several buildings that were listed as "Tourism" buildings, yet most of them had the same goal of satisfying tourists' needs. So therefore there was an entire array of buildings that served the same general purpose, that's not what I wanted for this game.

unfortunately there's a limit to the number of characters that I was unaware of, i'll try to finish this elsewhere.

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