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Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Russian
Players: Single-player
Sep 3, 2012 @ 8:20pm
Jan 31 @ 9:59am
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Underhell is a Source Engine Modification that will be distributed in Episodic releases.
Prologue has been released on March 3rd, 2011.
Chapter 1 has been released on September 1st, 2013.


Underhell DOES NOT REQUIRE HALF LIFE 2 to function, only Source SDK BASE 2007
(Go in your tools tab of your Steam library to install it, it's free !)


In Underhell you play as Jake Hawkfield, a Special Weapons and Tactics officer who recently married and moved in with his wife.

But soon after this happy event, Jake's wife dies under mysterious circumstances, leaving only clues that suggest she committed suicide. Jake falls apart. Only his boss, mentor, and best friend Frank is there to help him get over his grief.

The game begins with a wake up call from Frank telling Jake to come down to the station. An armed group of highly trained soldiers has taken control of a hospital and all its personnel.

But Jake will soon realize that this is more than just a hostage situation…


The Original Soundtrack for Underhell is being entirely composed by Tom Stoffel
If you want to purchase the OST to support the Music Composer, you can do so at:

Chapter 1 OST
Prologue OST

Official Website:

Official ModDb Page:

Underhell Official Steam Group
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Jul 15 @ 2:11am
chapter 2 when
Hope Rides Alone
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Chris Jul 27 @ 6:29am 
We need chapter 2222222222222
mazahaka Jul 23 @ 5:51pm 
This game is great! It a great story!
davisdexter47 Jul 19 @ 2:26pm 
The game is fun, yet is extremeley weird, im still trying to understand the story, but it is a good quality mod. Not sure how to describe it. The graphics/optimization could use some work though, it isnt as good as some other source mods.
Noob ._. Jul 18 @ 7:18pm 
Why not German :O
DeadSloth™ Jul 13 @ 6:14pm 
This thing is so good i would pay for it sureley, it has better story than any new game like shitty COD: Ghosts, its made on source, where all great games are born + never forget- it's still better love story than twilight!
Nikolay Shamaev Jul 13 @ 3:05am 
Это просто шедевр! Очень понравилась эта игра. Определённо, лучшая модификация для Half Life. Скорее бы стала доступна в Steam!
Naano-ChanXO Jul 11 @ 10:55pm 
ViolentValentine Jul 10 @ 3:49am 
Грамотно скопировано, уважаю
dark_trivia Jul 9 @ 6:54am 
Недавно на Greenlight-странице Underhell появились вот такие комментарии, требующие от Valve выхода игры на Steam.
Если кто-то из этих "умников" будет это читать (все "требователи" из России, да), я буду даже рад.

dark_trivia Jul 9 @ 6:54am 

Для особо одарённых сообщаю: Underhell уже давно получили "зелёный свет" от Valve, и команда делает все необходимое чтобы сделать возможным выход на платформу Steam. В список необходимого входит замена чужого материала своим и порт игры на обновленный движок.

На всё это, очевидно, требуется немало времени. Поэтому наберитесь терпения. Я понимаю, что ждать тяжело.

Спасибо за внимание.